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Four Myths Keeping Clinton Afloat


Four Myths Keeping Clinton Afloat

John Atcheson

Myth # 1 – Hillary is more likely to beat Republicans in the general election


I am no political operative, but Bernie brings people into the process and Hillary scares people out of it. Is there something I'm missing? The Democratic Party would be quite foolish to pass on Bernie, but I won't rule that possibility out, knowing how short term thinking dominates the corporate whores that have ensconced themselves in the Party. Vive l'indépendance!


Anybody else tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton and the false narrative regarding her work with the Children’s Defense Fund?

Bill De Blasio has been on the MSM circuit shilling for Hillary and touting her work with CDF. The truth must be repeated loudly:



Trump is saying some interesting things about how the world would be a better place if Muammar and Sadam were still in power. WWCD? (What would Clinton do?) HWCV (How would Clinton vote?)


Sunday mornings @ 6 the Capitol Pressroom show airs on WQXW Ossining (a WQXR affiliate). This past Sunday there was a segment on NY demographics that was quite good. I'm sure Bernie and his advisers have a handle on NY and its voters, but this is worth a listen for all. NY is the big-one.......if Bernie can pull-off a surprise here we can win everwhere!

The last segment begins @ 36:44 (thanks to skeezyks!) - "long-time political strategist Bruce Gyory dissected which geographic region of New York State each party’s most active voters hail from." Listen here.....



With the MSM and all their talking heads parroting the oligarchs who control Hillary Clinton and own the MSM it is going to require stamina, dedication and continued campaign contributions to Bernie from all of us. Don't leave out your local progressive candidates who will have Bernie's back. This is a political revolution led by Senator Sanders which is entering the primary home stretch. Keep our goal in sight. Let our numbers and voices be heard loud and clear; Bernie Sanders will be the next President of the United States.


Also tired of hearing about “the math”. The DNC robots keep repeating endlessly: “Sanders can’t win because the math is the math” . .
which is utter B.S. because we don’t know the truth about “the math” as evidenced in Colorado (“The new math became apparent when the 1st District convention straw poll Saturday gave Sanders took five delegates and Clinton three”):


This segment begins at 36:44, and it did not sound very optimistic for Bernie.


If all the millions of Bernie supporters keep the small donations coming and work the crowd, he will have a great chance to prove the bought and paid-for shills and pundits wrong! The polls have so-far been wrong in most states. Bernie would have won the close losses except for Dem DNC manipulation, voter suppression & political fraud! Bernie's support has been much greater than polls have shown - they are compromised in their methodology (and designed to diminish his support) - we need to light a fire to burn-down the lies.

If we take NY we take the whole enchilada people! Keep those donations pouring-in!


Thanks skeezyks, I should have provided that!


Yes, the number of so called "progressive pundits and commentators" who trot out that math strawman, on almost a daily basis is extraordinary. Math aside, if Bernie continues to win, although by less than the posited %57, or Nate Silver formula, this is a devastating blow to Hillary. Bernie's momentum will continue to grow and there is a real possibility that neither candidate will have the requisite number of delegates. The notion that Superdelegates will turn to a candidate who only showed strength in the Old Confederacy, and among Blue Dog and Third Way Democrats, imho is a stretch. The times are a changen, the old saw that progressives have nowhere to go, is as tired as the cliched bromides of the Hillary campaign. Sparks could fly in Philly.


It appears that at least half of white people who vote in Democratic primaries would probably agree with this. But of course the reason Hillary is comfortably ahead is to large degree due to the fact that she is winning overwhelmingly with Hispanics and blacks. I can only guess why this is happening. It may be that Hispanics and blacks are less interested in the economic class warfare stuff which is central to Bernie's campaign and more interested in discrimination against their own groups. Whatever the reason Bernie has been unable to win over enough people in these groups to have a good chance of winning. The race for all practical purposes seems to have pretty much ended with his defeat in Florida. Losing both Florida and Texas by wide margins has led to much of Hillary's large lead in delegates and combined with big losses in the deep South states has essentially put the nomination out of reach for Bernie even though everyone seems to agree that he has run a remarkable campaign.


Sanders better damn well pull a rabbit outta his hat in the NY primary, if he doesn't it's O-Vah and the spinning will need to stop. Wonder who'll get Bernie's supporters percentage wise?


Agreed that doing well in NY is critical for Sanders. If Hillary is nominated there will be at least one progressive third party candidate on the ballot who the Democratic Party will blame (along with Sanders) when Hillary loses in November.


Hillary's only hope of winning in November is if the GOP nominates anybody other than Trump and Trump runs third party, splitting the right wing vote.


I have not seen this level of desperation coming from the Clinton campaign since New Hampshire.


She's now saying most of the guns in NYC come from Vermont (!)
Bill is out of his doghouse doubling down on her Super Predator comment
She couldn't fill the Apollo in Harlem, where Bernie drew an overflow crowd
Howard Dean with his A+ NRA rating is stumping for her again
They got Mort Zuckerman's Daily News to publish a now widely debunked hit piece
Her toady economist Paul Krugman is being called out for incompetence
Her signature foreign policy 'achievement', Libya, is in chaos and control of Isis/Al Qaeda
The Clinton Foundation is being increasingly exposed as a slush fund
Her piss poor judgement is dogging her (email, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Kissinger, Goldman Sachs)


If Clinton loses New York--it's all over for her but the hand wringing.


This bears repeating:

Sanders...he is dependent only upon the people of the United States – as our Constitution intended.



The biggest reason Clinton apologists provide is that she will as president nominate one, likely two "liberal" Supreme Court justices.
Question is whether this will be reasonable return on voting in a pro-corporate war-hawk


Maybe you're missing the 2.4 million more votes she has received? I know, I know, a lot of those votes are "in the South", (wink).


Some here have stated they will go to Trump. Good riddance.