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Fossil Fuel Titan Spins Ebola Crisis for Corporate Gain


Fossil Fuel Titan Spins Ebola Crisis for Corporate Gain

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The world's largest privately-held coal company has been exposed capitalizing off the Ebola crisis in West Africa—a move public health officials called "ludicrous" and "opportunistic."

A Guardian exposé reveals that Peabody Coal's new public relations campaign—which aims to brand the iconic pollutant as a "21st century fuel"—promotes its product "as an answer to Africa’s devastating public health crisis."


Just another example of capitalism’s any means to an end. Profit is god and short term profit is the whole trinity.


Translation: “Hell, if the topography’s right we can wipe out everything - trees, bats, you name it. We’re confident we can appeal to their common sense that we have the ability to completely chase away the evil spirits behind this misery.”


Pretty bizarre. Coal mining (especially Peabody’s specialty - massive strip mines) will prevent Ebola. Uh…yeah…sure thing… I guess…

Amazing that this scientist never heard of Peabody Coal - I guess he is too young to have sat around a campfire singing John Prine’s songs while passing a dooby around…