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Fossil Fuel Lobbyist By Day, WaPo Columnist By Night


Fossil Fuel Lobbyist By Day, WaPo Columnist By Night

Adam Johnson

What is the point of Ed Rogers, the Washington Post’s most conflict-ridden, mediocre columnist (FAIR.org, 4/23/15)?


Judas Iscariot was one of Christ’s twelve original disciples by day, and Christ’s lone betrayer by night.


It used to be that people like Johnson criticized news media as beholden to the views and desires of advertisers. This is a much more direct approach to controlling the news. My only criticism of this article is that it makes it seem that Ed Rogers is a sole bad apple.


The complete corruption of “public dialog,” the media, and the whole political economy in the USA, is breathtaking to behold.

It’s a wonder we can even think at all!


This seems like a change for Adam Johnson, and for FAIR as well, to go beyond analysis of influence and corruption in the media, to include personal criticism of Ed Rogers as a “mediocre columnist,” “boring,” “an amazingly poor writer,” and “a banal, unlettered writer.” Almost makes me want to read him, to see how bad he really is!


In case you haven’t been paying attention, new Post and Amazon.com owner, Jeff Bezos, has taken money from both the CIA, and the Pentagon, as well as shilled for the Clintons all last year. This is not the great independent newspaper that took down the corrupt Nixon and published the Pentagon Papers. This rag now does the bidding of it’s rich master to promote his agenda and commercial interests. To quote Trump, “sad”.


You may see cross snipes at competing news and opinion media groups, but Mr. Johnson and Mr. Rogers both take sucker punches at Antifa, here. Whether Antifa is knocked out by a sneaky left hook or the more conventional right cross, it’s still a cheap shot. And, unneeded to make an Alternet point about one of several vacuous columnists employed by the Washington Post. Lobbyist, too. What a savings, a bargain for the unwashed masses yearning for enlightenment from WaPo.:wink:
In the same way Mr. Hedges and Mr. Chomsky stood inside the ring alone, then tried to punch out Antifa with an academic variant of shadow boxing, so does Mr. Johnson. It could be because they are afraid of the real thing. " Better to kill it before it grows " as Bob explained about that self-defensive shooting of the fascist sherrif.
The liberals want rules of fair play and think we can trust the referrees in the Time of Sessions, Trump and the Alt-Right occupying our Executive and Judicial branches of government. And, anyone with an interest in " seeing " knows the PTB have loaded the fists of the U.S. Police & Security State, for decades now. Liberal protests making their case in the Golden Gloves featherweight division, mostly.
About four score ago now, these lack of profiles in courage, got many millions slaughtered without them putting up much of a fight. Antifa really is not interested in repeating a deadly history of what’s not fair or what constitutes a low blow.


Hey, CD – How about a counterpoint article:

Clinton Apologist by Night, Supporter of Banksters & Polluters by Day — John Adamson
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz continues to embarrass the DamnocRatic Party

"Why hasn’t the DamnocRatic Party – with vain hopes of rallying progressives to its cause in 2018 – evicted congresswoman Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass, a D.I.N.O. who gives lip service to America’s working class while consistently opposing Medicare for All, voting to undermine the CPB’s oversight of usurious payday lenders, supporting exemptions to environmental laws for her Big Ag campaign donors in Florida, etc., etc. etc. . . . "


Or, if it’s not that, you can bet that there’s some tacit or not so tacit understanding from some corporate interest that the ad pages they buy have a baked-in cost of including a columnist in their corner.