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Fossil Fuel Firms Spend Millions on Social Media Ads Against Climate Regulations While Portraying Selves as Green Heroes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/10/fossil-fuel-firms-spend-millions-social-media-ads-against-climate-regulations-while

Yes, they fuel climate change denial which is ruining our planet. They fight green technology while pretending to be changing over. The oil companies and processing plants are ruining peoples health from asthma to cancer. The people living nearest to the plants are often to poor to leave. They take lands from people, and want to drill in parks. They pollute and lie about the amount of pollution that they have put out, and the amount of toxins. They get paid off testers to check when they have spills. Independent testers always find different results that are much worse.They say benzene, and other toxins are good for you. They resist warning the communities when they are having a spill. They use the cheapest method they can to put out a fire. Which means they sometimes like to just let it burn out. Instead of hiring people who could put it out quicker. Thus allowing much more toxins in the air. They are creating earthquakes, and killing people with fracking. They own most of the politicians. The wars in the middle east that the US is involved in are primarily for oil. They are involved in a tremendous amount of the corruption that is ruining the US government.

Forgot to add: They are also fowling up the waterways, and putting pipelines through indigenous lands. Ruining many South American countries with pollution. Killing off wildlife with pollution. Fowling up the ocean with plastics, and oil. They also push pesticides, and GMO foods because they own/allied to those industries. They push consumerism to buy all the plastics they make. They are part of the corruption in many other countries as well. Could go on for hours. LOL

Seems like there are at least two types of “greenwashing” fossil fuel corporations and giant utilities are involved in. One involves investing a tiny portion of funds in things like renewable energy (e.g., solar and wind), but marketing those like that is the sole way the produce power while disregarding all the fossil fuel energy generation and its dirty external costs that we, not they, pay for.

The second type is making it known what great things these corporations and monopoly utilities do for “the community.” Maybe its helping finance some community projects or donating funds to a program. Well these entities are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. These financial contributions are tax write-offs. Moreover, the money they spend is largely what they rake in from the rate-payers. It’s my and your money. And they take credit for the “goo” that they do.

Where I live, a big evil is Duke Energy, our so-called public utility that is really a monopoly that not only operates in my state but in others too. Their special kind of greenwashing is marketing what the “good” they do in one state like the do it every, when they block us from doing the same good things in my state.