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Fossil Fuel Funding Boycott Puts Spotlight on Clinton Campaign


Fossil Fuel Funding Boycott Puts Spotlight on Clinton Campaign

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Progressive groups have a challenge for presidential hopefuls: Put your money where your mouth is on the climate, and swear off contributions from fossil fuel companies.


During the past quarter century the money pipeline to the Clinton family from every category of corporation flows at a rate that none can be quickly shut off.


Clinton needs to divest from the oil money and other dirty sources as a step to remove the baggage necessary for people to trust her. Her political career (and her hubby’s) has been tainted for a long time.


Old spanish proverb:

Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are.


Progressives and other sane people should force Hillary to spell out what she would do for the environment. Just saying something to the effect as >>> “Oh dearie me yes something should be done about global warming and my administration is in favor of something being done.” <<< That doesn’t cut it anymore. The vast majority of Americans want real movement on global warming and will vote that way. Bernie has the lead about action on global warming and he should nail Clinton on the issue. Say something concrete Hillary… what exactly will you do about global warming?

The old guard Dems and Repubs are weakest on this issue which matters a great deal to Americans if not to the politicians.


You can’t expect Hillary to come up with another one of her classic non-answers, on the spot. Look how long it took her to manufacture her non-answers on the trade deal questions. Give her a break. It ain’t easy being a spineless politician.


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You are right, she says, NOTHING… and last I knew, she owned stock in the XL pipeline…even when she says something, anything about current issues, that matches with a progressive platform, it sounds/seems contrived, cause she sounds like she is copying Warren or Sanders.


Energy independent …how?.. by drilling our own?.. Gee, think I’ve heard that one before…


Hillary seems a bit shocked that she wasn’t handed the presidency on a platter. My guess is that she truly expects that it is her turn to inherit the mantle. There are a lot of others in government that also act like only they are qualified to run the government.

We need new blood and because term limits is always voted down by those who benefit from there being no term limits, the government has become a ‘closed shop’ where new blood - new ways of doing things are discouraged.

Hillary probably finds having to run for office an annoyance and that the presidency should just be given to her.

Hillary’s campaign slogan? >>> “Hey, I’m supposed to be next”


Who pays the piper calls the tune
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