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FOX News Poll: Bernie Sanders Would Beat Trump By 9 Points

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/16/fox-news-poll-bernie-sanders-would-beat-trump-9-points


That’s great, but Sanders will have to beat Biden, first, and that may prove tougher to do, given the party establishment’s fear of appearing too progressive or socialist. Give them hell, though, Bernie.


Democrats won’t give Bernie a chance.
I won’t give Democrats a chance.

Vote Green!


This same information was provided before the 2016 election. I expect that Bernie will, once again, be denied the position to run against Don…and that may also include Warren. The DNC has far more in common with Republican politicians than it does with Sanders and Warren.


I think it would be best to focus on which neoliberals have a chance, because we all know that’s who we’re all going to be stuck with.


The internal polling in the White House political shop is disastrous. That may be why the Orange Blimp is in such a bad mood lately.


I refuse to be stuck with any candidate. Mine never win but I hold my head high when I vote for them.


I mean “we” as literally the entire country, voting or not.

I refuse to vote at all until this system gets unrigged.


I seriously believe to this day had Sanders been the nominee in 2016 he would have beaten Trump (and I ain’t the only one by any means). With the Republican congress it would have been difficult for him but he would pushed UNLIKE Obama. At least we would have gotten TWO “reasonable” appointments to the Supreme court AND the political landscape wouldn’t be a fucking war zone.


I’m with ya having voted for Jill Stein in both 2012 & 2016 having seen no “hope & change”. Didn’t change anything though did it?

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you would’ve gotten two reasonable nominations to SCOTUS, true.
From there, it’s anyone’s guess since his own party wouldn’t have supported choices too liberal.

But had he gotten the nomination, I probably would’ve voted for him, too.


The polls from 2016 also showed Bernie beating trump decisively but he had the nomination stolen by the DINO DNC establishment (especially in California) then as they are trying to do again…with likely the same results. Either give voters something to vote FOR, like Sanders, or the lesser of two corrupt swine.

https://richardcharnin.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/confirmation-bernie-won-california-by-at-least-100000-votes/ - 2016 DNC theft of CA votes from Sanders!


I voted Blue no mater who for Obamas second term. I skipped the presidential section on the ballot when it was Her or Caligula.
I will never again vote Blue no matter who

If they are going to continue this scam they can do it without me


In 10 days we’ll see the first of the 2 days of debates.
May Bernie, who has a long history of addressing the issues, and debating well, perform well in this and subsequent debates.
My choice for the Iowa caucus on Feb. 2 is easy, as Bernie is my candidate.


At some point, if it looks like Bernie and Warren are splitting up the progressive vote, and Biden is going to walk right into the nomination, Bernie and Warren are going to have to join forces somehow.
If they ran as one ticket in the primaries they would get far more delegates than Biden.
Unless Biden starts falling, the progressive candidates, who have a lot in common, must stop him.


After getting screwed so badly in 2016 one would think he’d be on the hot seat this time again. What’s his campaign manager thinking about the upcoming election fraud and whore media’s stunts? Hopefully Bernie won’t fall into the same obvious traps again.


Warren had her chance to ‘join forces’ in 2016… Didn’t happen, and we got the only candidate who could possibly lose to Trump. Now, it’s becoming that Warren is not as ‘progressive’ as I thought. Her foreign policy position is awful, and she will take corporate PAC money in the general election. So…
Obama taught me that actions speak so much louder than ‘progressive’ words. Bernie has a progressive legislative record. Where’s Warren’s?


If Bernie had won, the Congress composition also would have been very different. All those suppressed votes and uncounted ballots are people who probably walked away in the general.


I agree that Warren is not very progressive. But she is still syphoning votes away from Bernie that might enable Biden to get the nomination.
Anyway, it’s way too early to worry about this. I’m already burned out and the primaries aren’t for another year!


Neoliberal hypocrites take note. If you want to get rid of Trump (and I know you do) nominate Sanders along with a “new” Democrat.