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Four Ways for Democrats to Root out Republican Corruption


Four Ways for Democrats to Root out Republican Corruption

Nicole Ghio

The blue wave that crashed onto the Republican Party tonight now gives us the power to resist the corruption of the Trump administration.


If the damn Democrats ever want to become the true party of the people, they will need to charge both Republicans and Democrats alike who have broken the law, and see that they are publicly ostracized and eventually incarcerated.


Actually they should go after voting rights----and I would say this is more important than going after Trump.

I do not buy these vote counts in Florida , Missouri ,Georgia or Arizona------I would love for a Mathematician to look at these numbers.

And what is more interesting is that these states by taking down moderate democrats have pushed the democrats to the left. Even though the corporate media at this moment is trying to paint the picture that democrats must move to the center.


Yes. In tackling Brand R corruption, Brand D is going to have to deal with the fact that it just won another 6-year term for New Jersey’s incumbent grifter, war-lover and Wall Street fanboy R. Menendez. As Bogart once said to Bergman, “It’s poor salesmanship.”


they could start by rooting out their own. that might make a positive impression on the rest of us skeptics.

oh wait. My team never does anything bad. It’s always that other team. Got it.


How about a Political Party that promises to root out ALL corruption and not just that of the other side.?

Just an observation but this one of the most telling things to note about US Politics and that is the absolute PARTISAN nature of it be it among the electorate or the Politicians themselves. “If OUR people Corrupt it fine and there only an issue when it THEIR guys that are corrupt”.

There a visceral and real hatred for “the other side” be it the Conservatives with their “Libtard” stuff or the Liberals with their “Neandrathal” stuff. It ok to have differences of opinion as to how a Country should be run and what values it should adopt but a crook is a crook just as a sexual predator a sexual predator. There no need to add “Republican” in front or “Democrat” in front.

So just by way of example. One Diane Feinstein is married to a guy who co-owns companies that get a whole lot of Federal Contracts. Is this ok or does the headline really mean what it says, that being rooting out Republican corruption all that important?


Four Ways for Democrats to Root out Republican Corruption  — Nicole Ghio

Dang, Drone — You took the words right out of my mouth!   “Let him that is without sin cast the first stone”, or something along that line, to the effect of putting one’s own house in order before criticizing thy neighbor. And most sins of corruption are minor compared to O’Bummer’s and P’Loser’s sins of omission — letting the War Criminals and Banksters off the hook when the DamnocRats had control of both houses of congress AND the presiduncy back in 2009.  There are several rats – such as Haspel, Kavanaugh & Mnuchin – who would be in prison instead of in the current administration, if the DamnocRats had done their jobs nine years ago.

If voting rights and election integrity had been upheld back in 2000 we wouldn’t have had eight years of the Lying Son-of-a-Bush, much less Presidunce Tweetle-Dumb today.


Would someone fill me in, i seem to be missing something. When exactly did democrats begin trying to thwart Republican corruption. This story, in and of itself, is a cover up for democrat corruption. Don’t hold your breath on any significant movement in the false flag republican party, (Democrats), doing anything that distances them from their corporate masters.


It’s a racket, I tell ya, Fester. My best to Gomez…:slight_smile:


The Democrat establishment has no reason to root out Replubican Corruption because they share much of the same corruption with the Republicans.


This is evidence of what has been going on while all eyes and ears have been on dotard.


But will they vote against war.
Will they ax the war machine.
Will they stop attacking their own citizens.


Not Likely, especially if Schemer, P’Loser, O’Bummer, and ANY of the Totally Corrupt Clintons (including Chelsea) remain in control of the DamnocRatic party.   OOooops – I almost forgot Dirty Debbie Duhbya-
Ass (aka DWS) – Hilliary’s henchperson, and maybe the most corrupt of all of them — she never met a
Payday Lender or a (Big-)Sugar Daddy she didn’t ab-so-loot-ly LOVE!!


The people bribing Republicans are pretty much the same people who bribe Democrats. They bribe each party to achieve pretty much the same ends.

The Democrats cannot root out Republican corruption except insofar they root out their own. So far, that project seems to have arrived at almost zero. To fight corruption is different than to fight a party.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of Republican corruption to fight. Have at.


If I were a Philosopher and not a Barnyard Observer I would definitely place Politics along with Religion and War as the “Triumphant Of Evil” (Triumphant pun intended but still descriptively valid. Or as an anagram: Trump i and u are [only] ant[s]). I might even opine that modern Psychiatry was invented just to keep the politically induced mental disorders we all suffer from out of the official handbooks of psychological disorders thereby not requiring a doctor’s prescription to be allowed to participate in politics. Can anyone truly assert, and especially a psychiatrist or psychologist, or honestly state that ANY politicians is not a clear and present danger to his or herself and the American People? About a third of us have elected to either swallow the red pill or the blue pill while those of us are left have to spew our uncontrolled political thought diarrhea across our lives with even more remote chances of being “heard” by the 21st Century sheepherders, goat herders and cattle prodders attempting to imprison us in corrals of conventional thought.

The great political guru, the late George Carlin, claimed that he had no part in politics primarily because he did not participate in the great farce of elections. I tend to agree with him until I have to come down from the barnyard fence and step barefooted into piles of soothing cattle excrement and realize that the stench that fills the air is from the Triumphant Of Evil’s propaganda and not my “fellow Mericans” across the manufactured corporate serving divide.

The Socialist from the late 1890s and almost to the mid 20th century before Socialism was turned into a four letter anti-capitalist word, and also liberal, leftist, etc, had this historically spoton mantra describing the illusionary two party system: “The Democratic and Republican Parties are separate wings of the same Bird of Prey.” It is true today except with an even more ominous twist: The Democratic and Republican Parties are conjoined wings of the Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS)!

Those who fail to learn the history of American Politics are condemned to repeat history in their lives as being either a Republican or a Democrat! Can anyone say Politically Dead People walking?


The Dems are equally corrupt. Their type comes with a smile and understanding nod as they stab people in the back.