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Fourth World or American Carnage From a Pandemic President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/08/fourth-world-or-american-carnage-pandemic-president


Good writing.
corrections: Trump is not a billionaire.
Upgrading our nuclear weapons did begin before he took office.
We have 1,600 and only need 78 to murder 250 million russian peoples.

God bless the 42% who are hard core Trump supporters.
THEE failure of american educations.


Nice retrospect, Tom, and a view of what I do call a failed state, insofar as we’re insolvent and teetering on the brink of economic collapse. I don’t care what Wall Street seems to indicate it’s propped up on what I call Monopoly money and worth about as much. With the confluence of economic, ecological, epidemiological, and social collapse looming we are heading toward dark times. Of which I see no way out of. Skeptical, sure, and cynical as all hell, but we had it coming as the end of the Cold War could have ushered in a peaceful coexistence, a way to deal with the global warming event while there may have been time to change directions. But alas it’s far too late for that. The neocons signed our species death warrant. Sorry, that’s how I see it today.


Trumpelthinskin is very good at making lots of promises. He is not very good at keeping those promises, or admitting that he didn’t.

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We are the fourth world. May the fourth be with you. (Also October the fourth, then November the fourth. Expectations lowered, we take it one month at a time.)