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'Fox, Meet Henhouse': Trump Offers Goldman President Top Economic Post


'Fox, Meet Henhouse': Trump Offers Goldman President Top Economic Post

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"Fox, meet henhouse," was how progressive Sen. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and others reacted to the news Friday that Goldman Sachs president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn had been offered the position of National Economic Council (NEC) director by President-elect Donald Trump.


And the joke on the American Citizens continues to grow.


Headline should read “Trump Dumps his Chumps”.

And it is all happening so fast. Even I thought there would be some grace period or easing into it but he is pulling the fast con right away and in full veiw.



HRC (and Schumer, and Pelosi, and…) does special “favors” for Goldman Sachs, et al. Trump simply brings them right on board his team. The only difference is Trump is a bit more blatant about it.


Goldman-Sachs seemed to have this election rigged. No matter if the D or the R would have won, they were going to be on top. No matter what the same old people seem to run things. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.


The mafia is to Italy what Goldman Sachs is to the USA. Trump may prove to be a sort of corrupt, decadent Caligula.


Maybe he figures he can rob the nation for his personal gain in only the next four years so no need for a second term.


Only for the working class that voted for him. They only saw two choices, rightly rejecting the neoliberal they decided on the devil they ‘did not know’ but whose track record was known. They knew next to nothing about alternative candidates as the Greens and the Socialist candidates thanks to the MSM and corrupt two-party system.


I am increasingly coming to believe that the better analogy for the coming regime is not the Nazis, but the Junta of Argentine Generals - also run for the benefit of bankers, the wealthy, and the religious right - 1976 to 1983. It was no less savage to anyone who dissented.


Dumps his Chumps while he Pumps Our Rumps!


I remember the feeling I had when Obama appointed GS slimeballs Timothy Geithner, Rahm Emanual, Jack Lew, Larry Summers,Elena Kagan, Robert Rubin, Gregory Craig, Steven Friedman, Peter Orzag, among many many others to prominent positions.

That feeling could best be summed up, “fool me once…”


Yup. Very accurate description.


Yes, I can see your point.


He HAS channelel Caligula and will only amp up the horror during his reign of terror.


Kushner, T-dump’s son-in-law must be absolutely and uncontrollably orgasmic with this recent appointment. There will be an underground shul built off the West Wing of the White House so a majority of T-dump’s appointees and their staff can attend prayer circles and temple functions without having to go home first after Cabinet meetings/briefings at the WH.

Our decrepit “democracy” has officially and ceremoniously been sold to the highest bidders and most savage criminals.

Is this Gary Cohn related to Roy Cohn (of Joseph McCarthy fame), a long-time T-dump mentor? Not by blood maybe but certainly by a virulent strain of evil.


The leaders in the US have no problem fooling the American public. The basic test for a lie in America is anything that a politician says. The fix has been in for a long, long time. You don’t get to the White House by being “for the people.” The big game for the elite is making it seem like the people consent to all of this. This is what our elections are about…the appearance of consent.


The Betrayer in Chief continues. This is a man without principle. Anyone who watched the debates could see a bully with little regard for others. We are in trouble!


Agreed. The source of the joke: The Democrats who could not see Hillary for what she was.


“A man without principle” in many respects also describes Obama when it comes to a number of important issues that he pledged to fight for. Betrayal seems to be the new normal.


Back in the 20th century we called the mild cases of “men without principle” sociopaths, the more severe cases psychopaths.

Trump’s proverbial swamp has always been full of both and now Trump will increase the number of sociopaths and psychopaths in the swamp even more.