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'Fox & Friends' Has Total Meltdown Over Sanders Plan to Guarantee Every American a Decent-Paying Job


'Fox & Friends' Has Total Meltdown Over Sanders Plan to Guarantee Every American a Decent-Paying Job

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Expressing disbelief that a politician would deign to embrace a widely popular idea that could bring massive numbers of voters to the polls and drastically reduce inequality, President Donald Trump's favorite show "Fox & Friends" ran a segment on Tuesday sliming Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) plan to guarantee every American a decent-paying job as a mere "vote-buying operation."


A “vote-buying operation?” What do these well-paid propagandists think it is when a military contractor sets up shop in nearly every congressional district??

And what period in US history do they mythologize as its “Golden Age,” but the period in which the top marginal tax rates ranged between 70-91%???

They could only sell this nonsense to an audience that knows nothing older than some Kardashian’s latest cosmetic surgery.


No surprise to me, of the meltdown of fascists and friends!


When Fox and Friends are against it, you know you’ve got a pretty good idea on you’re hands.


Ever since it started two decades ago, Faux news network has been the biggest “vote buying operation” the world has ever seen.



Return to Eisenhower-era PRO$PERITY??   Return to Eisenhower-era TAX RATE$!!

Even Reagan-era tax rates would be a BIG improvement over the current debacle!


Finally, here’s the perfect way for the rich to claim “Job Creator” status and have it really be true!

Two things actually create the “demand” that creates jobs. The rich have NOTHING, ZERO, ZIPPO to back their claim as job creators in the current system! As IF owning a business feeding the demand created the demand in the first place. Bullshit! Need or want fueled the demand, coupled with the money to act on these wants and needs. These are #1 for creating jobs.

Time and neglect make up the #2 reason. For roads, bridges, airports, and protection of the commons are always needed. The first 3 require maintnance, which requires funds we don’t now have. The rich tell us we can go with less funding for the social safety net, and must not tax them, who have way more to lose (discretionary spending money that they can’t/WON’T use to help anyone else unless they can disproportionately benefit somwhow!) Only the 4th, protection of the commons, is being funded to protect their property, most property and wealth created by and from our commons has been “legally” but certainly not FAIRLY taken by the wealthy. How’d they do it? They bought politicians who think like them offices to pass laws that enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us! Look at the recent Tax ‘reform’ law and who benefits!

We choose NOT to allow the decision to come down to funding the social safety net or fixing roads! Why? Because the fucking rich dont use or need the safety net, for they’ve already put the systems in place that allows themselves to live parasitically off of the rest of us! Rich folks don’t fix roads and bridges. But they do occassionally use them. They also need airports, although they don’t pay their fair share of costs for their private towers and hangers either.

Fuck the rich! Time to fix it or fight!


Larry, please seek a brain transplant…STAT!


No, he’s not kidding.
Fascism is CORPORATE control of GOVERNMENT you mental case. Totally different than socialism! You live in a society, presumably, but are you also one of them who hate everyone not like you? …or should that have been shortened to: just ‘not you’?Here’s your chance! Make your case! Evidence! Now! Or go back under your golden fleece you Cretin!


Given the low unemployment rate in the US it must have taken Fox & Friends by surprise. Don’t we need a great depression to do this they are probably thinking. My view is this is something from Sanders to be used for progressive candidates in primaries. I think he is focused on trying to defeat establishment Democrats in primary elections.


Doesn’t Fox News have a forum you can spend your time on ?
Your the one who doesn’t know history.


Vacuum Brains!


Yeah, or just good public policy, which the big donors of establishment Democrats don’t want. Back in the 1990’s, when politicians like Clinton dominated the Democratic Party, Greenspan would testify to Congress about how workers in the US were then so scared of losing their jobs and benefits that they wouldn’t dare raise hell or do things like strikes. He, as the head of the Fed, an institution that is supposed to support policies that lead to full employment, was gleeful that there wasn’t full employment. A job guarantee would strengthen labor versus capital, necessarily. It would benefit people, so there’s no reason to treat this as anything other than a policy to fight for, like many others Sanders and the majority of the country want.

Maybe Kelton’s influenced Sanders a bit, with the MMT focus on the job guarantee? Yes, safe bet.


Why are they even freaking out? Sanders’s plan doesn’t even have a chance of going through considering the current congress and house.


Because not everything is about tomorrow, and certain ideas are best just not said or given any attention.


Yeah, one has to wonder if Foxy News has a paid CD troll because no one can be that stupid!


Yeah, totally, he wants things found in most other developed countries, and he supports things that a majority of this country supports. Say, who is the Hitler of Sweden, the UK, Canada or France?


Dumb right wingers usually do their thing pro bono. The benefits of well constructed propaganda. The right wing propaganda mill in this country puts the old Soviet propaganda system to shame.


Joined 3 hours ago… hmmm…


I don’t think there is any realistic possibility of this passing. Remember Sanders has only written three bills that got passed and two were for renaming post offices. I think Sanders goal is to get more progressives in office. I think this would be another way to distinguish progressive candidates from establishment candidates who also call themselves progressives. The bill is not yet fully written and the cost is unknown. When it comes to Fox & Friends it is a good news story to get their viewers attention and get them really steamed up about liberals. Then they can spend the rest of the day angry at liberals and return the next morning to Fox & Friends and get angry at liberals all over again. More government, higher taxes. If that doesn’t get a viewer mad what will?