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Fox Never Expected This—The Medicare for All Moment

Fox Never Expected This—The Medicare for All Moment

Holly Miller

It was an unexpected teaching moment for Fox News -- a lesson that all the fear mongering in your playbook doesn’t carry quite so far when you confront a mass movement for transformative change that will dramatically improve people’s lives.

In a town hall April 15 with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Fox host Bret Baier threw out an anticipated gotcha question for the audience Fox likely presumed were Fox viewers.


Props to NNU for slogging away at this issue for many years to build for this moment!


It’s also scaring the hell out of the 3rd way Corporate Dems. This will screw with their Bribes.

From Wendell Potter’s website: (in case you missed it in the other thread

How to spot the health insurance industry’s favorite Democrats


Sanders bigger enemy is not FOX news. It is the Democrats.

Very important points made as to how they will try and undermine Sanders.


Wow, hopeful news in a dark time!

More broadly - but consistent with the hands that stayed raised - note that Sanders’ message and authentic, union hall style resonate with crucial segments of the right, as seen in 2015-16 here:

“Sanders picked up support in some unusual places…The self-described democratic socialist won states such as Oklahoma and Nebraska that are typically associated with right-of-center policy views. He also did surprisingly well with self-described conservative voters… picking up almost a third of their votes.”

Plus see here, where we see conservative Democrats and independents - who rejected right liberal establishment HRC - went for Sanders’ progressive populism in the primaries, but - without a progressive Democrat in the race - switched to the falsely anti-establishment Trump in the general:



As Jimmy Dore says often: The Democratic ‘leadership’ would rather see Trump win than a Progressive. And they work towards that end.


Note the meme here. Sanders confronts his KNOWN enemies face to face (fox news) and destroys them even as alleged “allies” work to stab him in the back.

Nothing could be clearer. The true enemy of the Progressive movement are those snakes in the Democratic party. The Role of the Republicans is to get the far right vote. The role of these Democrats is to destroy the progressives.


Maybe they didn’t expect it.


It’s a bit remarkable, but if you are getting your news from government releases and their associated commercial broadcast outlets, things can sneak up on you.

Propaganda has become more sophisticated, but it has its limits, and they seem to make for some interesting configurations sometimes. One problem is that the people within the structure, who carry out the propaganda, are pretty thoroughly propagandized themselves. So Rachel Maddow and whoever is at Fox these days probably imagine for one or another reviewed and assembled set of reasons that what they purport publicly is in some way truthy. They must be aware that the company picks and chooses items as important and unimportant and that certain factoids and opinions are rejected. But they imagine that one or another collage is representative or revealing or brings people towards the truth or can be digested and responded to meaningfully by their audience or is promoting the Good or something.

But let’s say you were someone who had voted for Donald Trump because you wanted someone outside-the-beltway and because somebody told you that voting for a third party would mean throwing your vote away and because the other party ran Hillary Clinton–who, after all, did not really need to call you deplorable in so many words to get the idea across.

The idea that most people who fit this picture have is not that they are for the rich and empowered, but that they are for the poor and hardworking and righteous. Some of them think such people are generally White and generally American; others do not.

What has happened is that propaganda outreach has convinced these people that Republicans are both patriots and anti-nationalist small-government types, states-rights and local-group rights, law-and-order and constitutional protection of rights, and so forth.

There is nothing in any of that that means that they should not have medical coverage. There is a lot in most all of it that suggests that they should not have to pay out obscene amounts of money to the East-Coast fancies who run insurance and pharmaceuticals companies. They may have all sorts of weird ideas about minorities and foreigners, but they know pretty clearly that they themselves are Americans who have been set aside.

These people are far more ripe for approach by Bernie Sanders than by Joe Biden for fairly simple reasons, mostly those that persuaded their grandparents and great-great grandparents to vote for FDR. They have not been convinced that they will be mistreated, nor generally that the Republicans are anything like angels. They have only been convinced that the Democrats will mistreat them more badly.

There are some reasons to call them fools for that. But the problem is not particularly that they do not understand the Democratic Party, which has not tried an FDR during most people’s adult memory.


Maybe Bret Baier could get a job at TYT after Fox takes him off the rack.

My appreciation for John Kennedy’s administration increased greatly after I read James Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and why it matters.
As for Medicare for All, JFK proposed national health coverage in a speech in Madison Square Garden in 1962; I’ve watched the video on Youtube.

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While I was too young to vote at that time, I remember Kennedy’s national health care proposal well.
My father, a physician who very much mistrusted government bureaucracy, was so impressed with Kennedy and his proposals that he voted for Kennedy. I remember him saying that we would all be working for the government someday, but something had to be done about healthcare. He probably hated the insurance companies more than he hated the government. If my conservative Republican father could be swayed for national health coverage fifty years ago, it is not unreasonable to think that Medicare for All would receive support today from all quarters.
Go Bernie.


$890 per week? This doesn’t make sense. Please consider having someone proof read these articles prior to you publishing them.

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Seems high. Bernie gave a number for a family of 4 that is self employed at the town hall equal to 28000/yr (538/week). Maybe this is a really low deducible low copay plan? I don’t know how much plans cost really, I just pick the one my employer offers that covers my doctor.

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Yes, that’s a point. But that still just brings us to 1963, 55 and some years ago.

$13/hr x 40hr/week = $520/week doesn’t get one close to $890 per week; so, how could such a premium be shifted onto a worker? I’m betting it’s $890 per month, which is still unaffordable at $13/hr.


You are surely right (the cost is per month, not week)- they aren’t going to provide anything but a bullshit plan with crazy high deductibles and after that significant copays to a $13/hr worker (which is why I’m 100% behind the single payer idea). (I’m not sure if anybody in the US, no matter how highly paid is getting a 46,000 dollar per plan - that’s way up there, though we’ll get to these numbers if we don’t change our stupid path).

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Medicare-for-all is going to happen and it is going to happen soon.
Lots of people can take credit for bringing the issue to the attention of corporate media with their tireless efforts at pointing out the obvious benefits of universal healthcare and the endless tragic stories that have touched every American or someone they know. I salute all of you, but in reality it is actually corporate America that will make it happen. This may seem difficult to understand at first glance, but keep in mind that there are many rival factions within corporate America that the rest of us, the 99%, are never really privy to. We get glimpses of it when the so-called ‘Free Trade talks’ routinely collapse behind closed doors as the captains of industry argue over the losses and gains of each and every capitalist with skin in the game.
I understand that health insurance companies and Big Pharma are shinning examples of corporate America, but it is the rest of corporate America that will sacrifice those particular two sectors so that the public doesn’t focus instead on Big Oil, the MIC, Silicon Valley, Big Agra and a host of other unpopular corporations. Why not throw Joe Public a bone and get to hang on to their trillions a little bit longer while at the same time seizing an opportunity to come out smelling like roses for delivering “democracy” back to the People? Besides, the rest of corporate America (those outside of the healthcare industry) are not so thrilled at that particular predatory sector of capitalism either! The choice is easy for a sociopathic CEO.
Both Democrats and Republicans will naturally take credit for this great ‘transformation’, but it will be business as usual in every other government-corporate partnership out there. Also be sure that a properly funded and well staffed universal healthcare system will be sabotaged every step of the way as too many of our current politicians owe too much to their healthcare and pharmaceutical political contributors to just walk away from them without consequences. Until Congress cleans house of those still clinging on to their master’s coat tails and replaces them with new corporate lackies, you should expect the process to be designed to fail.
The scary part is that Trump may jump on the Medicare-for-all bandwagon just in time for the elections next year and claim that it was his idea the whole time. He may deliver his message by saying something like “…universal healthcare… for Americans ONLY… but without the communism that the Liberals are trying to peddle on us!” or “This is what I meant when I said make America great again!”. Whether it makes sense or not is hardly relevant. As we have seen with past elections, but especially the last one, the coverage is the message and Trump will be in the limelight once he realizes that he will still be Wall Street’s darling when he sells out his healthcare buddies to the unruly mob.
But while Trump may ride the medicare-for-all bandwagon to another four years in the White House, he will also accelerate global warming, keep the working class in poverty and continue to pay fealty to the military industrial complex.
In any case, we would live another day because of Medicare-for-all and therefore be able to fight another day to save the planet from these exact same corporate capitalists who were primarily responsible for our universal healthcare! How’s that for irony?

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We have to enact Medicare for All. The current system is unsustainable. Yes, it is highly profitable but that cannot be the point of a humane, efficient health care system.

Don’t give one moment of your time to politicians or internet mouthpieces that promote half measures like Medicare Extra for All or the others. The plan is to boost public support until the bad politicians of both parties are forced to acquiesce.

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There’s no way a CEO is worth $83 million a year. The amount of profit that one insurance group is making is obscene. I saw this happening in the early '90s as pro sports players began demanding and getting higher contracts. Fortune 500 CEOs, and even lesser executives, began to believe they were as rare and as in demand as these pros; and, began convincing their boards to increase their remuneration. Their pay levels have been snow-balling ever since.


Truman also proposed a national health care system in 1947-48 but was defeated by the GOP and AMA. Reagan campaigned against Medicare in the 1960s, he said it would lead to socialism and a loss of freedom. Rot in hell, Reagan!