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Fossil Fuel Industry Evokes Fury for Seeking Taxpayer Funds to Protect It From Climate Crisis It Created


Fossil Fuel Industry Evokes Fury for Seeking Taxpayer Funds to Protect It From Climate Crisis It Created

Jon Queally, staff writer

Climate justice advocates and green groups are calling foul on the fossil fuel industry and their GOP backers in Congress over an effort to secure tens of millions of public taxpayer dollars to fund a giant offshore "spine" of seawalls and other barriers to protect Gulf Coast refineries from the threat of sea-level rise and increasingly powerful storms that scientists have explained are the direct result of the very global warming and climate impacts these interests continue to deny even exist.


The Kochs with a net worth of 103.4 Billion could finance it themselves and still have plenty left to corrupt and destroy.


Privatize Profits/Socialize Losses. Bend over good citizens and pay your dues to your owners.


The Kochs and the fossil fuel industry need to pay for all their externalities.


Insult to injury! Scum have no shame!


They can kiss my Co2-choked ass if they want help with anything


We should have been using hemp products .

. Automobiles

In 1941, Henry Ford 4 built a car out of hemp. It was not only built out of hemp plastic, but it also ran on hemp fuel. Hemp plastic was tested to be much stronger than steel. They tried denting the hemp car with a hammer, but the car didn’t even budge. Learn how we’re using hemp in cars today:


The greatest thing about hemp biofuel is that it can be used in cars that currently used regular oil. Unlike electric cars, nobody needs to buy new cars. We can use our existing infrastructure!

According to Thomas B. Reed, a chemical engineer at Colorado School of Mines, an acre of hemp can produce power equivalent to a thousand gallons of gasoline. Imagine the sustainability benefits that would bring. No wonder oil companies hate hemp.

https://ministryofhemp.com/blog/hemp-products-list/ 5


One word: Chutzpah!


I think that trump was asking the people of Scotland to build seawalls to protect his Golf course that was in danger of sinking into the sea.


Why not?

That’s the way this Elite game has always been played –

Somewhere in the 1980’s there was an article in the NY Times where Saudi Arabia
was acknowledging Global Warming and suggesting/asking: “When it comes time
to make adjustments for Global Warming and cut back on oil production, will Saudi
Arabia receive subsidies for their losses?”


Simple. Compute the public costs attributable to oil and add that to the price of fuel.

Petroleum use will go down, maybe more than the one third capacity in flood zones.

General health increases and medical expenses drop. That is how independent green socialists might begin discussing socialist breakwaters versus moving capacity to higher ground.


The oil industry – and generally the fossil fuel industry – obviously knew the
reality and certainty of Global Warming by at least the late 1950’s.

ExxonMobil’s campaign, which included other oil companies, began at least by the
1960’s and was a 50 year campaign – at a cost of $50 billion – which lied to the
American public about Global Warming.

So did our “free press” lie – already long under the control of Operation Mockingbird
beginning at the end of WWII and since the establishment of the CIA – and for the
benefit of Elites/Patriarchy/Capitalism here and around the world.


Applying “the Pottery Barn rule” to the planet

You broke it

You pay for it


I don’t really care. Do you?


Fossill Fuels have probably contributed to some climate issues but why is geoengineering never discussed? The UN outlawed the Weaponization of Weather back in the 70s. Time to pull the propaganda cloak from over our eyes and realize what the Tesla Techolgy has been doing spraying nano particles of heavy metals into our atmosphere and DEW, Directed Energy Systems which can manipulate all kinds of earth trageties. Wake UP. Weather as a Force Magnifier explains using weather as a weapon. It’s an AF paper.


“The second money-creation process, as our explanation above has made clear, is the process we have been habitually calling “government borrowing.” The issuing and auctioning of U.S. treasury bonds, as we’ve just discovered, is not “borrowing” money at all, but creating it. Most important, the dollars generated by this process, which are then spent by the U.S. government, are not spent in the pursuit of personal or corporate financial profits. They are spent to pursue the collective goals—and address the collective needs—of society at large.”

Congress does not borrow, it creates its own currency into existence every time it spends. It does not rely on tax revenue at the federal level. Learn MMT.


This rich. Oil and gas companies get government subsidies, access to private and public property for commercial gain, destroy the environment and cause devastating global climate change and don’t pay for cleaning it up, if it even can be cleaned up. Now Oil and gas companies want the public to pay for protections for the affects of global warming at their businesses in Houston when the next big tsunami hits the coast. That really takes gall. You think we are that stupid?


Jon, this article — which is basically on the fossil fuel industry trying to get ‘we the people’ (taxpayers) to pick-up the tab for the oil industry’s massive negative externality cost dumping, along with a second article in CD today, "Trump Warns ‘Everybody Would Be Very Poor’ If He Gets Ousted, AND along with a very interesting slap that Trump took at South Africa about his asking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations” ---- are all parts of the same scheme that Trump is doing to ‘signal’ his real audience (not the rightwing nuts here in America) but his real audience, of the global UHNWI’s who control and run this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE (which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, the country PKA America) — that Trump is committed to save them and their Trillions from the only thing/threat that the ruling elites running this EMPIRE really fear, which is ‘Wealth Reform’ — akin to the “Land Reform” that South Africa forced upon SA’s ruling elites.

The enormous fear among the world’s UHNWI’s and their EMPIRE of “Wealth Reform” is the common key to the connection of all these three events/articles!

  1. The fossil fuel industry, which accumulated/extracted/exploited massive, but only ‘apparent capital surplus’ made from oil (by hiding, burying, and dumping the ‘negative externality costs’ of polluting our atmosphere and causing global warming) would be effectively all wiped-out if the DGCEmpire HQed in America allowed the global oil giants (like the “Private Empire” of Exxon) to have to give up its looted, hoarded, monopolized, and now non-productive extracted capital because of any move toward to fair and honest “Wealth Reform”.

  2. Trump’s Warning that “‘Everybody Would Be Very Poor’ If He Gets Ousted” is not any signaling to 99% of Americans — but is rather this faux Emperor’s way of ‘messaging’ that I’m the only thing between you UHNWI’s and your scam Empire and the ‘pitch-forks’ (which BTW, is what Obama signaled (and directly said to the Wall Street looters in ‘08), but this time, Trump who knows that the ruling elite UHNWIs of the Empire are even more fearful of losing their ‘capital’ than their (or their families’ lives) are most fearful of “Wealth Reform” — particularly if the U.S. falls into the hands of the people, and uses it massive spying, militarist, intelligence, and legal powers to, as the old AT&T ad used to say, “Reach out and touch you” anywhere you try to hide in the whole effin world.

  3. With faux-Emperor Trump’s focusing on the awful, illegal, and immoral action of South Africa addressing the past crimes of looting, expropriating, hoarding, and monopolizing the asset-class of Land (which was the previously preferred asset-class of the elite) and starting to ‘claw-back’ that looted land with ‘Land Reform’ ---- Trump is signalling to today’s global elite UHNWI’s and their “Empire of Capital” that — what SA did to the white SA elite could happen to you guys with “Wealth Reform” if you don’t have me, Donald J. Trump to keep the dummies fighting each other and letting you keep all your accumulated stolen wealth!

This triple of explosively dangerous ‘issues’ converging right within the last few days, it is really incumbent on someone like superb socialist economist Richard Wolff to integrate, further diagnose, and ‘expose’ this most massive financial crime which Trump is, IMHO, so clearly signalling to his real base of the world’s UHNWI’s Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, as an existential last heist on earth!


There’s also a good side to DEW, free ener
If the second link doesn’t work, look up Eugene Mallove on you tube.


Let us by all means continue burning petroleum right down to the last drop. Let’s continue mowing down the rainforests. Let’s keep on polluting the oceans until all of the already declining numbers of plankton are completely gone. Note: Plankton and rainforests are the main providers of oxygen to our atmosphere. Let’s spend another trillion dollars building more and “upgrading” our current stock of nuclear bombs which will never be used even though we’ve already fought nuclear world war 2.