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Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the US Criminal Justice System

Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the US Criminal Justice System

Bill Quigley

The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice system is that it is a race-basedinstitution where African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a muchmore aggressive way than white people.

Saying the US criminal system is racist may be politically controversial in somecircles. But the facts are overwhelming. No real debate about that. Below Iset out numerous examples of these facts.

Thank you so much for this excellent article and information. I’ve compiled similar information and statistics but it’s not nearly as thorough as this article. I’m posting this article on Facebook in hopes that it goes viral. The “good 'ol white boys network” works really hard to keep these facts and truths hidden from Americans.

It upsets me that this is such a huge problem, yet this information is buried so deep. Even the FBI makes a notation (in small print at the bottom of the page) that their yearly “crime statistics by race” are not accurate due to the fact that it’s not a required statistic for departments to keep. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? All the attempts to criminalize blacks and Hispanics, yet it’s not important enough to keep accurate race statistics? BULL CRAP!

According to the 2015 FBI report, white and black crime, by percentage, is nearly equal, however, that’s taking into account that there are all these systems in place to stop, arrest, and incarcerate people of color, AT A FAR HIGHER NUMBER THAN WHITES. If we had an honest criminal justice system, it would prove whites do far more crimes than blacks by percentage.

In 2006, the FBI warned President W. Bush that, “nationwide infiltration of white supremacists into law enforcement, REPRESENTED A SIGNIFICANT NATIONAL THREAT.” Bush and conservatives totally ingnored the warning and as a result, the FBI has confirmed that the problem is far worse than they anticipated. They have proof of widespread racism with shocking evidence of police officers planting drugs and intentionally brutalizing and murdering blacks.

On top of that issue, FBI documents declassified recently reveal that the bureau has been worried about right-wing extremists, to the point that they are listed as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and are a priority for the FBI.

White supremacy groups relied on broader anti-immigrant sentiment throughout the country to advance their efforts and now have united forces with right-wing extremists in the GOP & Tea Party.

One Neo-Nazi strategy is called “ghost skins,” which are attempts by right-wing extremists to keep quiet about their hateful political and racist views so as to blend into society and covertly advance their causes, using infiltration to further their cause. The following information was found on a right-wing, conservative, white-supremacist website:

“A GHOST SKIN deliberately avoids shaving his head, wearing boots or braces, or anything that identifies his Nazi origins. We strive to blend into society to be unrecognizable to the Jewish, black, and liberal enemy. Prospective GHOST SKINS are encouraged to join the police force, military, a certain political party, register to vote, and run for office. A GHOST SKIN should do so in order to infiltrate and receive police & military training, that can be passed on and taught to to other Nazis as gove us access to all areas needed for pur mission.”

Besides the racism within the justice system that you have listed above and the infiltration of white supremacists and right-wing extremists into our law enforcement and military, there is systematic racism within the conservative party that passes racist legislation into law, thats meant to destroy blacks and take away their voting rights.

I have a shocking, long list of Republican/Tea Party racist legislation thats been passed into law in the last 50 years, starting with their “Southern Strategy,” their “War on Drugs,” Bush’s “America Dream Act” that targeted blacks & destroyed black communities, in his “massive deregulation, subprime mortgage bundling investment ponzi scam,” and most recently the GOP reversed “Voting Rights Reform” laws and passed “Voter Suppression” laws. There are many others that have had a severe negative impact on blacks and Hispanics.

That racism continues with Trump and his unapologetic wave of hate that he hopes to ride into the White House. The list is extensive and would shock people to know that racism and hate is actually legislated in this country by conservatives.

Racism has become much more “obvious” since the election of President Obama. He has had to endure hatred, malicious lies and rumors like no other American president. All because of him being a black man, that successfully cleaned up the mess left by the GOP’s “good 'ol white boys network,” proving there is no such thing as WHITE SUPREMACY.

From the day he took office, conservative leaders had a secret meeting and made a plan to destroy President Obama and block his entire economic recovery agenda. They hated him so much they were willing to let the American people suffer rather than to see him succeed.

His legitimacy has been challenged, his American birth has been suspect, and he’s been personally insulted, lectured, yelled at and disrespected in public, by public figures, in the most vile and dispicable ways, that no other American presidents has ever faced.

Tens of millions of blacks continue to suffer systemic racism along with it’s attendant symptoms; schools starved of funding, disproportionate school disciplinary actions against black students, grinding poverty, police brutality, a viciously skewed judiciary system, bigotry in every aspect of life from the workplace, housing, employment, civil rights, and denied opportunities offered to everyone else in this country.

NOTE: I listed several links to validate the information in my post, however, COMMON DREAMS said new users aren’t allowed to put links in their reply

Great compilation of stats! Much more compelling than what I’ve found in most other articles on institutional racism. Glad this is ranked highly on Google. I’ve been looking for exactly this, but sadly I didn’t see sources cited—would you mind sharing where these figures came from? That would be hugely valuable, thank you.