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Four Reasons to Say "NO" to Donald Trump


Four Reasons to Say "NO" to Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders

Too much of the media is looking at this presidential race as if it were a “Dancing With the Stars” contest, a World Series or the Super Bowl. It’s not.

As people well know Hillary Clinton and I had some very vigorous debates during the Democratic nominating process and we certainly do not agree on every issue. Nonetheless, there is no question in my mind that she is, far and away, the superior candidate in this election. That is why I intend to work as hard as I can to see that she is elected.


Two reasons to say No to Clinton:

1). Her record.

2). Her allegiances.


Sorry Bernie, I believed in the principles you ran on and I still do. Hillary does not. You let us all down by backing her instead of standing up for democracy, honesty, fairness and decency. My vote goes to Jill Stein.


You said nothing about a single-payer, universal health care system???

Did you know that Bill Clinton said today that "Obamcare was the craziest health care system in the world?"


Tonight's VP show will confirm that Kaine is at least as bad as Clinton and if one of her illnesses that she is not disclosing ends her presidency, Kaine will continue to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99% and make the world a more dangerous place. Ditto Pence.

Just say NO to Clinton and Trump.

Just say YO to Jill Stein


To your great list, I'd add her immediate push in 2009, as SoS, to recognize the coup regime in Honduras, which displaced the democratically elected President Manuel Zalaya.


a link with Bill Clinton's exact words, when, where, and to whom he spoke them would make your assertion more convincing.


Thank you sanders for putting aside your differences. The future of the democratic party will be yours, and in exchange, for the time being, America shall be the Democratic Party's.


Using those four reasons against Hillary could be done without a difficult spin. They
are excellent reasons for voting Green.


Bill Clinton gave a robust argument in favor of a single-payer healthcare system on Monday night—but you wouldn't know it if you read the news, or paid any attention to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Speaking at Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Flint, Michigan, the former president discussed the importance of expanding access to Medicare and Medicaid while lambasting the for-profit insurance model that overcharges people and reaps enormous profit.

"The insurance model doesn't work here," he said, "it's not like life insurance, or casualty insurance. It doesn't work."

"The current system works fine," Clinton continued, referring to President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA), "if you're eligible for Medicaid, if you're a lower-income working person; if you're already on Medicare, or if you get enough subsidies on a modest income that you can afford your health care. But the people that are getting killed in this deal are small business people and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies."


Bernie Sanders is a sell out, designed to keep us from voting Green party, which we all need to do so they get matching federal funds. Clinton is worse than trump. both candidates are however, irrelevant as the corporations that support them both win no matter what. Our voting system is institutionally corrupted, and not by citizens, by corporations. Votes are changed, not counted, left in bags in rooms, presented in bags illegally opened yet certified (wisconsin), changed via remote host on new machines...etc. With a system that has zero independant verification the odds opf endemic vote fraud are 100%. Yet the brainwashed masses continue lining up to vote as if their votes are counted. It's not enough that corporate money sways public opinion by dominating airwave time, especially in rural areas, no the corporations rule the start, middle and end of the voting charade. Welcome to Amerika, where democracy is a farce, and the populace are morons, right wing style who hate whoever Drudge and co tell them to, and left wing style where they hate whoever the "left-wing" corporate tells them to, yet the facts are they all support and serve the same corporate masters. The system is broken and the sooner we stop participating and take to the streets in a prolonged and universal strike to demand better the sooner we will earn our voice, and possibly our vote. This has never been a free country, and the lack of those alleged freedoms are now dooming us to dying from the 6th extinction event, as a result of the complete lack of morals that the corporations who are ruling our policies fail to have, and the greed based policies they continue to implement, with the de-facto imaginary support of a thought controlled and servile populace.


Bernie is still on his game. The reasons to support Clinton over Trump could probably fill a book but Bernie gave four good ones. Hopefully Bernie can convince some of these millennials who are planning to vote for Gary Johnson for reasons that are hard to understand to vote instead for Clinton. The support Johnson is getting is almost as hard to understand as the support Trump is getting.


Bill still thinks he's campaigning against Obama. He has almost as much trouble admitting he was wrong as Trump.


Most American will be voting for a president. Green Partiers will be voting for money.


Holy crap where did all my fellow clintonites come from?!

enthusiastically waves arms


Professional sports fans provide the best example of why Murkins are so stupid. While supporting winning sports teams makes sense, the same mentality is carried over to elections where most Murkins want to support only winning teams. With the corporations owning the media, the Democratic Party and the GOP, it is nearly impossible for any third party to appear as a winning team, thereby making them unacceptable for any consideration from a large majority of voters.

US voters are unwilling to grow successful parties from scratch. Until they are, 90 plus percent of the voters will keep picking the two corporate parties.


Because of the way a two party system works (which is what you have, believe it or not), a reason not to elect one candidate is in fact a reason to elect the other one.

Unless you are the majority of people who does not live in a swing state.


All that work, all those 27 dollar contributions, all that success in the face of a corrupt DNC, and now Bernie throws it all away. He cannot throw support behind a campaign that he showed so well is corrupt and morally bankrupt. He argued that Ms. Clinton is a warmonger and a tool of Wall Street, and now he argues that she's the lesser of the evils? Tragic. Mr. Sanders's judgment no longer can be trusted. Fade away, Mr. Sanders. Fade away. We cannot follow you in your support of evil.


Every time Sanders opens his mouth now he just confirms why his initials are BS. Because that is what he is full of.


Bernie, you're a f**king idiot. You could have abandoned HRC at the convention, run as a Green with Jill Stein and won this election flat out. Either you would have won or HRC would have won and you would have been second. That moron Trump would have finished third, if he even stayed in the race. Instead, you imbecile, you abandoned all those millions of people who supported you , to support the reviled HRC -- after you had spent nearly a year showing very clearly why she is a prostitute to capital and why, therefore, we should not support her. Do you think we're idiots? And now you go on about Trump, the next Hitler. You're an idiot twice over. That moron is not going to be elected president. He can't even finish a sentence. If he gets elected someone will shoot him. After all, this is America. But after you abandoned your own campaign, you pushed millions of alienated to vote for Trump, if only as a protest vote. You, you idiot , you blew a once-in-an-epoch opportunity to actually change this country. So please, just go back to Vermont and disappear.