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'Fox Lied, 200,000 Died': Video Mash-up Chronicles Cable Network Downplaying Covid-19 Dangers as Pandemic Soared

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/fox-lied-200000-died-video-mash-chronicles-cable-network-downplaying-covid-19

Insanity, Virus Jones and Lush should all be sued into homelessness… then deported to their right and proper home… saudi arabia… with the sand snakes.

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Fox lied and the Pope is Catholic.

That montage should have included FOX news discussing the outbreak of Ebola during the Obama Presidency. They were calling it a grave threat to all Americans and claiming Obama not doing anything about it. They had segment after segment discussing the grave nature of the same.

The should then follow that with a montage of these same people saying they NEVER downplayed the virus and always took it seriously.

Laughable the very first bit with Hannity shows what a liar he is.

This is Fox , Ebola versus Corona. These guys are a joke.



Right-wingers no longer care AT ALL.
There is no punishment for the tens of thousands of lies by trump, constants lies and spin from the Fox-Hannity crowd, and the republican congress is bought and paid for in advance.
And who is doing shit about this? No one.

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Time to reintroduce these Fox News Trump sycophants to the oldest and most effective form of social distancing namely American style “Tar and Feathers”.


Maybe they want people to die sooner. Lots of stupid evil people have expressed pretty sordid opinions like that to me and I now have a policy on that, they say stuff like that, they are no longer my friend.

They get deleted from my address book.

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Fox -----Rupert Murdoch -----have been pushing violence all summer----I know people freaking out that the “cities are burning-”-----A network that encites violence???


All told, it;s become a clear and present danger and should be reoved from the airwaves.


In a new administration with a new AG, that complicity in delivering false information leading to massive death, would be grounds for shuttering their doors.

Let’s make it happen.

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In case you missed this:

Now This News brilliantly attacks Trump via clips from Fox News:

It now turns out that Trump was well aware that the Corona virus was much more serious than it was letting on last February. But was he keeping it secret from the CDC as well as from the public? By all appearances, the CDC as in the dark as the general public that the virus was air-borne and could be passed from person to person.

No, all the advice back then was to wash your hands, to sanitize anything you brought into you home and the like but not to bother with a mask.

The excuse now is that they wanted to protect the supply of masks but that is a pretty lame excuse when, even now, we are advised to use cloth masks that any good seamstress can make in a few minutes. And what about the advice from those early times about washing hands every time you touch something from outside or about sanitizing everything that comes into the home. Today, no one now seems to be putting any emphasis on that kind of early warning - now it is just to wear a mask and that is something they should have known in February.

Today more people will DIE from the coronavirus than died in 9/11. Just like yesterday, when more people DIED from the coronavirus than died in 9/11. Just like the day before - and the day before that - and the day before that - and every day for months and months. And most of those deaths were due to the actions of ONE PERSON. NOT Osama bin Laden, or Al Qaeda, or the Taliban, not Iran. That one person is DONALD TRUMP. He deliberately refused to take any action or any responsibility for taking action. He deliberately embraced the chaos and the death, as it suited his political strategy. He is a murderer and a terrorist, and we must understand that it is only US who can hold him accountable, and to refuse to do so makes us all accomplices.

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…Guillotine the GOP, they deserve it…

…I’ll add two people (not human) McConnell and Barr…They deserve prison and throw away the key…Phk’em with a pool cue, sideways!..