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Four Horsemen of Democracy


Four Horsemen of Democracy

Robert C. Koehler

“It was also a shock to the system that a candidate universally known in Iowa, with deep pockets and long experience, could come close to losing to a relative unknown who was initially considered little more than a protest candidate.”


Well said, Robert. Thanks. Go Bernie.


Military spending $1.3 trillion per year? And with little or no accountability! And what is the final insult! That so many American people have been totally brainwashed by these chimeras of fire breathing monsters; bogus boogeyman; and manufactured terrorists in order to supply fodder for this egregious military budget. This Frankenstein monster of US Empire, is so out of hand that it is just about impossible to reign in. With that kind of $ at stake no wonder all the Presidents since JFK and Congress have sold out the American people!.


This is important: questioning the awe attributed to all things Mars-ruled:

"Consider War, a.k.a. militarism: While Sanders is roundly condemned for the cost of his “socialist” ideas, such as universal healthcare and free college tuition, the cost of perpetual war and military readiness — the cost of nukes and surveillance and global domination — never comes up in presidential debates or official political discussions of any sort. This cost manages to be both enormous and almost invisible."

And this:

"Nicolas J.S. Davies, writing last fall at Huffington Post, points out that the military budget during the Obama administration has averaged $663.4 billion annually. He adds: “These figures do not include additional military-related spending by the VA, CIA, Homeland Security, Energy, Justice or State Departments, nor interest payments on past military spending, which combine to raise the true cost of U.S. militarism to about $1.3 trillion per year, or one thirteenth of the U.S. economy.”

"U.S. military spending, as has often been noted, equals or surpasses the annual budgets of the next ten largest military spenders combined. Davies also makes this fascinating point in his essay."

But Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton would NEVER speak of cutting into that sacred cow's allotted KILL fees. Republicans LOVE to talk about cutting "entitlements."

Hiding behind Christianity, they INVERT everything Christ came to teach in that they would gladly cut Grandma's Social Security, deny the poor Black child health care, or cut food stamps to a struggling family while never taking a dime away from the world's most diabolical KILLING force in history.


Thanks for this great article. For Bernie to do what he wants to do, what his supporters want him to do, the military budget will have to shrink significantly. Shifting votes to Bernie also requires a shift in the security paradigm. This nation, for the benefit of all, can and should invest in Peace instead of War.


:smile: I just made a reference to Hillary a the 5th horsemen yesterday, and here comes a related reference! It's a fad!
Didn't think I'd have a partial mind-meld with Bob Koehler this week!


Beware USA, the red-coats are coming, the red-coats are coming! Sound the alarm, ring the church-bells! Buy muskets, buy bayonets, buy cannon, buy powder! Roll-up, roll-up, do I have a deal for you! Want to join the cavalry? I can sell you this horse!

And thus since 1776 has the USA acted.


One thing I have found is that people are not aware of how many bases we have around the world, nor of the purpose they serve. There is a real disconnect between talking about defense, and realizing that our positioning is one of offense, and rapid deployment to sustain empire.


just to say i love this phrase! defines the empire to a tea.

The tiny, tightly controlled consciousness that calls itself The World’s Greatest Democracy