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Four Years of Failure on Toxic Chemicals

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/four-years-failure-toxic-chemicals

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Polluters For Trump 2020!
He may kill you, but we are safe in our corporate offices.
This should be paid for by the Lincoln Project.

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An interesting study shows that the epidemic of obesity that is striking the worlds population is not limited to humans. Various primates such as marmosets and Chimpanzees are also growing obese.

The animals in question are generally those in labs that are given strict diets.

They have arrived at several theories as to what goes on.

One is that our environment is saturated with Chemicals and Toxins made by man. These are everywhere and get into good chains even in remote areas.

The other cause is believed to be electrification. All of those City lights interfere with day/light cycles and along with these extremes of hot and cold eliminated due to central heating and air conditioning. They also think our daily exposure to Electromagnetic fields (High tension power lines and all of our wireless communication) could be a factor.

. . too many things to list on CD’s. But I’ll mention one:
lightning bugs

I recently read one of Rachel Carson’s biographies-----Witness For Nature by Linda Lear. It was riveting, heartbreaking, wonderful and should be required reading for school children.

What would Rachel Carson be saying today?

We are so, so stupid on countless levels.
In the news today there are articles that speak of the danger of hand sanitizers (no shit).

Add that to the long list:
DDT----children used to run through DDT foggers as if they were in “clouds in heaven”.
Remember talcum powder that was promoted for baby’s (and adult) bottoms?

Lead, PFAS, plastics, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, roundup everywhere apparent and on and on.

Now there are numerous commercials from law firms that bellow: “Did you take Zantac/use baby powder/ were you exposed to asbestos and now have cancer?”
If so, you could get BIG money!
Wooo hooo!

We can add hand sanitizer to the list for personal injury law firm commercials.

I don’t doubt that all of the examples you brought up effect obesity, but I would love to know the animals in question, if their strict diets have any food that contains high fructose corn syrup. This seems to be the common link in human obesity. Our bodies don’t know how to process it, and it causes food cravings according to scientists. This was discovered by accident in the processed food industry, but once they found this out, it was put in almost all processed food to increase profits from more sales, as well as a cheaper sugar replacement.