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Fossil Fuel Execs Very Annoyed #KeepItIntheGround Movement Crimping Their Ability to Pillage Planet


Fossil Fuel Execs Very Annoyed #KeepItIntheGround Movement Crimping Their Ability to Pillage Planet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Pipeline executives are extremely upset that protests by environmentalists and Indigenous groups are disrupting their ability to plunder the planet at will, and they aired their discontent publicly on Thursday at the CERAWeek energy conference in Texas.

"And we're just getting started."


No Labels will help counter those pesky “extreme leftists”.


Wah. Cry me a river. Poor rich widdle CEO’s don’t get to destroy the earth without a fight. Methinks they exaggerate - the field is very much tilted to their advantage and always has been. Instead of whining about the little resistance there is to fossil fuels, they SHOULD be worrying about how their grandchildren are going to be able to survive past the age of 20.


This is the best news I’ve read in weeks! How encouraging! If we really pile it on now, they’re going to have to give up, or go broke!


There should be a death penalty for "ATTEMPTED MURDER OF THE PLANET AND ITS CREATURES"!


We need to realize what is happening. The fossil fuel industry is well named—long dead. The Saudis have just turned on a huge PV array that delivers electricity at 0.017/kWh. On an energy basis, that is gasoline at 0.66/gallon. The assets of the majors is oil in the ground. And when the numbers are done, maybe ten bucks/bbl, if they are lucky. To make it worse, the brain dead crowd has been dumping their profits into buying back their stock, doubling down on their losses. Flushing cash down the drain. And of course, the whole racket is financed upon borrowed cash. I remember the story about an old retired farmer who went door to door selling brooms. He wanted $3 for a broom, and nobody bought any. So he lowered the price to 1 and sold a bunch. Somebody said, Charlie, I don't understand how you can sell brooms for one buck which cost you two bucks. Charlie was quiet for a while, and then answered, I don't really understand that either, but it sure beats farming. And when it costs 300/bbl to produce deep off shore crude, and that gets sold at $30/bbl, you see the problem.


The pace of change in the polar vortex alone is simply stunning. Relative to the timescale of Planet Earth, instantaneous. Hard to imagine even just 10 years out.


Doesn’t it break your heart? These poor CEOs may one day actually be out of a job as soon as Trump’s braindead base finally figures out that all these people and Trump give a rat’s ass about is their own wealth and well being, even above and beyond their own children’s and grandchildren’s well being. Of course the first ones to kick them to the curb once they do fail will be their political cronies in the republican party. Hah, who knows…maybe someday they will have to apply for food stamps and then have to face up to their one time savior Paul Ryan. Praise the lord.


Nevertheless, they seem to be getting a lot of pipelines built. Still bringing in the big money Maybe not quite a much as they dream about. .


You gotta love that quote! Lamented? All these greedy CEO’s like Steven Kean, care about is making more $$$! By devastating our planet for their personal use and that is what any sane person should lament.


Would you like us to win?

  1. When most of the demand for fossil fuels has dried up, they’ll all leave it in the ground (except maybe a handful of retired oil executives, out of spite). Until that day, stopping fossil fuel production is a bit like bailing out a hole in the ocean worldwide.

  2. Every time an alternative to burning fossil fuels gets 10% less expensive or 10% more reliable, somebody switches over. If we, the people, demand a strong (multinational) R&D effort for solar and other alternatives, all sorts of critical systems are going to get either more effective or less expensive, and fast. Every time we find one cheap engineering breakthrough, that breakthrough gets copied around the world and forever more. Even foreign dictators with strange habits will switch over to the solar alternative, because they aren’t completely stupid.

  3. It remains to get mainline climate organizations to use their noodles and then start lobbying states (if not the U.S. federal government right now), philanthropies, universities and forward-thinking national governments to get the job done. We don’t need everyone to do R&D, just the few really smart states and regions that want great jobs enough to stop posing and get to work.

  4. Until the mainlines get their heads working, you can help! I don’t know about the next 100 local inventors, but I want to get a stored solar heat prototype running. I also want to get my off-grid greenhouse, the one that grows red tomatoes in winter without fuel, popularized. I need a farmer for that.


If those guys want to keep busy getting oil out of the ground, maybe the should go out in their back yard with a shovel.


waaaa. poor babies


I drive very little, a couple of round trips for 5-7 miles a week per trip. A tank of gas lasts me over 2 1/2months, a nine gallon gas tank in a 27 year old Toyota. I’m doing part of my part with an up raised middle finger at big oil. Death, destruction and unstoppable billions reaped raping the world.



Not to mention stark collusion between big oil and vehicle manufacturers to keep new cars mpg’s low when cheaper, better and safer for the climate alternative technology exists, not a foam plane. How about another round of cash for clunkers, people can trade their poorly constructed US bombettemobiles for the next model. How about building a cheap but quality basic small reliable American car that gets 60+ mpg’s. No not a golf cart.


Yes this is all sick world we live in. SUVs are ridiculous – we all should have small cars but auto industry pushing big cars $$$ and people are buying them.-- more pollution.


You just have to pity these poor richies: stealing from the planet and the people.


Reducing energy consumption overall - transport, household, commercial - is a goal made possible with EVs. Household EVs offer an emergency back up power supply in grid failure. Also gained is the choice whether electricity is for household use or for driving, an incentive to drive less and thus more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby local economies grow, whereby walking, mass transit and bicycling - all more energy efficient than EVs - serve a greater portion of travel demand. Household EVs are the ideal match to rooftop and neighborhood solar arrays. Giant centralized solar arrays still leave households without power in grid failure. Household EVs offer the means to more closely monitor and reduce household energy consumption. It may seem counter-intuitive, but plug-in hybrids have more potential in these regards than all-battery EVs because they distribute energy to more households and more simply complement regional utility grids. The greater problem is the quantity and distance of transport and travel. Rather than trying to maintain the status quo of travel dependent economies with cleaner sources of fuel/energy, the question to ask is just how much longer the global economy can continue.


These fossil fuel guys are really the ones who “Should be removed from the gene pool”. May their words come back to bite them! These earth rapists and mother frackers need to stop what they are doing right now and invest their money in wind and solar instead or they will face ever more ire from the public. People like myself have had enough of their addiction to short term greed and long term destruction and poisoning of our planet and all life forms, including all humans, even themselves. They are insane with greed and lie to everyone and themselves, like every addict does, to justify their addiction.

Everyone who understands what is going on and cares about the destruction of everything precious that makes life livable and worth living needs to stand up and fight this good fight. Humans can and must live without fossil fuels. Humans have lived for hundreds of thousands of years without fossil fuels, but we won’t survive much longer with them. We can live without oil and gas and coal, but not without clean air and water and a healthy environment.

These men should grow up and take responsibility for once and join us in making a healthier world, or else be sent to rehab where they will be forced to see the evils of their ways. This is a war for the sake of all life on this planet. No more men should be allowed to poison our planet to death in the service of unbridled greed. They are real criminals, no matter what the law says. Revelation says that God will come down to destroy those men who destroy the earth. We all know just who these men are, and so does God. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when God finally comes for them. They cannot escape.