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Fossil Fuel Subsidies Mean Using Public Money "to Destroy the World": UN Chief

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Mean Using Public Money "to Destroy the World": UN Chief

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Pope Francis called on global financial leaders to help keep dirty energy in the ground, the United Nations chief said Tuesday that fossil fuel subsidies amount to "using taxpayers' money... to destroy the world."

"Climate disruption is upon us, and it is progressing faster than our efforts to address it," said U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres in Vienna at the climate-focused R20 Austrian World Summit.


Very nice to see Arnie is the initiator of this R20 summit.

Here in Calgary the smoke arrived a couple of days ago - you can’t even see the mountains, only fifty miles to the West. A big wildfire, still out of control near Hi Level, a couple of hundred miles to the norhtwest, is one of the main contributors. PM 2.5 is sitting at around 100 as I write.

An extreme iceberg event is taking place off the East coast of Newfoundland. The record such event was in 1984, which was even worse. I see that both of these follow a year or two after extreme El Ninos.

Right now we have lots of concerned citizens, many are even activists.

We need a lot more than witnesses though.

We need action at the national and international level - to address what is now a full blown climate emergency.


With all this talk year after year, decade after decade, nothing is happening. We need money and we need engineers. We need leadership.

And yes please – Tax dirty energy. Do not tax people.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, While UN Secetary General Antonio Guterres is correct in defining the problem the solution will escape enough of the world’s leaders who are so timid that they won’t do what is required, ever, judging by the past when they have had the chance to do anything meaningful. Hence will the last person left please turn off the lights!

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Obama swore up and down he’d stop oil subsidies. But that was during the primary race. During the general election, oil companies funded his campaign. Surprise! He never ended those subsidies.

Quintessential Bob Dylan performing what you said, and more caseyf5.

How about the USA (and its side kick Canada) putting aside its crusade for “full spectrum” military and economic control of the world and replacing it with a crusade for “full spectrum” global cooperation to combat, mitigate and survive climate change??