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Four Reasons The Coming Congressional Budget Battle Matters


Four Reasons The Coming Congressional Budget Battle Matters

Isaiah Poole

We’ve heard many conservative elected leaders adopt a new tone when they talk about income inequality, but this week House Republicans will double down on the same-old-same-old when they release their proposed federal budget, which will continue their push to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.


Contrast this with the article by Chris Hedges.

This one suggesting the Republicans are the problem , that same nonsense of “Growth” with the word sustainable added in front to give the illusion it somehow “progressive”…

The fact is this Mr Poole. The Democratic party are as compromised by the wealthy and have done as much as the Republicans have to further line the pockets of the wealthy with more of the wealth from the peoples labor… The system called Capitalism and those that serve it is at issue here and not whether the Political party in question is the Democratic or the Republican.

Democrats have been elected to Public office for decades including to the White House and things have NOT improved, That alone should demonstrate these Congressional battles alluded to are more farce then substance. Let us start with the number one issue that is draining the wealth of the worker so as to make the wealthy even richer.

That is WAR and the permanent warfare state. No amount of new highways built will make up for the monies lost in this regard and no amount of “high paying jobs” for the American Worker should ever come at the cost of the lives of millions abroad. I guess , given those millions dying are poor or are of people of color and NOT Americans, they really do not factor into the debate.


Will this be balancing budgets like Reagan or Bush?


The paucity of comments for both Isaiah Poole and Chris Hedges shows that the progressive community has no consensus on either that for which they stand or how to convince a plurality of the voting electorate to agree with them.