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Four Million Syrian Refugees Registered Across the Border: When Will This End?


Four Million Syrian Refugees Registered Across the Border: When Will This End?

Daniel Gorevan

In September 2013, two million Syrians had fled across the border to neighbouring countries and registered as refugees.


Ok. I think we should start by discussing the Golan Heights, a delightful corner of Syria.


When you stop expending all your energy defending Israel’s demonizing of Palestinians and selected other groups of Muslims.

By the way, murder is not a misdemeanor…it’s a capital crime in most nations.


If an international framework was in place from which to impose sanctions, fines, and other penalties it would be logical to take a high percentage of profits from the banks, weapons’ contractors, weapons’ traders (Carlyle Group), MIC head honchos, and private mercenaries who profited from igniting all of the dry desert embers waiting for an explosive trigger. In other words, those who played a role in BREAKING Syria (as “Pottery Barn” analogy), and Iraq, and Yemen, and Afghanistan… should be the ONES who finance resettlement options.

Tragically, as per the recent article on Haiti and where all the Red Cross (and other) “funding” ended up shows, corruption exists in many NGOS and so-called foreign aid entities.

Doctors without Borders are the ones who remain behind when all else disappear.

Also, as horrific as the fate of too many in Syria’s imploding land is, climate chaos is creating a stream of many millions more refugees. Add in such things as NAFTA and trade treaties that further decimate farmers’ profits in 3rd world nations forcing them to abandon their lands in search of urban work in foreign cities, and yet more refugees–like the thousands of kids taking dangerous trains to escape the gang wars in their own ravaged Central American lands–are also pouring into still considered safe lands of opportunity.

It’s a gigantic mess.

Many of us send money–for the recent Ebola outbreak, for the typhoon that hit the Philippines, to Haiti for its still-to-recover-from devastation, and to small organizations like Kathy Kelly’s “Voices for Creative Non-Violence.” And many of us are financially struggling ourselves. It’s equivalent to watering a desert since the syndrome of Disaster Capitalism continues to fuel ceaseless wars added to preponderant forms of ecocide fueled foremost by the reprobate use of natural gas, oil (drilled dangerously), nuclear power plants (which rely on water, when that resource is becoming scarce in strategic places), and coal.

The paradigm that makes the 1% rich while spreading all sorts of suffering far and wide is what is DEADLY, and the carcass of its infrastructure is (and must) collapsing. This is far from a painless process; and even in nations like our own, fires, floods, droughts, storms, and no doubt earthquakes will destabilize what had felt like comfort and/or stability to those who may not yet have opened empathy channels with their brothers and sisters suffering horrific plights across much of this planet.

It’s the end of an era… and the walls are coming tumbling down to the edifices that Mammon & Mars built.

Watch for falling debris…


The Syrians, particularly the Christian Syrians, are screwed. Caught between Assad and Isis. No one cares, as witnessed by the few comments. Find a way to make this Israels fault maybe that will help.