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Fossil Fuel 'Bullies' Threaten Officials with Criminal Complaint Over Fracking Bans


Fossil Fuel 'Bullies' Threaten Officials with Criminal Complaint Over Fracking Bans

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"Drained" from taking local municipalities to court over fracking bans, a fossil fuel industry group is now considering charging local officials who suggest such prohibitions with criminal prosecution, new reporting by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette revealed Tuesday.


Seems like "the sense of privilege and entitlement" that the fossil fuel industry holds over the communities extends to states as well. Here in NM the fossil fuel corpse control the political discourse as funding for schools and social services are held hostage to the constraints put on state revenues by the drop in oil and gas revenues. Legislators of both parties are completely bought off at this point.

I'm thinking that the big corporations and the wealthy of this world know that global warming is a done deal. They think they can hunker down in their bunkers while the rest of humanity faces a living hell, hence...



Unfortunately, the judges ruling in these matters seem to be bought off as well.


The more they prosecute the more they increase their chances of killing themselves along with everyone else.


The legal-regulatory process does not work. Not only can corporate extraction processes be stopped when the people do not want them, but the legal processes already in place don't get implemented - when corporations violate environmental laws, at worst they must pay a small fine and get a slap on the wrist. The system is broken.

It is no surprise that corporations are stepping up their actions against communities who pass local ordinances. Increasing conflict is to be expected. It might be the only way to raise the issue to a level that the people recognize the injustice in numbers that will force the end of corporate power.


Not a day goes by that our newspapers don't have at least one propaganda piece criticizing Trump for bringing up TPP and admonishing Clinton to expedite TPP if she wins in November. No wonder so few young Murkins read newspapers.

TPP will open the US and other signatory nations to unlimited fracking and worse.


When will these people get it through their collective asses that there is no Constitutional mandate, statute or otherwise to ensure that capitalism is encouraged or even thrives. If people don't want your 'product' then find another way to make money.


In that this does not occur in a vacuum:
An unusually vibrant Keiser rant on - what else - an overview of the economic basket of deplorables from the perspective of David Stockman and his new book


These guys need to read the history of France in the late 1700s. Impunity of the elites can be met with the impunity of the masses; and that gets very messy indeed.


Gary Johnsons is a global warming denier


They need a courageous Judge who is willing to Jail & Fine the Oil Company Lawyers for Contempt of Court for bringing Fraudulent action into his/her courtroom.

90 days in the county lockup might make some of these lawyers think twice before getting "Creative" with the law.


There is a reciprocal crime called false prosecution which would likely be applicable here, so the fossil industry actors who push for prosecution of government officials might well find themselves facing the very remedy they seek to impose on others - to paraphrase Roald Dahl -- they might be tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma of their own making.

In addition, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a crime for interference with lawful government functions. Regulation of commerce occurs in every industry (there is no such thing as a totally "free" market). While it may be that municipalities might not have specific authority over fossil fuel companies in some states to ban fracking (most likely be because the state has preempted them), such regulation would not be, per se, unlawful.

Attempting to interfere with governmental officials exercising their authority to pass legislation (even if the legislation itself is later ruled unlawful or unconstitutional), is surely protected conduct and industry's attempt to bully elected official or governmental employees is more likely to be found to be a criminal act than the acts of those government officials.

I think the bottom line here is not that any of this will come to pass, but rather, our collective insight into how desperate and worried the fossil fuel industry has become. Their end is near and they know it.


Of this growing discontent are revolutions fed. The popularity of DT is a perfect example of what happens when the low information voter wakes up. First they gravitate to the simple solutions and attack "job stealing" minorities and immigrants. Then they shift to the government. Then they choose their loudest sympathizer, Then with his successful election the nation resorts to the inplace power structure to bring them prosperity. Corporate rule is finalized with the achievement of full employment in a strong military that looks to feed on its neighbors. This scenario is gravy for the carbon industry but will assuredly destroy our global civilization.


"I wouldn't be surprised if there is crime for interference with lawful government functions.

Actually there is - states do have these on the books - currently they are being used, among other things, to prosecute protesters because the "usual" charges don't carry enough jail time - so they resort to a "higher" level of charge to allow more jail time ....

Great idea to use them against these corps!


I agree Marlborough, it is odd, we know Obama understands the consequences of these trade deals, but then, he must understand the consequences of fracking damage, the drone program, massive deportation, aggressive retaliation on whistle blowers, massive surveillance, etc...the list goes on. He is leading us toward a fascist future. It looks to me that neither of the current presidential or vice presidential candidates has any intention of changing course either. Sigh...




One would have thought that local government would have the fundamental right to pass statutes, bye-laws and regulations as it saw fit for the community.If the fracking industry wins, it sets an interesting precedent for anyone who wants to build anything they like anywhere with no regulation as to any safety or hygiene issue.


None of us really knows where the "tipping point" is. However, the longer we remain complacent the more extreme the challenges.

Sad that you have packed it in. Hopefully though that will mean stepping out of the way of those who are continuing to resist and build resilience and not behaving in ways that exacerbate the problems. If the latter than unfortunately you will have become a bigger part of the problem.

I accept and make peace with the fact that the world ahead will be challenging one. Yes, strong relationships will be one of the keys to the future. I don't need to have given up to continue to build them. Just because life will be a challenge does not mean it cannot be fulfilling.


You are right - but fascists can't allow people to be more powerful than corporations and their thugs.


Interesting and thank you.