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Fox News Once Again Forgets That "Radical New Democratic Ideas" Are Really Popular


Fox News Once Again Forgets That "Radical New Democratic Ideas" Are Really Popular

Jon Queally, staff writer

Once again proving they probably don't realize just how popular such ideas have become, Fox News on Tuesday tried to ridicule and discredit key platform planks that progressive Democrats successfully ran on this election cycle but ended up just reminding people that these ideas actually make a lot of sense.


The less attention these faux news reporters receive, the less relevant they will be.


The state media corporation, Fox News, operating under leader Trump’s sage direction, performs its weekly far right manifesto dressed up as centrist politics.
Trump should have checked in with his good friend Putin on this one. Vladimir, the dark lord, would have advised curtailing such inopportune and ineffective media use by autocrats. Instead, he would say, Trump should just dissolve government and take full control. “Why won’t he listen to me?”, Vlad might say . . . . “What an idiot.”


Here we go again. The cognitive dissonance of the republican party knows no bounds. After vilifying Nancy Pelosi non-stop, she is now the right’s favorite Democrat. I truly don’t understand how some of these people can even function, let alone get out of bed in the morning.


Current Dim “leadership” also considers progressive positions as radical.


Here is looking at you, kids! Best wishes to all the newbies to stay strong in their visions and to opposes Pelosi.


At their very first meeting, the so-called Progressive Caucus immediately dropped their demand to abolish ICE. And some folks believed we wouldn’t be fooled again…


Don’t forget, we are talking about Fox Noise and it’s viewers.Any one of these announcers could be on with the sound cut of and the listeners would cheer them on regardless. That is how brain dead these republican followers have become. They are not believers in anything, they are mindless cheerleaders.


Some more than others lol


The most important part of the graphic seems to be the photos. Four women and only of the four is white, Fox News viewers respond to racism and misogyny. Had they used photos of four white guys the graphic would not have had the desired effect. Fox News knows the key to Republican success is appealing to racism, xenophobia, and misogyny and images are more emotionally powerful than a list of policies.


Seems as though most R’s really don’t know where the political center is.

On radio today I heard one rep describing himself as “conservative” and all D’s as “radical left.” And in case you’ve never visited a red state during election season, with two Republicans running for the same seat, the ads will boast of “real” conservatism as opposed to establishment Republicanism. For them there is no such thing as Radical Right.


And as always, Dems “All On Board” with the American Empire and our actions (bombings) overseas.


Faux-News could never hate “radical new democratic ideas” half as much as Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer and the rest of the Vichy democrat scum


Amen to that. Now some Fox viewers are upset at Fox for voicing support for CNN’s lawsuit to reinstate Jim Acosta’s White House pass.

As someone noted in another forum, it’s not that Fox, contrary to the right-wing angry-spittle crowd, has suddenly turned liberal–they’re worried that if the Dems do take back the White House in 2020, they might do the same thing to Fox reporters.


They forgot one idea to rule them all, compulsory voting.


Agreed…my main comment at the moment is to remind everyone that the Speaker of the House is the second person in the line of succession if something should happen to Dump AND Pence. Who in the House is even remotely prepared to carry that burden?


Right you are…however, that is bound to change as they wake up and see the direction the party is heading by popular demand whereas the GOP really has nowhere to turn having backed themselves into a corner in order to appeal to their low-information voter base which can always be fooled so long as they throw in a healthy dose of racism into the propaganda. I’d sure hate to be a Republican in these changing times.


Gio, usually you and I are in agreement. Right now, I’m thinking about the Line of Succession…mostly because I really truly hope something awful happens to Dump and Pence. Whom would you like to see at that helm?


Well, it worked for Nixon.


Tell them to look up the origins of “left wing” and “right wing” as political terms. The Wikipedia article alone is pretty good.