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Four in 10 Americans Believe Socialism a 'Good Thing': Gallup

Four in 10 Americans Believe Socialism a 'Good Thing': Gallup

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Four in 10 Americans think socialism is a good thing for the United States, a shift in attitude that reflects the modern 21st century political landscape and changing social mores.


From the article:

“Four in 10 Americans think socialism is a good thing for the United States…”

It’s a good start. Now let’s work on getting that number up to 9 in 10 and watch the Kochroaches scatter.


Socializing is something we all do on a daily basis. Embracing the social aspects of society are a necessity for a just and happy world. I have turned 68 today and am looking forward to a better future for the world. Always have been optimistic regarding the human race, will never falter to the day I die. So to ensure the beginning of a kinder, more humane planet , I fully support Bernie Sanders with his quest to educate and rehabilitate the American people! Have a great day! I know I will! Peace


Objectively, most Americans know very little about socialism (or capitalism). Truth is, almost all Americans like at least some socialism, the debate is over the extent of the socialization. But, given the continuous nonstop propaganda on socialism, the number is pretty high. It is similar to single payer, which involves socialization. Americans have been fed nonstop propaganda about the concept, neither party supports it, and yet Americans do in fact support more socialization within healthcare. They like Medicare, Medicaid and the VA more than private insurance. Do they support a fully socialist system right now? Probably not, but they want to at least move on to social democracy and the environmental crisis will end capitalism one way or another. Either we have a democratic form of socialism or a brutal and top down authoritarian government controlled by the rich. Which path is preferable, given that capitalism as we know it is not a realistic option?

And I cannot wait to see the blast of right wing trolls. In the next few hours the level of stupidity here is going to explode upward. Let’s take bets. What will be mentioned most by the knuckle daggers? Stalin, Cuba or Venezuela? I am going with Venezuela.


As I recently texted to a friend, “Alles gutte zum Geburtztag.”

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So, 60% of Americans think socialism is a bad thing or do not desire it. Is that good news?

Sixty percent is a clear majority, so if they vote, there is no socialism. (Except for those people in Virginia . . . and board rooms.)

So we need a comprehensive list of what is already socialism in this country to use on the remaining 6 out of 10

Water (Tap)
Sewer system
Court System
Social Security


The following analysis by Eugene V. Debs is valid now as it was in 1912 and explains Capitalism and Socialism:



I agree. I think we’re already controlled by an unresponsive, brutal, top down authoritarian government controlled by the wealthy. They just have the sense to throw out a few bread crumbs here and there to keep the hoi polloi at bay. Our only saving grace is the new truly liberal members of Congress, AOC, Tlaib, et al who are not afraid to step up and speak up instead of the traditional “wait their turn” out of fear of showing up the career dinosaurs in Congress. These new members and Sanders are reason for hope.


Someone didn’t read the article.

Although I don’t want to live under a socialist gubmit (socialist in the historical context), I have voted for many socialist candidates ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne and accelerated dismantling of FDR’s New Deal.

The pendulum has swung so far into fascism that incrementalism and centrism will not make it swing to the left…they have proven to help it swing further right. Demanding socialism is the only way to reverse the four decade long swing to the right.


If you read the article, it provides a clear majority against socialism, regardless.
I did not say I agreed with it.

What’s with the headline? So the headline contradicts what is in the article?

Fascism and how to fight it:


It is a big jump forward for the approval rate. I wish they would point out the fact that corporations and banksters operate on a socialism doctrinaire, profit is privatized but losses are socialize meaning we the tax payers pick up the loss. But don’t forget their yearly subsides from us generous tax payers. But don’t forget and we spend money on research and development and corporations then privatize those results from taxpayers research and development.

LOL! The word socialism has been subject to withering propaganda. Fact is, most Americans like plenty of socialism, and polls show they want more. Beyond Medicare, Social Security and all that, they also support worker ownership, they across the country are seeing their municipal governments own and run ISPs better than private companies, the idea of postal banking is popular, and so is single payer. So, they are getting asked about a word that is highly charged here because of propaganda, dont know exactly what it means, but also do support lots of socialism.

Tell me though, Frank Luntz is THE Republican pollster, does lots of discussion groups with Americans. Why do you think he is recommending that Republicans stop defending capitalism? Cause that is his advice, dont spend time defending the capitalist system. Why are even far right libertarians like Peter Schiff reluctantly warming to more expansive social programs a bit? Fact is, Americans support plenty of actual socialism but are divided on the word. So, let’s put in place highly popular socialist policies and then call those things Swiss cheese. We all win, we get things that will work well and we can avoid the word, as absurd as that is.

By the way, you come up with how capitalism survives the environmental crisis? You didn’t have any answer before.


Don’t forget airlines that are bailed out and subsides along with Auto makers, fossil fuels, tobacco, big agr, pharma, airport, damns, et al to name a few. As Thom Hartmann would say he doesn’t want the government making jeans or autos or many other things but societal projects need to be socialized like education which gets a drop in the bucket of which it used to get or the private sector educational lackluster Charter Schools are taking a big hit out of funds for public education.

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Well, Warren wants the state to create a state owned company that would produce generic drugs at cost. The simple way to think about this is if the product or service is highly differentiated (i.e. shoes are often very different in type, design, color, materials but something like solar energy is not) then it probably makes sense to not give the state a monopoly on production. In instances where there is no or little product or service differentiation and the service or product is widely needed, the state can deliver those things more efficiently. It is also a fact that private financial capital will not invest enough in things that result in large non market benefits and will invest too much in things that generate negative non market impacts. There is no way to realistically deal with the environmental crisis without much more direct state spending. We clearly need to move on from just regulating financial capital and need to have a much stronger role for public banking.

Keep in mind too that the state doesn’t equal socialism. Engels said this himself. There are non state forms of social ownership. Worker ownership and self management is an obvious example. The Spanish anarchists on the 1930s put in place a very radical form of socialism that was not based on widespread state ownership, the socialism was bottom up. Orwell wrote about this in Homage to Catalonia.


I never commented on capitalism and the environmental crisis.

If the headline contradicts what is in the article, that is sloppy journalism, or worse.

If you call Medicare and other like programs “socialist,” take care, for you are giving ammunition to your enemies. They will use this terminology to attack those programs.

If the majority of Americans were in favor of socialism, that would be fine with me.

The headline says four in ten approve of socialism, the data shows 43% do. If you look at the numbers, in 1942 36% of those polled had no opinion. Now, only 6% have no opinion. Now, if we were to break this down by age, wanna bet that there are huge differences by age? If we took out those older than, say, 60, think the numbers wouldn’t be different? And of those that now have an opinion whereas before they didn’t, more approve than not.

But, again we are asking people about a word that has been highly politicized. That word has no clear meaning for most, so it is a visceral reaction for most. I would love to compare polls on words versus support for policies and institutions that are socialist. There is clearly a huge gap thanks to propaganda. But why does Luntz tell Republicans to not focus on or defend capitalism, which is really telling? Because actual existing capitalism is a disaster. Let’s give factually accurate information to people about single payer and this rotten system. Then, let’s poll which system people prefer. I would be willing to bet actual socialism would be preferred by large majorities regardless of the poll on a highly charged word. The right and the dominant media have done a good job on demonizing a word, but they have failed to turn people against socialist policies and institutions, or at least many of them.


I voted socialist 44 years ago. I am not going to comment on this thread anymore.

Good Bye