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Fox News Going All-In on Trump in the New Era


Fox News Going All-In on Trump in the New Era

Eoin Higgins

On January 19, 2009—the day before Barack Obama was sworn in as president—Fox News aired the first episode of Glenn Beck. Obama was a polished representative of the multicultural values that the conservative movement had fought to defeat for decades, and Beck was the perfect expression of right-wing rage and frustration with him: The eponymous host alternated between anger, conspiracy theories and sobbing.


"setting the tone for the nation’s most popular cable news channel.”

Huh? Fox really that popular? Can’t remember the time I listened to any Fox News programs - in fact, I think I never did. And I don’t know any serious adult do either.

If Fox is really the nation’s “most popular cable news channel” then TV broadcasting is truly in desperate straits. Perhaps that’s why the entire TV industry couldn’t convince enough Americans to participate in the voting process. Voter participation in the US remains one of the lowest in the world, probably because millions of Americans ignore whatever the MSM dished out or simply do not believe whatever is presented over the airwaves.

So it doesn’t really matter what Fox News or the likes of Hannity are doing.


Yeah, it matters a lot. It's a major factor in the electoral vote winner beating the popular vote-getter in at least 2 of the last five
presidential elections. In "Red State" America, Fox is, without question, the primary MSM news source for the white working class.


We can fight the oligarchy or change the system:


Trump will prove everyone wrong! Except the "never Trump voters"!


Many years ago, O'Reilly's relentless, rabid hatred on FOX (which was, at that time, on channel after channel of cable TV in my area) was the reason why I canceled our cable television subscription altogether. I could barely surf past two or three channels - and there he was yet again - his big face and foaming at the mouth hatred for "liberals" going on and on - you just couldn't get away from this ugly hateful man in your living room.

So I just killed the whole damn t.v. set because he made me so sick - and I wasn't going to pay a corporate cable t.v. station our hard-earned money to listen to this sicko spew his venom in our living room 24/7 when I'd never - in person - invite such an individual over, in the first place! It's called TOXIC PEOPLE. Get them out of your life- including the ones on TV!

Well, I haven't gone back to a television since - and I haven't regretted the decision once. I only view - very occasionally - very brief clips of FOX via internet - if it's being critiqued by satirists or media watch groups. They're a fully illegitimate news station - just like this illegitimate president - and I wouldn't pay money to any cable t.v. company that hosted their show. They should give them their own special channel like Playboy or HBO - so that those who like them so much have to pay extra.

In the meantime, children and normal people shouldn't have to be exposed to it - like pornography or gratuitous violence on other stations that are "add-ons."

In the meantime - don't pay for any of it at all. Until they throw them off.

Now almost 3 million more people voted for other than Trump. So if they vote - they can think enough to cancel their subscriptions in order to force those lying crooks and charlatans at FOX off the regular airwaves. They are going to get worse than ever with Trump in office and people better get their "stuff" together and tell these cable TV people they've had enough before it even starts.

If anyone who sells cable is reading this - wake me up when FOX is OFF the regular packages and you've got a long-gone customer ready to come back. In the meantime, I don't miss you - but you're missing my money.

Anyone else reading this who doesn't like FOX - if more of you did what I've been doing for many years already - we wouldn't still be dealing with these jerks. So, instead of just complaining - cancel your cable subscriptions and tell them why.

P.S. Some years later - when they were fighting in Congress over various versions of immigration bills - some people on forums were clearly affected in their views by Lou Dobbs' relentless venom (I forget if he was on FOX or another station - and as I no longer watched at all) - but his hatred was being "normalized" by the network that was hosting his fanaticism. And he was clearly having an influence on tensions rising throughout the country and interfering with the ability of legislation to pass. And now - they have Trump coming in, so imagine how bad the propaganda may get with hand signals from that part of the "universe." People should start mobilizing and canceling cable subscriptions now. If you need to watch t.v., put in a video; you won't get commercials either, which is very nice. I mean, we still "watch" - we just don't passively ingest everything and anything these corporations want to shove into your mind. We pick and choose what we want to see or think about or discuss.


fox news = bubble gum for the mind, chew it and it loses flavour real quick, but leaves a shitty sticky taste behind, no substance, i guess you could blow bubbles with all the hot air i dont know ,,my dentures wont let me chew gum


Faux News. The no spin zone? Maybe Trump will purchase it and use it like he does his twitter account! After all Trump and O BS are close friends.


Sure about that? I thought most of their views originated and were shared in seedy bars - and barstool sports. :slight_smile:


I’m with you all the way, BarnOwl.