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Four Numbers that Show America's Disdain for Its Most Vulnerable People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/08/four-numbers-show-americas-disdain-its-most-vulnerable-people

Got questions about the #Defund the Police movement?
Check out DN! this morning - listen to the folks on the front lines. For decades the funneling of money, military material and means to police departments then shaping policy - a deadly dynamic, can be aptly illustrated by the points presented by Paul Bucheit.
Militarized police in schools; responding to mental health emergencies and other consequences of a system that extracts and creates impoverishment and then turns around and points at those subjected to the consequences and blames the victims.

Enough is Enough. This shit has got to go.


I heard a comment on an interview this morning-America has a class problem. The have-nots, the haves, and the ones who way more than they need or deserve, and use that money to steal even more. Like the Kochs. Bezos. Bloomburg. Every person who has over a million dollars. Yes, I know there are way too many places in the US where a million dollars can’t even rent a decent apartment. But drive down the upper limit to drive out the greed factor in real estate. And everyone, as a basic human right, deserves freedom from hunger, clean water and air, decent shelter, health care, education for the young. Green areas free from cars and chain businesses, with walking paths, food cart pods(like Singapore). And locally owned and operated grocery stores, book stores, places to buy locally made clothing and shoes. A level playing field where no one is considered entitled from birth to rule over everyone else. Places like Harvard and Yale were established by new American Elites to train their children to rule.


Very well expressed, Paul. If the wealth disparity continues can revolution be far behind? The one percent think this time it’s different. Heads will not roll; there will be no October revolution. They think as long as they have the general population addicted to the Internet, their cell phones, etc., and are sufficiently indoctrinated with fake news, etc. they will hold control. Indeed they hope to gain dictatorial control through social scoring.


Part of the class problem in the USA is how the Political Parties all refer to “rebuilding” or “protecting” the Middle Class.

The focus should not be the Middle Class , it should be about ending poverty first and foremost.


I’m 75 years old, I get about 10 grand a year from my Social Security, that’s my total income, have no savings, never had any savings. I have no family to look after me or care, I crash at a friends place, sleep on his couch, but he might be out on the street soon too. Does that make poverty stricken? Oh well, for now I have a roof over my head and food in my belly, and tomorrow the sun might be shining and I might win the lottery. What more could an old man ask for in America. (And my friends got the internet so I get to go online and to watch Netflix too) On top of that the Orange Slug Man who lives in the White House might be out of office soon, maybe the planet might be saved, and nature, and the beautiful wild l critters too. If all that comes to pass at least I can pass in peace, so what the heck, I’m still smiling and I still love my psycho species and wish humanity the best. How’s that for a little self pity with maybe a small up beat twist at the end, senile but still doing my best. Love & Peace Damien McLeod


The middle class is the “buffer zone” of human shields to whom the propaganda is directed. The memes directed at women such as “You can never be too thin or too rich” - the cultivation of wannabees who are trained to climb the backs of others and look down their noses / knowses and see if they can get others to do their “bidding”. Yuppers they play the gamble to the hilt. Sorority “sisters” is an interesting aspect of checking backgrounds of many women in politics. Its no accident that ‘hazing’ in fraternities and sororities are traumatic. That is where some learn to manipulate via trauma. Skull and bones for example … funny similarity to a symbol of piracy.


The reason the duopoly keep claiming to be “rebuilding the middle class” is because they have been systemically dismantling the middle class for the past four decades.

While the GOP has been 100% in middle class dismantling mode, the Dimcritters haven’t been much better…advancing nothing that benefits the middle class economically, just advancing a few social advances, like same sex marriage…and other things that also give Wall Street new profit centers.


Welcome to our community, Dennis Littrell! (Sorry for the awkwardness: We get a little blue banner urging someone to welcome you. I’m one of the doddering self-appointed greeters, but I do such a bad job of it: I seem to scare folks off with too much warmth or something.)

Your post touches on a very general ontological fascination of mine: Where do we get our sense of reality, and is that acquired orientation completely unmoored from the physical universe? (Another way of putting it: Are we, as a culture, totally off our meds?) I’m constantly getting this reality-orientation frisson from every section of the newspaper: Wall Street going “Hooray, USA has been reduced to rubble!” Next thing I expect to see: soggy clocks. Surreality keeps cranking up the amplitude.

The gnosis they look down is the lonely, barren island of white-male supremacy. I wonder why anyone would think they could survive on Wonder Bread (and beer, of course).

Most of our wealth is owned by the richest 10% of Americans. Over $40 trillion has surged up to these individuals since the recession, allowing them to more than double their wealth to an average of over $3 million, mainly by doing nothing while the stock market quadrupled in value. That’s American prosperity being shifted upwards, a redistribution of wealth to households that were already wealthy.

Seriously how can individual people have ownership of the worlds resources.
These resources belong to everyone all the worlds people not just the exploiters and takers .
Being alive is all one must be to have a right to the abundance of life .Life only asks us to sustain and take care over which we have been given stewardship .Each other and our precious planet.
End the ownership construct .Its dysfunctional.
$40 trillion to 10% of humans .
Sufficiency is a principle we can choose to put in practice.
The thought of not enough to go around let’s the takers hoard ,hide and live by greed .

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