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Forty Two Million Steps for Democracy


Forty Two Million Steps for Democracy

Adam Eichen, Brian Beihl

ELKRIDGE, MD — It’s 40 degrees warmer here than when the members of New Hampshire Rebellion, a group dedicated to campaign finance reform, left on their winter walk in January 2015. Many of those who stepped out into -15 temperatures on their way to Concord, the state capitol 145 miles to the south, had no idea how hard it would be. Those 25 bundled up walkers only knew they needed to do something to clean up our government.


Long Live The Fighters! - and walkers! - Unless the corrupting influence of big-money is removed by statute from our political processes our republic and people will continue to be dominated by, and our future directed by, wealth and those who control it!

Given the status of wealth distribution/inequality in the US the ability of those who control vast wealth is out of control and a subversion of America!


The notion that money equals free speech is absurd. The more money a person or group controls the more political influence they have - that truth isn't rocket surgery! Under the corrupt scotus Citizens "United" decision, some people/groups are made more equal than other and we must end that reality for the survival of our free republic!


Ya know, the thing that really gets me about the citizens united thingy is that it is biologically impossible from money to speak, so yes, it is totally absurd. It then begs the question, how can a republic represent an inanimate object? Again, absurd. Thanks for your post.


... and then there is civil forfeiture -


The Citizens United thingy is a little more complicated than "money is speech". The whole thing was about a "documentary" called "Hillary". All that hoopla about money influencing outcomes is just hype. There are several cases where one side totally outspent the other just to lose in the end.


I do not get the connection of biology to film, sorry


Exactly. The money speaks is just some idea losers are trying to put into people's minds to justify the fact they constantly lose. Blame money that speaks....


"You don’t walk 140 miles for fun;"

Sure you do. Ask Alfred Wainwright.


I like reading. And I have difficulty learning how to read writing so parochial it borders on indecipherable idiosyncracy! What is this trying to tell us but isn't, unless we live in NH? "...those who stepped out into -15 temperatures on their way to Concord,...." Fifteen what kind of temperatures?

Does the writer still live in his parents' NH basement?

Yes, democracy can be messy. Can we use our language to spring toward healthy evolution into original, creative democracy, please?


So we need to face up to the fact, yes, long-established historical fact that any form of government we have must include, among other things, collective management of all humanly-transformed material life. For it is our human transformations of all forms of life and matter that most pollutes the very air we breathe, water we drink, & foods we & the planet grow, especially the foods we "manufacture." And, this means, I suppose, we must studiously attend to governing the most industrious transformers of all things natural, especially all things we humans have already been transforming for ages....