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Four Responses to Military Failure in Washington


Four Responses to Military Failure in Washington

Tom Engelhardt

Let’s take a moment to consider failure and its options in Washington. The U.S. has been warring with the Islamic State (IS) for more than a year now. The centerpiece of that war has been an ongoing campaign of bombings and air strikes in Syria and Iraq, thousands upon thousands of them. The military claims that these have resulted in death tolls high enough to stagger any movement.


War is not the answer--to anything.


Wars will stop only when all soldiers lay down their weapons and go home, when they realize they gain nothing by killing others they are told to be the enemy. I know, easier said than done, tyrants will continue to seek power, but if they have no one to go out and fight and die for them, that power is gone. I see it is the same way of taking back Democracy, grassroots action, not relying on a top/down model to bring about any real change. The soldiers are the grassroots of endless war.


"The centerpiece of the war on I.S. Has been an ongoing campaign of bombings and air strikes, thousands upon thousands of air strikes"

According to a Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) report, “Estimating the Cost of Operations Against ISIL,” American taxpayers spend approximately $2.5 million for one single air-strike against ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

We are a warfare state.


Sadly, regardless of evidence as ostensible as the profits generated from the MIC and Wall Street's interest in retaining the hegemonic control of the U.S "petro-dollar," Mr. Engelhardt reverts to the same childishly redundant frame based on whether the U.S. military is "winning" wars. Never focusing on the "Cui Bono" aspect. This is BORING! And about as accurate as Mr. Engelhardt's reflexive salute to the Official Narrative that gave all these "losing wars" their initial (albeit patently false) justification:

"After all, in our present American world, military failures only ensure that, as things worsen eternally, the U.S. military will be called on ever more, not less, which means more, not less, of everything for you-know-who."

How about seeing beyond the Football frame, Mr. Engelhardt?


Word is that X-Files and Sci-fi films are not just out of left-field. Often introduced are concepts that jibe with "Predictive Programming." What I'm getting at is that genetic mutants, clones, robots, or some mixture of all 3 could well become tomorrow's soldiers and it's VERY likely that some branch of DARPA (or a similar entity) is well into research in pursuit of this goal. The robot never has to say he's sorry, and he won't be plagued by anything so human as a conscience. Other wise, your plan might have merit.


Bashar al-Assad and the Russians should now approach the Kurds and offer an alliance between Syria, Russia and the Kurds to fight the IS. With Russia supplying both the Syrians and Kurds small arms, missile battery's and tanks. They could also supply the Syrian government with both Mig and Sukhoi fighter aircraft! At least then, both the Syrians and the Kurds could defend themselves against their so called allies!