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Four Arrested for Toppling Confederate Statue, But Zero Neo-Nazis Yet Arrested for This Brutal Beating


Four Arrested for Toppling Confederate Statue, But Zero Neo-Nazis Yet Arrested for This Brutal Beating

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As communities across the United States enact or expedite plans to take down monuments revering those who advocated for white supremacy and slavery, police in Durham, North Carolina have arrested four people for their alleged roles in toppling a statue of a Confederate soldier. Meanwhile in Charlottesville, Virginia—where white supremacists and neo-Nazis violently demonstrated over the weekend—police have yet to arrest anyone for viciously beating Deandre Harris, a 20-year-old black man, even though photo and video footage of five white men assaulting Harris has been virally circulated on social media and televised news for several days.


Suggestion. Let the citizens take them down. CHEAP. Pickup truck and a rope.


Plus it would be a giant source of Accomplishment


Yep, as expected: Double standards and false equivalencies.

Time to make it clear to the Fascists:

No platform For Fascists!


The preferred method is log chain, not rope.:wink: And, those statues are overvalued, but restitution, fines, etc are going to run $25K or more.
And, that’s how the police and courts get their points across.
On the other hand, felony battery with racial overtones ( possible ), leaves the Martin family no actual recourse, if the bad guys aren’t caught. Hence, the lawsuit by the mother against the city.



There were no cops, no campus police escorting hundreds of white men, chanting racist songs, marching lockstep with lighted torches through the night across the UVA campus. No one but racists would permit this. As a born and raised southern liberal, let me ensure you white racists are not permitted to march through the night with lighted torches singing racist songs and intimidating students. This was not permitted. There were NO campus police unless they were notified and complicit. No one allows Nazis to march across a university campus through the night to terrorize. There is no debate. When you terrorize someone you are a terrorist. University of Florida has canceled a scheduled Nazi rally from the same genetic mutants. Trump would be not be allowed to run any other corporation indeed he would be fired as an employee for his inability to work with others. If we want to run our nation then we have to continue the pressure to run our nation and Sessions and Trump have to go. Now. peace.


Everyone take a good look at the photo, not a man among them standing. This is how racist cowards fight.
There must be someone out there who has a conscious , and can identify these little boys. We want to know their names so they can atone for their actions…or since law enforcement won’t do anything, sue the crap out of them.


The murderous pigs are Guilty of murder! They should be convicted and do hard time!


This whole racist March in Charlottesville was organized for quite some time, and had to involve at a minimum local government officials, and local law enforcement. It is possible that State government officials and State Police were also involved.

This will never be fully investigated as too many in government have everything to lose.

Many of these hateful people were filmed and can be identified. If, some true patriots took it upon themselves to carry out some needed justice, the world would definitely be a safer place.


I’m so glad to know that the police, at least, have their priorities working right. For a bit I was worried. (/sarc.).
Having police around is like having a large wild predator in the house that you are sure is a friend because of the loving treatment you give it. One minute you are petting it and feeding it a meal and at any moment you or your little dog or your kid is the meal. A predator is a predator is a predator (remember the scorpion-crossing-the-water story).


When I heard Jeff Sessions, a guy so racist even the Reptilians wouldn’t confirm him as a judge, say the JD was going to investigate Charlottesville my thought was that all the wrong people will end up being arrested. People identified as antifascists, BLM or socialist will be arrested on felony riot charges and face 80 years in jail. The JD will be unable to find any proof the Nazi, KKK or fascists were guilty of any crimes “because they had a permit.” I felt they would arrest Deandre Harris for getting blood all over the those poor Nazis who feared for their lives and beat him in self-defense. Lo and behold, it is coming to pass. Do not forget, the J20 are facing 80 years in jail for ‘felony charges’ arising from the inauguration. And also don’t forget that five states have passed laws saying it is okay to ‘accidentally’ hit protesters with your car.


US society is sicker than most people realize or care to admit.


Your comment reminded me of a friend many years ago. She was the widow of a really neat and talented guy and an excellent writer.
*He went to fight the fascists in Spain, in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. After that, I believe he fought in WW-II in the infantry.
*When he finally got home, his life became a long disappointment. Highly qualified, he was refused job after job. He finally became a columnist for the SF Chronicle, I believe.
*He investigated why he was having so much trouble and finally found the answer.
*After fighting in Spain, the AG put him on their list as a "Premature Anti-Fascist!" In other words, he was antifascist before the government decided it didn’t like fascism, therefore he was suspect, and apparently that information was given to anyone where he applied for a job.
*So this problem is not as new as people think, but it is still as ghastly as it ever was, and it seems to be growing, again.


Thank You Takiyah Thompson you are a leader


The police were instructed to stand down by the Mayor, according to those that have agreed to talk about it. Whatever the reason, the police just stood aside and watched as people battled with bats and clubs, or were subjected to violent assaults by multiple attackers like this man. If what the police say is true, then the Mayor and police chief should immediately resign.


Considering how quickly they were able to identify and apprehend the guy behind the Boston bombing a couple years ago, there’s no excuse for not already identifying those white boys. There’s no excuse!


What stuns me is the foolishness of Durham police, considering not only the nightmare at UVA with police standing by in the face of a riot, a riot instigated by avowed neo-nazis, but police shootings which have been mounting nationally. Being created is the image of police in general as hostile to minorities and moderates to leftists, and in line with neo-Nazis. Within such an environment, professionally and politically, police in the US are quite likely to be taken less seriously, with negative physical and financial repercussions to police officers. Foolishness abounds!


Surely some brave soul got photos of those perpetrators. Others of the nazi group have been identified via the Internet. Please do the right thing & identify those who were beating this defenseless man.


Oh they’ll be taken seriously all right. Seriously as an institution of murderers who can kill without consequence.