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Forward Together With the Poor People’s Campaign


Forward Together With the Poor People’s Campaign

Elizabeth Warren

On June 12th, 2018, Reverend William J. Barber II hosted a discussion on poverty for members of Congress. People living in poverty across the United States — from California to Kentucky to Michigan to West Virginia — told us their stories. We heard from a victim of a predatory loan who lives in a trailer home infested with mold. We heard from an undocumented immigrant who struggles to afford rent in Los Angeles. We heard from a retired coal miner who is still fighting for fair benefits from greedy corporations.


“The richest country in the history of the world”. Why???


Now let’s see. Warren’s party trotted out pay go as their big policy offer for 2018 after voting in lockstep with Republicans to significantly increase the military budget.

So where the fuck is money for fighting poverty going to come from?

Pardon me if despite Senator Warren’s posturing, I smell more austerity a la Obama’s Catfood Commission on the horizon. The Ds playbook isn’t that hard to read after 30+ years: feint left, shift right.


This from Elizabeth “I’m a capitalist to my bones” Warren.


More Grand Standing by Elizabeth Warren. Hey liz, look at what that Iraq war vote is still doing. Everyone knew at the time it was a sham.

Forget the DNC next sold out prez candidate grandstanding. Here’s what to worry about:

Wallstreetonparade has been trying to sound the alarm months about the deregulation and higher risk bets can banks can do on our money as well as how they short the other side and take our money. However, this article does a great job explaining why banks are not safe for the next crash. 401k’s aren’t either. They got looted last time. Just not your personal bank account which will this time.

I’m cashing out my 401k and putting it into a small credit union immediately. I thought I was going to wait until the fall but I’m done. The pieces keep getting put in place to be far worse than what that 2015 article purports.


Elizabeth Warren, the new Hillary, minus the dumpy pants suits.


Sen Warren is not Hillary Clinton----------Clinton would never be highlighting the Poor People’s Campaign----THANK YOU SENATOR WARREN FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. And I do hope she runs for president in 2020.


Elizabeth, as you can read here there is much skepticism about the DP establishment, and your sincerity and commitment. Progressives and our “socialist” issues have been sold down the river by DINO sellouts too often!

People remember all the times we’ve been sold a pig-in-a-poke by phony “progressives” - read Obama especially! - and we want to see more! More action, more courage, more actual opposition to vulture capitalism and predatory financial pirates, opposition to the war-machine and police-state racist murders, visible opposition to lap-dog servility to Israeli racism, supremacist pathology and mass murders of Palestinian men, women and children! Opposition to US ME/NA warmongering especially against Iran, and the US complicity to war crimes in Yemen! More demand to end obscene military budgets and diversion of resources from civilian priorities to war!

People will not vote LOTE any more! We demand real representation, commitment and leadership all the time, not only around election time, leadership all the time, not only when public demand is so great it cannot be ignored as so many DINO Dem sellouts - like Andy Cuomo.

Step up or step out!


As longtime participant in the Poor People’s Campaing this chumminess with the Senator from Raytheon makes me very uneasy.


No, she won’t be as sociopathic as Hillary but she answers to the war industry and wall street just like Hillary. She is a liberal card the DNC uses to draw in liberals, just like Bernie. You can’t trust Liz. Her MIC votes prove that. Hey she gave Trump MORE than what he was asking for in the gigantic defense budget! She is owned along with the DNC. She’s proven that over and over.

Quit voting DNC/RNC. Same bought out monster.


Start copying links kids. They’re going to be buried in disinformation keyword articles extoling how she’s against foreign wars in about 5 months - when we go back to an election year, just like Hillary’s articles were in 2016.

Right now there is a non stop campaign sending articles extolling her as a progressive who stands up to corruption (she does fake dressing downs and then lets them off.) They are in constant release hitting the progressive sites. This includes Common Dreams having them in the top articles much of the time. Remember how Hillary started campaigning a year before the election year? That’s what the DNC is doing with Warren.

And, hey she personally wrote this article. Look at the last paragraph in the article I posted:
“Once again, Senator Warren, a “progressive” Democrat, demonstrates that she is no different from the establishment of both capitalist parties. She, like the rest of the Republicans and Democrats, supports exorbitant budgets that mean more imperialist wars, more deaths of innocent people, and the continued neglect of the basic needs of American workers at home.”


So who will you be wanting to nominate to run for President? I asked this of another commentator and she could give no answer. I believe the military budget should be cut in half(and this is still too much) And I believe our core goal in foreign policy should be Individual freedom around the world----and the goal should be to achieve this through non-violent means. I understand that Warren is new to being a politician and I have not heard her foreign policy views-I do know that Sanders or Warren would be better than a republican.

It is easy to sit on the side lines and demand no military----but being president you are responsible for the security of the American people----and there are a lot of bad actors out there. And yes I understand the policies of the US have inflamed issues around the world. And I am completely open to a candidate that can discuss these issues. And isn’t it interesting that Obama actually kept the military budget in the 500 B range???


Senator Warren just seems to be speaking in support of her major campaign buddies within the public-sector labor unions which tend to mostly act like extreme Far-Left political action committees instead of true labor unions. Follow-The-Money if you can, and I trust you’ll soon discover the direct connection between many of these purely political campaigns and some of the big public-sector labor unions/PACs like AFSCME and SEIU… and that’s also a large part of the recent SCOTUS decision in the historic case called Janus vs. AFSCME.


Excuse me? I would be wanting Stein, or who everthe Green party runs. If we get a national Socialist Party I will vote for them.

As far as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie you apparently didn’t understand what I’m saying. THEY AREN’T BETTER THAN REPUBLICANS. Got that? They give convincing lip service like sociopaths. then look what they do? Both have records. They’re sold out to the same people as the RNC. The DNC/RNC is the same party. It just lies and tells you what you want to hear and to pick one side of itself to stop the other. It’s a lie.

Barack Obama did the final take over of what we had called Democracy. He elected a Wallstreet lawyer to head the Securities and Exchange commission and finalized giving us to the crooks.

When trump got in we were already completely sold out. We had no people’s government by that time and no recourse to stop the corruption. Obama put the final nail in that coffin.

Warren has voted to give the defense industry MORE money than even trump asked for. She’s a sold out phony candidate and has proved it over and over. Trump is sold out. Quit voting DNC/RNC. Where have you been? It’s going on in front of you.