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Four Things We Must Do to Save the Post Office From Trump-GOP Attack

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/four-things-we-must-do-save-post-office-trump-gop-attack

The DeJoy chronicles are simply the final chapter in the GOP’s half century dismantling of USPS.

DeJoy is the GOP’s stone that will kill multiple birds…1) suppress voting, and 2) weaken the USPS to the point that Biden won’t be able to fix it if he wins, and 3) strike the USPS’ final death blow if Trump wins.


So why haven’t the dems talked to the former head of USP, former Board of Governors. Let’s get the facts lined out for us, why doesn’t everybody on lamestreet media talk about what Bush passed as laws for the post office to finance healthcare/retirement 75 years in advance whereby they had to put into that fund $5.5 billion dollars. No other government institutions were required to do the same. Republicans have been wanting privatized and break this union for years… along with privatizing SS since it was passed in 1935.


We have to stop framing this as if it’s a gop problem, and admit the dem’s of 2006 were completely onboard and voted (almost unanimously) to pass the act that provided the framework to destroy the USPS.

And Robert how about we look well into the future, not just to the November election, lets change your fourth item to include block slowing the mail until…hell freezes over.


Why didn’t Obama - with majorities in both houses of congress - make it a priority to undo the 75 year albatross? Same reason he didn’t fight for card check or hold war criminals and Wall Street fraudsters accountable or bring home the troops or fight for single payer and a living wage. Both parties are full of shit. One just happens to smell worse than the other.


Joe Biden was VP—he had every right to run in 2016 for the nomination but gave it up to Hillary—people should remember this----I say give Biden a chance.

Bush’s idea to add the retirement provision. Money to be used for U.S. deficit control.