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Fossil Fuel Investments and Hawkish Foreign Policy Among Serious Issues Progressives Have With Susan Rice as Possible VP Pick

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/fossil-fuel-investments-and-hawkish-foreign-policy-among-serious-issues-progressives

War Criminal, Neoliberal, NeoCon, Climate-Denier: the perfect VP for Biden!


How about Kamala Harris, Steve Muuchin should be in jail but she did not prosecute him for fraudulent foreclosures and now he is in a fraudulent administrations.


Yes, but Kamala is even worse…so my $ are on her!


Likely one of the most important singular picks for VP in recent memory in the USA simply because of the fact Biden suffers rapid cognitive decline. It very unlikely Biden can serve 4 years.

Susan Rice as President? What is the up side over any other person including Herr Trump?


Exactly. Biden will never finish out his first term, or if he miraculously could. he would be a puppet figure head like Shrub Jr. Cheney was the real power behind the throne. Similarly, the dems will pick a neoliberal who will hit all the right check boxes of identity politics, and be a tool of the MIC to further the capitalist, oligarchic agenda of deregulation, profiteering, and endless war - all in pursuit of wealth for the 1%. The country is screwed either way. Do a Tom Hanks and get that passport and dual citizenship now. This country is going down like the Titanic.


Condoleeza’s (equally) evil twin!


I recall Susan Rice’s hawkishness, too – but this article says little about it.
Can some CD readers enlighten us?

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The more serious Susan Rice’s issues are for the left the more likely she is to be the choice. I do not like Kamala at all. But, Susan Rice is a real war criminal and that is much worse than anything Kamala has done. Kamala is the lesser of two evils. Rice has had decades of being a war criminal and getting every foreign policy issue wrong.


Yeah, but she’s already in the club!

Susan Rice supported all of the atrocities that Israel committed against the Gaza Strip suggesting they had a right to act as they did as a matter of self defense. She actively worked to ensure the UN would not try to censure Israel.

Susan Rice was the initiative behind the War on Yemen. Saudi Arabia was reluctant to start a war on Yemen unless they had the US blessing. This started as a US/Saudi “war on terror” as the USA claimed Terrorists were training there.

Susan Rice was a champion of the intervention in Libya seeking to see Qaddaffi toppled in order to head of the African Dinar and to get Western Corporations controlling their oil.

Susan Rice championed the war on Iraq giving her vocal support to it and praising the Bush Administration response.

Susan Rice wanted to see a repeat of the US toppling of the Libyan Government in Syria and encouraged Barack Obama to start launching Air Strikes on Syria and to send groups linked to Al Qaeda weapons and training.


Dig a little (and I mean a little) and you’ll find that Joe DiMentio is surrounded by a small army of neoliberal corporate ass kissers. The NYTimes is reporting this morning that none other than neoliberal poster child, Chris Dodd, is leading Biden’s VP pick task force.

But the pseudo-progressives around here won’t care – because Trump started those wars.
Except Trump hasn’t started a war, unlike Joe No Show who was cheerleader-in-chief for the Iraq War.


And all of the violence Susan Rice waved her pom poms for in the Mideast just coincidentally had to do with ensuring that oil flowed right on time for those corporations whose dividends she was receiving.

Warhawks spend US taxpayer money with one hand and cash corporate checks with the other.
I’ve got $100 that says Susan Rice has the murderer, Mohammed Bin Salman, on speed dial.


I’m not suggesting that anyone not vote. Sometimes you just have to go through the motions.
I am suggesting that anyone who thinks we can get out of this mess, by voting, is delusional, and part of the problem


From March 2020

Joe Biden’s reported Cabinet picks tell us a lot about his priorities

For treasury secretary, per Axios, Biden is considering none other than Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who is about as far right as someone can get while still ostensibly portraying themselves as a Democrat. “My heart is Democratic but my brain is kind of Republican,” said Dimon himself last year.


Picking Susan Rice would be more than a middle finger to progressives. Biden might as well go around telling progressives to vote for the other guy. Seems like the Democrat Party leadership is working very hard to ensure a Trump victory.


jamie dimon??!! poop

Thanks for pointing this out ST. I don’t know how I missed this (maybe I’ve been in denial again!) . .
You are correct------ it took minimal (to no) effort to find out what character the Biden team picked to lead the VP task force.

At least they are consistent. We’ve got lecher Bill Clinton speaking at the convention, Biden as nominee and lecher Chris Dodd determining VP pick.

Ok . … there is a real problem here. The Biden team insisting they have a woman of color as VP (as an indication of social progress/growth) yet the men orchestrating this pick are predators . . . what is wrong with this picture?




there is no perfect candidate for VP and beware the extreme critics who may be Republican trolls always looking to undermine and divide resistance to the Trump regime. And beware the misogyny that lurks even in progressive circles, that helped do H Clinton in and millions are paying the price

At least - poop!