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Fossil Fuel Exec Brags of 'Hitting the Jackpot' as Gas Prices Surge Amid Deadly Crisis in Texas

And everywhere our world is in crisis with one central culprit: Neoliberal agenda.

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Reminds me of Madison in 1977 when oil was spiking. Costs more to heat the house than anyone could pay. 4-500 heating bills at that time were impossible. Texas has plenty of space for wind and sun. Time for the citizens to wake up.


…“Same as it ever was” David Byrne…

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Texas wants to be an island unto itself. Or at least the govt in power wants to be the island onto itself. That mayor, who resigned, was onto something. The Texas govt clearly owes the people zero in the way of help or utilities. I’m surprised they cleaned up after the floods from the hurricane from a few years back. Or have they? I’m sure no retrofitting of infrastructure has occurred. These hacks are never going to insulate, shore up infrastructure, or invest in the life blood of communities: small businesses. Profit over people. There are 49 other states that are attached to a grid. Move. People move because of disasters all the time; start new. It can be done.