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Four Numbers that Show the Beating Down of Middle America


Four Numbers that Show the Beating Down of Middle America

Paul Buchheit

There's something perversely wrong with a society that creates $30 trillion in new wealth while putting six million more children on food stamps.

The mainstream media rarely publishes facts like this. The super-rich keep building up their own numbers, as quietly as possible. And our leading members of Congress have little need for numbers, except for budget cuts and the strings of zeros at the end of their campaign contributions.

But numbers have the power to reveal the dramatic fall of the middle class over the past 35 years.


As Dominic Crossan points out in his latest book, “How to read the Bible and still be a Christian”, the basic tenet of distributive justice is not that everyone gets the same amount but that those in particular need get enough. The analogy is to a well run household. Not all members are treated the same but if a sick step child is neglected and in need of medical care, while the fat male first born is lavished all the resources the family can provide, then we say the household is badly managed. In the household of this Country pious Christian Republicans want to slash Medicare and food stamps, give more tax breaks to the wealthy and up our already bloated military budget. And Dems like Obam go along because he is afraid of being called weak. They are all sure God is on their self righteous side. To say the least, thier view does not hold to the model of a well run household. It is not just. History shows that empires run this way do not endure, they fall not because God punishes but because these power hungry Lords in our Congress are bound to create a Hell on earth. I predict that soon we all will soon want an escape from this Hell but it will not be easy.

The Republican war mongering Congres which we see now in full display has not even a notion of what distributive justice would be but they know how to inflict punishment on those they deem unworthy Retribution, and payback for failing to fall in line–that’s all these empty shells of Congressman , particularly these 47 War Mongering Republican Senators, understand. They are drunk with war. They equate the greatness of a nation to its Military They will lead this nation to war and ruin God help the nation if they are not thrown out of office before they do more harm…


You are sidestepping from the article and blaming everything on the Republicans. Obama is not just going along in the fear of appearing weak, he is one of them. It is the banks and corporations who installed Obama, knowing full well where he stood. Sure the majority of people voted for him because of the massive propaganda. After Bush, Obama was sold as the savior of all things negative.

Democrats are as guilty as Republicans of what has happened to the middle class, the working poor, the poor and the homeless in the last few decades.


Just because rich people get richer doesn’t mean that they’ll go and out and start employing more people or even give the employees they have, if any, a raise. They are under absolutely no obligation to do so. In fact, it is a disincentive for them to cut into their newly increased earnings by hiring people and giving them raises. The Trickle Down Theory is an lie. Making rich people richer does not imply that poor people will benefit or that the middle class will be sustained.


Take some time and go to youtube and search, “The game is rigged, Richard Wolff”


Neolibs and neocons are equally toxic. The latter more bellicose. War consumes all who project it.


Do you mean these four Synonyms:
trickle down
supply side
austerity economics


Almost every empire in history has followed the same path.

  • Expansion and over-extension through war and conquest.
  • Concentration of wealth and power amongst ever shrinking numbers.
  • Increasing corruption in both government and business.
  • Increased poverty amongst its own people and amongst the conquered.
  • Eventually this has led to collapse from its own dry-rot, from revolution of its own oppressed people, or invasion from without.
  • Every day we are getting closer!


If this continues, the empire will last another 50 to 100 years.

100 years of war on terror. No thanks!


Every problem America has was created by the Republicans and their solution is more of the same. And While Obama has been a disappointment, he’s far better than any Republican. Of course everything he tried to do to fix the problems was filibustered, so blaming him is a bit over zealous.


My Irish father told me stories of generations of displaced Irish families who were driven from their ancestral farms to overworked, forgotten corners of their land, suitable only to growing one crop, potatoes, until those crops became diseased and died. The lush soil of that fertile green island continued to produce ample cash crops for the new landowners for export but that plentiful food supply was denied to its own starving people. First, ownership of the land and all its riches was forcibly taken by invasion by England, then the land was cleared of millions of Irish men, women and children when they were condemned to death by deliberate starvation.

Africa is blessed with sunny skies, deep rich soil and rare minerals, yet its people starve. The fragile lives of refugee families exist under constant threat of kidnap, rape and violent death. Constant tribal warfare prevents a reliable schedule of plowing and planting so sufficient food supply is a constant challenge, humanitarian funds dry up as donor countries select and support warring sides, plead “donor fatigue” and await a return on their investments. Meanwhile, the land is divided, massive starvation becomes inevitable and the centuries-old practice of clearing the land of its people by starvation continues.

Native Americans were forced from their rich ancestral hunting grounds to the badlands where they were starved into submission. Much of the history of past nations reflect our own. Fortunes of the moneyed class were allowed to multiply several times over in our most recent manufactured crisis. As planned, millions of Americans were forced out of their jobs and homes when paying slave labor wages without benefits became the goal of corporations. Those who lost jobs, health insurance and family homes are now called lazy and jobless by choice and face the loss of basic life support. One of Michigan’s own Democratic senators wrote the recent bill that cut food stamps for the poor.

“America the Beautiful”, once the land of promise is now “America, Inc., Land of Profits First and Low Cost Labor”. Once the elite in our government are confident of their power, can the looming threat of starvation for the masses in our own country not be far away?


As a third-generation liberal and progressive Democrat, I blame Corporate Democrats, the true believers of Third Way treason for opening the back door, in secret, to foreign interests, the MIC, Wall Street and Republicans. Many years of dirty back room deals and “cooperation” between the parties were followed by Democratic excuses that failure of government to accomplish anything was the fault of Republican filibusters and non-cooperation.

As individual members of government prospered, we, the general public, found our own rights and fortunes reduced to existence under military control as an annoying drain on the wealth and power of a newly ordained Upper Class.

Is the party so compromised that it cannot be reclaimed? The window for change will not wait forever. I believe that many sold their integrity and sworn duties as elected officials for personal gain. That can only be considered as treason.


That is part of the dry-rot I mentioned above.


Unregulated Capitalism leads only to inequality, poverty, war, oppression and environmental destruction.

The only party that speaks for working Americans is the Socialist Alternative party. They are building a movement.


Who cares? I got mine Jack.


Wait a minute. They’re trying to gut Social Security. They’re trying to gut medicare.




It’s bad and the elites who run this country- co-opting the top levels in both parties- are now gunning for our kids via Bill Gates funded common core, high stakes testing and ed-reform. They want it… all… $750 billion in public school funding. Add to that the TPP agreements and more jobs off-shored- on top of the 30 million off-shored since Clinton. Do you really think life will get better? Nope. It won’t until we get enough Americans to wake up and elect real leaders and get back to local economies, fairness and a regulation. We are in so much trouble. Here’s a book I co-wrote on the fake ed reformers gunning for us since Ronald Reagon spouted that we are a “Nation at Risk” Lies. - Amazon-- “Weapons of Mass Deception”


Capitalism where corporations run the government is exactly the system that is designed to do what we now have in America.

No surprises that our resources (land, water, air, timber, fish, oil, gas, air waves) have been hijacked by few for their profit. Air waves cost more but we sold them at fire sales prices, our water is being wasted as below market prices to California corporate agriculture, no oil tax for drilling in California etc…

All indications tell us that it will only get better for the rich and worst for the poor. There is a breaking point, which the elite are getting ready for by arming local police which have been practicing on Ferguson, LA, and any place there are protest…

America get ready for drastic changes if the elite continue to squeeze the people.