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Four Years Ago, We Warned That Trump Could Win. Now, We’re Warning Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/four-years-ago-we-warned-trump-could-win-now-were-warning-again


The biggest failure of the Obama-Biden administration was that the People fell for the Hope and Change meme. The People should have ridden them and ridden them hard. This mistake can’t be made with a Biden-Harris administration, but first things first. Spot on Norman, spot on.


Watching events unfold…it’s as if the Democrats are doing everything they can to assure another Trump victory.


Yes, Trump can win. But it’s the fault of the Democrats who think a campaign of “Biden is not Trump” will turn out voters. Biden is already repudiating parts of his platform and has said he will not pass Medicare for All (insinuating that Congress would never vote for that program in the first place), he will not legalize marijuana, and he won’t stop the endless wars. His climate change policy is laughable.

Pressing a Biden/Harris administration for real change will get us nothing. The Democratic establishment has done everything possible to stop progressives and, once in power, will ignore us yet again. Sorry, I’m not buying your argument.


So the Democrats spend four years mocking and ridiculing the progressives and the left down in the USA saying their ideas have no place in the party (M4a , gutting the war machine and so on) and now want to put the onus on those same progressives come election time to vote for them.

If they were so concerned about Trump and fascism winning again, why did they nominate Biden as a candidate and why did Biden select Kamala Harris as his running mate?

They have claimed that “for every left wing vote we lose we will pick up two Republican voters” even as they have these phony progressives writing articles such as this suggesting it will be the fault of progressives if trump wins.

Solomon does this each and every election. He might as well cut and paste his articles and save them for the next election.

The progressives and left in the USA need their own party. There is no “holding feet to the fire”. The USA has drifted far to the right since the time of Clinton politically speaking and that due to strategies advanced such as Solomon does here again. You would not have a Trump in power were the Democrats to pay attention to the left.

It is the DNC and writings like this (hold your nose and vote) that lead to the Trump Victory and might well lead to another. It was not the left or the progressives who did not buy into this shit who were or are to blame.


After being shat on for 40 years by the DNC establishment, and having two primary elections defrauded from us, and having been expressly shat upon by the current nominee, now the progressives are supposed to snap to and do everything they can to assure a super-regressive DNC victory? Really, do you see what you’re writing?


Until we address the key myth that Biden can’t do much damage as President, we’re not being strategic or serious.

“While a Biden-Harris administration could be pressured toward reforms benefiting poor and working-class people,”

Any examples to support this theory? Beyond campaign rhetoric?

I can think of some counterexamples: Welfare “reform”. AEDPA and mass incarceration. Romneycare. Bank bailouts. Unprecedented levels of drone strikes on civilians. Crackdowns on whistleblowers. Mass deportations… and liberals sleeping through it all, or worse, even defending the unconscionable, because Republicans.

In fact, it is more likely that a Biden/Harris Administration pressures the Left than the other way around… unless we are actually serious about preparing and strategizing.

I don’t care who progressives vote for. They need to be serious about what is at stake with either outcome. Biden/Harris threaten their own brand of horrific dystopia and vote-bue-no-matter-who types seem to either not care or be completely prepared for it.

Our time for radical change is growing short.


We better get used to vote for the lesser evil in the coming weeks.

Biden can’t campaign on his policies. He can’t campaign on his record.

All he has is his character and are we all still convinced that he told the truth about Tara Reade?


The real nature of these phony progressives is best expressed by those photos of children locked in cages at border stations in the Southern US. These pictures were posted to show how venal the Trump administration was. The pictures were in fact taken during the Obama administration.

I do not recall a single one of those phony progressives posting those same pictures during the Obama years and using it as an example as to how evil the Obama administration was.

This is how these frauds think and they want the genuine left to become just like them.


100% correct. Either way is a slippery slope into the abyss, but with Biden, it is death by 1 million paper cuts.


The US has been drifting right for about 40 years now. You have a GOP Administration who introduces a right wing agenda which is considered extreme and then a Democratic Administration who normalizes the move right and repeat ad-nauseam until today.

Do we honestly think that Biden will retract any power and lawlessness that Trump has gained for the Executive?

There really is only one outcome regardless of what path the electorate take - fascism.


No Mr Solomon, what we learned four years ago was that when the choice is between a real Republican and a fake one, the real one will win almost every time.

And now we are faced with 2020. Second verse, same as the first.


“We have no illusions about Biden”

“A Biden-Harris administration could be pressured toward reforms benefiting poor and working-class people.”

Whoops, you just contradicted yourself.


Years ago Dan Ellsberg reported being challenged by a young progressive on his advocacy of voting for the Democratic presidential nominee, despite his admittedly despicable record. Ellsberg stated that his answer was that in WWII, the U.S. chose to ally with Stalin over Hitler, and that choice was correct. His reasoning was solid, and so is Norman’s and Jeff’s today.


How about the Democrats coming up with policies during the campaign that people who have been left want? People want Medicare for All. Biden and the Democrats are against Medicare for All. People want a Green New Deal. Biden and the Democrats are against a Green New Deal, instead talking about carbon capture and nukes instead of really investing in conservation, efficiency and renewable energy. People want an end to the endless wars. Biden and the Democrats are committed to American imperialism and the endless wars such necessitates. People want an end to systemic racism. Instead Biden and the Democrats want more money for police. Instead of appealing to working and middle class people of all colors left out of the American Dream, the Democrats and Biden are wooing Republicans and Wall Street. 100 million people don’t vote because they are left out, run over and ignored. How about appealing to them? Just calling up people in swing states and asking them to vote Democrat because Trump and the Republicans are terrible isn’t enough. People need something to vote for. Biden and the Democrats are not giving them that. And if they continue along this path, Trump will win.


"Trump and Republicans have to be driven out of office. . . . If he’s not defeated electorally, it will solidify a fascist dictatorship & the far right will ramp up exponentially. . . . I cannot overstate how terrifying the prospect of a solidified Trump dictatorship should be to everyone.”

Everything Ms. Newsome Bass has said there is confirmed by what Trump and his Death Cult have said and done in every corner of the country. There can be no reasonable doubt that it’s true.

It’s also true that Biden and his party are despicable, in some ways even more so than the right wing crazies, and they represent great danger to the future of the nation. But they simply do not represent the immediately fatal threat to our government, our institutions, our social welfare programs and our people that another 4 years of Trump and his Cult promise. Quite simply, the nation will not survive intact another 4 years of Trump and his cronies. As is sometimes said in the great American west when a tough decision comes one’s way, it’s cuttin’ time. And if the malignancy that is Trump and his barbarians is not cut out, if they are allowed another 4 years to finish off this American experiment, the treachery of Biden and his ilk will soon pale in comparison. That young woman is right.


And it’s certainly not JUST the DNC, CAP, Atlantic Council, AIPAC or their complicit media! It’s not JUST their now far wealthier slumlord superdelegates, VERY eager to flip 25K COVID vacated homes, rent control apartments & gentrify our devastated neighborhoods. It’s not just their FIRE Sector and PhARMA donors, just itching to indenture survivors with usurious indentiture from surprise out of network ER, ICU, SNF & mortuary bills. It’s not JUST their K/C/J street shills revolving doors into a dizzying blur of tag-team kleptocracy. It’s not JUST hypocrite Creative Class™ liberals, hiding up-state or the Hamptons while scores-of-thousands died in their private equity looted ‘medical center’ slaughterhouses.

It’s the specious gullibility of formerly affluent laissez faire “liberals,” who prize sneering, cynical obliviousness above their equity portfolio’s 60% rebounds after March. Never questioning why DNC would run candidates their electorate despised. “Choose” Trump to “run against” then proceed to alienate, rob, disenfranchise, financially ruin, pass laws to incarcerate (or, during four separate primaries: try to infect their most vulnerable constituents with COVID?) If any of you were aware of your surroundings, through the last three elections and not want Democrat leaders to awaken atop a snowy mountain in Afghanistan… if you think any of this is about “beating Trump” or “a return to democracy,” I’ve got a pretty swell old bridge to sell you… hapless suckers on both sides?


Well how about that. Most everyone here seems to understand that the Democratic Party has done this to themselves by offering up two more right-wing candidates (one enfeebled) with absolutely nothing to offer a suffering Amerika.

Everyone understands but Party shills such as Solomon and Cohen, that is.

More Hedges, Maté, Johnstone,Greenwald, Richard D Wolff, and the Cohen that counts: Professor Stephen F. More voices of real resistance, and less of this transparent swill, please.


Biden is certainly pushing his “corporate moderate” schtick (ie: NO Medicare For All, NO marijuana legalization, etc). The question is: will PROGRESSIVES of all stripes KEEP ORGANIZING after Election Day? So often, people curl up in the fetal position & rest after a vile Republican is turned out of office. THIS time we DON’T ahve the “hope & change” illusion: the Democratic daddy/savior AIN’T gonna fix it for us. WE have to do it with continued organizing and protest. The FACT is NOTHING remotely progressive will happen in ANOTHER 4 YEARS of Trump—and PLENTY of HORRORS certainly will–with so many REVERSALS of the 20th century in store we can’t bear to imagine. You say “Democrats just ignore us”–but, frankly, I’ve seen so damn little real movement (UNTIL this last few months) that I am NOT buying YOUR cynical argument.

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A poor analogy.

First off the USA did not choose to ally with Stalin over Hitler. That choice was forced on them when Hitler invaded the USSR in 1941 and later declared war on the USA in 1941. The fact is that prior to that the USA chose to support Hitler over Stalin. The US and UK both invested billions in the economy of German during the 1930’s. This was the fuel for the “economic miracle” enjoyed there and this was done so as to rebuild the German war machine so that they would use it to fight the USSR.

Secondly the past 40 years should have shown Americans that the Democrats are more Like the Republicans than they are different. They vote in unison on all matter of policies one would deem right wing , such as support for the 1 percent, huge investments in the Military, the renewal and passing of legislation like the AUMF, the Patriot act and similar legislation. The bipartisan and overwhelming support for Israel and destabilization efforts in places like Venezuela and Bolivia are further examples.

Suggesting the left supporting the Democrats as being akin to the USA supporting Stalin in 1941 is way off. It is more like the USA supporting Mussolini in 1941.