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Fossil Fuel Bailouts Are Class War. This Is How We Fight Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/18/fossil-fuel-bailouts-are-class-war-how-we-fight-back

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Moscow Mitch’s mission as federal COVID-19 “response” gatekeeper is to maximize corporate welfare while keeping the 99% as desperate as possible for as long as possible.

At last Moscow sees neofeudalism on the horizon and within striking distance.


The *Coronavirus Crisis * is not the result of a sick bat, it’s the result of the American people putting their trust in a sick system of government that has been taken over by the root of all evil.

Money, and those who value it more than the humanity they sold their souls for.

As far as fossil fuels are concerned, this manufactured crisis has shown us how little we need these dirty fuels.

Buy only what is absolutely needed to exist on.

Fuck the Fossil Fuels Industry.


“As governments display reckless disregard for human lives while serving corporate profits, societal movements are creating structures for communities to take better care of themselves. They are springing up in communities across the world.”

That’s the only paragraph I thought worth repeating. However, its lack of specifics by which needs will be met suggests community leaders don’t yet have a comprehensive understanding of what direction to lead. I’d nationalize the railroads. I’d sue GM/Ford for their breach of corporate contract. I’d sue BMW/Daimler to cancel their (battery hog) electric freight trucks coming off the line by the thousands, burning up ‘huge’ battery packs year after year until that resource is gone in a decade. Putting up vast solar farms near rural truck stops. Gotta get global goods shipped and trucked as far as possible, right?


Funny, no one bailed me out in the 80’s when I went hog wild with three credit cards, maxed out, with no real means to pay them off. I filed a Chapter 7, lost a few items including a prised rifle in a hock shop. I haven’t had ‘credit’ since '86. And I’m fine, I live within my meager means. Perhaps those same measures should apply to any industry that finds themselves in the same predicament. We’d all be better off. Let those abominable cruise ships, along with their buddies in the oil, gas, and coal industries suffer the fate of the Titanic.


And don’t forget the fringe benefits he sees. If they cut Social Security and Medicare to the bone, millions of elderly people will die, homeless, starved and ill. Many of the young children with birth defects that would absorb a good deal of that will likewise die. The billions of dollars left in the SS funds can then be given to the turd’s supporters amongst the billionaires, and there will be no need or reason to have to pay back the notes for the trillion$ the government took from the fund over the years. A win-win situation for the fuehrer and his gang.
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Big oil has already stolen their bailout (see story here at CD, 5/16) to the tune of $1.9 billion, from small businesses. Tell these thieves to piss-off.

Many of us here have talked about the enormous greed of the 1% and corporations, but I had know idea how utterly stupid these people are when it comes to business. It’s not rocket science to under stand that consumers drive an economy, not the rich or their corporations, hell even racist ole Henry Ford understood this. If the people have no money, you nitwits have no business.


Trump said he could murder ‘anyone’ on the street and get away with it.
Why would Trump think he’s entitled to a 2nd term unless he’s already done the deal
to make it happen? Why would he suggest a 3rd term? What is denial of global warming but an act of war with the same grisly results? Does he believe his denial is murder? Is his border wall strategic expansion into Central America from there to conquer Venezuela? WWIII is not out of the realm of probabilities. Those who believe reincarnation think it not a coincidence that Mr DJT was born soon after Mussolini died. His reincarnation feels faulted history gave Hitler more published images to either cringe before or of course from a few, delightful adorations of glee.

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