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Fox News' '3 Mexican Countries' Gaffe Perfectly Sums Up Trump's Policies

Fox News' '3 Mexican Countries' Gaffe Perfectly Sums Up Trump's Policies

Gladys McCormick

On Sunday morning, an on-screen banner for an episode of “Fox & Friends” displayed “Trump Cuts Aid to 3 Mexican Countries” during a segment on the administration’s cut of hundreds of millions of dollars of promised foreign aid to help Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador deal with their ongoing security crisis.

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This is what is wrong with our “education” system. When you have 40% of the population following a authoritarian President and believing EVEN proven falsehoods w/o any thinking on their own or evidently having no ability to question. I have always said about these morons that most could not point out England on a map.


FoxNews repeatedly gets the facts wrong. Then they apologize. But it’s too late.

See how that works?

So what is the U.S.? An English country, an Israeli country, or an imperial Roman country? Maybe a Canadian country, since Canada is to the north, just as Mexico is north of Central America.

The gaff is, to me, also indicative of a broader identifiable problem. Media has come to define itself as an origin of thought. Which is to say that its chosen and adopted functional premise is no longer to shape “public” (a term of identity originating with the print media) thinking, but to attempt to prove to the “audience” (passive receptor) that its raison d’être is to sit and be a receiver.

This is an insidious sort of reverse-osmosis filtration strategy. Think of Kelly Conway, Bannon and the Mercers, for example.

And, so far it has slipped by without being properly identified, hence leaving the majority of our countryfolk speechless, angry and lowering their resistance to violence. Note: these are NOT accidental outcomes, but a scrambling method to weaken the fabric of a diverse socius / society for increasing ease of manipulation.

The recent coming together of Aaron Matté and Matt Taibbe and others on the phenomenon of the “Russiagate” is a good wake up call

What is, to my mind, most dangerous is the added scorn so prevalent, think profiles of neo-liberals masquerading as both small ‘d’ democrats and in the DNC/CCCD and the neo-conservatives swamp-creaturing their responses to Trump.

When the heart and mind are entangled by these strategies, it does not think. Nor does it participate in the dream cycles with the psyche/heart properly. Hence awakening in the morning to an emotional exhaustion and mental blocks.

One of the most revealing and re-centering practices I have found is to make sure to eat nothing for 5 hours before bed and drink plenty of water so that my body/brain has a rest from that chemical activity. I also have contemplative materials I am fond of to listen to for an hour or so.
The 12 step observations are also just plain good guidelines for everyday checklists

Each of us finds ways to strengthen the center and be among others with respect and love - now more than ever this is super nutrition for the good struggle.


Did FOX News hire Miss SC?


Now they’re not even bothering to apologize. Why bother, when your “listeners” will virtually believe anything your network says. Fuck everybody else. Let’s face it, Fox viewers are not going to watch or believe ANY other network. “Normal” viewers will look at other networks. I myself look at Fox occasionally just so I know what the “other” side is “thinking”.


If not, it should. It doesn’t look as if “Caite Upton”'s acting career is off to a good start, if the consensus on her feature-film debut in Neron AKA Child of Satan is any indication.

And re-jiggering your name so it sorta kinda sounds like another minor celeb isn’t a bright career move, either.

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Trump, the GOP and their FOX network (faux noise) have NEVER let facts get in the way of a good story and NEVER will.

Don’t think for a moment that the GOP base believes anything Trump, the GOP or faux noise says. For at least the past two decades water cooler conversations with the people who enable me to keep up with GOP talking points have confirmed that they love the GOP because of the ever more egregious lies they get away with.

When I worked in Germany 30 years after the demise of Hitler there was a significant minority of Germans whose only gripe with Hitler was that he lost the war. Its no different in the US and some other nations today. Fascists in all nations don’t care what their leaders and propagandists do or say as long as they win. When things go sideways they will just blame democracy, the Democrats…everybody except the GOP.

The GOP base does not want democracy…they want a dictator who will never face another election…as long as that dictator is one of their own.


The Irony here is of course that had the tagline read “3 American Countries” it would have been a lot more accurate and drawn a lot more in the way of angy reaction from the Fox viewer.

The arrogance of insisting only that the USA is the ONLY American Country is like a Macron in france claiming only The French can be deemed European.


Graphic sez:
“Trump cuts US aid to 3 Mexican countries”

I just thought Faux was running Chump twits direct to Chyron. My bad.

Dumbo & Friends in full flight.

perhaps it is only necessary to mention one of the most recent cases, the takeover by the U.S.-backed military of Honduras’ government, which set in motion the catastrophic security crisis we are witnessing today.

If it’s necessary, this article should mention it – more concretely. Most readers (except Tea Partiers) will know that Honduras is not a Mexican country, but they may not know which military action you’re referring to. Presumably the 2009 coup supported by Obama/Clinton and Canada. Or do you mean the use of Honduras in the 1980s by Reagan’s mercenary army to attack Nicaragua?

I always knew Fox News was good at making up stuff. Kinda glad to see them make the case for me. After this, anyone who still believes their BS and approves of their heavy-handed, non-journalistic tactics should go live with them in their studios. There’s probably going to be plenty of room.

That’s a good point.
Let’s say Mexico is an entire continent of countries, while -ahem- America is merely a little insignificant backwater country off to the side. yeah faux news taught me that one. ha !

Trump and FAKE FOX NEWS is all mouth with no credible solution.

Any immigrant caught attempting to enter the US illegally, even though
seeking asylum, should be photographed, fingerprinted, immediately
deported and automatically banned from re-entering the US for the
rest of their natural born lives (minor’s until the age of 18).

Instead we treat them with kid gloves by housing and feeding them at our expense within our borders until their case(s) come(s) up for asylum.
Which makes no sense what-so-ever

Let them wait their turn like everyone else, and this method would reduce, if not eliminate, the number of immigrants traveling here attempting to gain access into the US just by climbing a fence and getting caught.
It only creates problems for us, them, and now their countries of origin.

Instead, the kid glove process, presently being used, is being passed on to others through word of mouth, and other means, and as one can tell it is not working.