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Fourteen to Go: Sanders Set on 'Transforming Nation'



If Bernie is on the ticket, as second fiddle to Hillary, the whole movement might collapse. He won't get my vote.

Platforms aren't worth the paper they are written on.


This whole "movement" is about to die anyway, as Sanders instructs his idealistic supporters to make their deal with the War Witch and let themselves become accomplices in all the corruption, war, injustice, and greed that the Democratic Party stands for.


Maybe just a thought about the future?

"Ask not what an autocrat can do for you but what you can do for an autocrat?


All BS...The movement is NOT "about to die" and Sanders has NOT "instructed" his supporters to follow anyone, quite the contrary! The "movement" gained strength with Occupy and has only grown since - to denigrate people that still give a damn is divisive crap that serves the oligarchy - such nay-saying rubbish only serves the Queen B of the Universe and her masters. WTF?

NEWS FLASH! Democratic Party commits suicide! Picks candidate with most unfavorable rating (and climbing) and lowest favorable (and dropping) to face Trump!
Bernie Sanders would win easily by comparison!


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He's going all the way. He's not a quitter and never has been. He's fought the good fight all his life and we can count on what he says he will do. Which is more than the Hillary voters can expect after she goes back to center-right, right after the election.
Bernie's supporters know he has to urge us to vote for her but he also knows we won't because she is the shinning example of everything we are fighting against. They can't brush us off with that nonsense anymore and the DNC is exposed too, so the calls for unifying the party fail to resonate this time.
Bernie is the stronger candidate against the Republicans so if she loses they can't blame that on us. They are the ones that want to coronate her so badly.


" Is Bernie Sanders angling to become vice president?" Silva

Lets hope not! That would be a complete sellout to HRC and Wall Street. Bernie needs to keep his integrity.


I'm sure Bernie would not want to be the VP, and more certain that HC would not want him. If he were to take the job, she would assign him an office in Kalamazoo with no phone and no contact information. He will continue to be a PIA of the establishment as long as he can speak. He's no quitter and no fool.


Can't see that happening. Another person from a liberal northeastern state and one that Clinton should easily win. A vice president who is even older than she is. A vice president who has questioned her qualifications and even her integrity. A vice president with fundamental disagreements on college tuition and health care. A vice president who wants to lead a movement against the Democratic establishment. Bernie will not be on her long list for vice presidents. If I had to take a wild guess it would be that she picks Julian Castro. He is young, articulate, Hispanic, and not from the northeast but from Texas. He has some executive experience as a mayor of a large city and being the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


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I hope everybody says Trump is preferable to Clinton is watching Trumps defining foreign policy speech - speech underway right now.



So Bernie Sanders' campaign is now part of Occupy? Hey, I hope Sanders gets on the stage at the convention and tells Hillary to go screw. If you think he's going to do that, well, denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

We'll see what he does, but at this point, it's all playing out in strict Judas goat fashion. All that's left is for Bernie to smile at the convention and wave his young supporters into the flaming maw of Moloch.


Exactly, Emphyrio! Once awakened --- the people do not fall back asleep because now they know and realize too much. This movement will not die. And you are right - I have not heard Bernie say anything about us all falling into line behind anyone. Where is that coming from?!


And a vote for Trump is also a vote for WWWIII. I can't believe people who say they'd vote for Trump if Bernie doesn't get the nod. Vote for NO ONE or write in or vote Green Party. But vote for Trump? How could anyone in this movement do such a thing? The man is a fascist and even Europe knows it.


I voted for Bernie. If he does not win, i will vote for Trump (strategic vote) because Clinton is going to squash the Sanders movement as soon as she gets elected. Trump in the White House will keep Sanders movement very much alive and stronger and at the same time will defeat the corrupt Democratic Party establishment that endorsed Clinton. #AnybodyButClinton #Warren2020


I'm sure she'd like to, but what exactly can Clinton do to a bunch of broke college kids? Put them further in debt? Re-introduce debtors prisons?


Bernie is not going to be offered the VP spot and he wouldn't accept it anyway. He will stay in the Senate and be a thorn in Hillary's side.


Yes, Occupy was/is a a force that continues in the Sanders campaign and his championing the same issues. You seem to either misunderstand the movement or intentionally undermine/denigrate it......."a bunch of broke college kids"? WE are far more than that ridiculous description......
You've perhaps been reading (and believing) too many bash-Bernie rants from the usual deniers on C-P - your true motives are questionable. C-P does have some very good pieces published, and also some few real garbage that amounts to a real Judas Goat - leading support away from Sanders and OUR revolution - Bernie is NOT such a creature. The self-described "real left" has from the beginning bashed Sanders and attributed all manner of anticipated/imagined future sins and betrayals to him - NONE have come to pass and those who predicted Sanders "failures" & "perfidy" stand exposed as frauds!
Bernie Sanders still stands with his integrity and honor intact, even given he is involved in the cesspool of corrupt American politics, a stark contrast to the Red Queen and her future........


I listened to it and Hillary is a rabid neocon next to him.