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Fox News Pundits and Trump Condemned for Attacks Spewed at Teenage Climate Leader Greta Thunberg

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/24/fox-news-pundits-and-trump-condemned-attacks-spewed-teenage-climate-leader-greta

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From the article:

“‘In a landmark event, the world learned what was too low even for Fox News ,’ Holmes wrote.”

Fear not, Fox can be counted on to plumb ever-newer depths of mendacious, self-serving depravity in its fealty to the insatiable 1%.

Greta–and your army of righteously angry young people–If Fox singles you out for attack, it’s a sure sign you’re on the right path. May Gaia bless you all in your endeavors.


I am so impressed that a 16 year old autistic teenager has been able to scare and derange the right wing. (I’m also impressed by AOC, though older, doing much the same thing even as a mere freshman in Congress.) She did it by simply speaking the truth about science and acting appropriately, minimizing her use of fossil fuels. Scary to the barons!


The ignorance demonstrated by these commentators is APPALLING! Granted that our bodies and brains are designed for reacting quickly to a danger that is obvious, and global warming–as a phenomenon that is GLOBAL–is not in that category. However, Greta’s ancestor Svante Arrhenius was one of the first scientists to comment on global warming (in the 1890s), and an abundance of research has been done on it since then. Noted climate scientist James Hansen even testified before Congress in 1988. It’s true that the mass media have been remiss in reporting on global warming research, but the actions of Greta and other youth are now “forcing their hands”!! We need to WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!


Laura Ingram is just another media whore getting paid a big salary to prostitute for her Madame Fox News. This latest perjorative of Greta being mentally ill…PROVES IT!


Good one Greta. Make a mockery of that imbecile as he is doing to the world:


She speaks from the heart for the soul of humanity. .

It’s a civil rights for the soul of humanity that the real battle is over .But the victory is in the surrendering .

Our beliefs about who we are and our relationship to our Mother Earth Life and each other is what is going on here .

Once we understand We Ae All One and One with Life and that it’s the Earth that supports life to the optimal level . With this at the forefront of our minds we will never treat each other and our Mother, our life giver with disrespect , cruelty and with a total disregard for the needs of the speciesystem.

namaste Greta… keep on…keep on…millions are behind you nay billions …

Humanity’s Team


It’s not ignorance. These are paid Fascists spewing hate and smearing anyone that their donors dislike. I’m not religious, but even I would love to see the Second Coming - just to hear how Republicans and corporate Democrats would smear Jesus (hippie, Commie freak! - you know that would be their response).


The saddest part is that there are rightwing Americans whose fall back position is animosity and hatred toward people like Greta and other climate activists. Knee-jerk hostility is FoxNews’s stock in trade – and their audience eats it up like vampires.

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She is mentally ill. Anyone who buys into the “climate change” BS is insane. There is a website-the name escapes me today-that shows all the “climate change” predictions that failed. The first being in 1967. The article, predictions were all complete fails. In the 70s Time magazine predicted an ice age was coming. Toward the 80s and 90s it changed to “global warming”. Now the left calls it climate change. I’m 44yo. Nothing has changed in my lifetime. 15,000 years ago we had the ice age. Glaciers are what created our mountains over 1000s of years. It melted with no coal, cars, or other emissions from factories. “Climate change” is a global hoax. The left never presents their scientists. Who do they have? Al Gore?-who said the oceans would rise soon, then promptly built a multi-million dollar house right on the beach. It’s a scam people. There have been really hot summers and really cold winters. There have been mild summers and mild winters. The earth takes care of itself. These climate activist have an agenda and it has nothing to do with the climate. Yes. They are insane. The right needs to stop apologizing. The left never apologizes. They are exploiting this idiot girl for their own purposes. She just the newest poster-girl for their agenda. Climate change is a hoax. Read into it.

The people who slag Greta are bringing a terrible fate upon themselves.
What they don’t realize is that an army of Gretas is arising. Modeled on Lisbeth Salander, the Natalie Portman character from V for Vendetta, and other heroines, people are going to wage war against the enemies of Mother Earth.
Books like the Monkey Wrench Gang will come to life.
As Earth First! used to say: no compromise in defense of Mother Earth.

You are the kind of misogynistic, braindead, science-denying, smug, arrogant piece of defecation that should have been aborted.
You and your ilk are enemies of life on earth.
Greta has more intelligence and strength than you and your gang of earth-killers will ever have.


…The GOP and is supporters need to go to jail if you don’t step back over that line, …or expect some kind of retaliation…Most real folks think you’re evil so, it will take years of building trust back to get ANYWHERE with us ‘common’ folks again. I hope your party drowns in it’s own piss…phkn lackeys…

…I can’t possibly imagine how completely inept you are at deciphering information. You were ages 1-4 in the 70’s. The Left and 60% of the Reich now say that we are in a melt down. The Left have dozens scientists that will support this…
Need a list?:

Peter Wadhams
Mark Jacobson
Stephen Salter
Malcolm Light
Paul Beckwith
Patrick Malone
Peter Carter
Veli Albert Kallio
Harold Hensel
Leonid Yurganov
Gary Houser
Jim Pettit
Renaud de Richter
Oliver Tickell
Douglas Spence
John Nissen
John Davies
Bru Pearce
Patrick McNulty
Jennifer Hynes
David Spratt
Greg Rau
Andrew Glikson
Aaron Franklin
Nathan Currier
Omar Cabrera
Nick Breeze
Roelof Schuiling
Guy McPherson
Stuart Scott
Jennifer Francis
David Page
Sam Carana

You can’t take your tripe filled crap and jam it, damnit!..

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…Maybe tootin’ my own horn here, but was proud to share a radio show on KMUD, Garberville, CA with Susan Malone and Darryl Cherney. I know, shameless promotion but was proud to share that space with folks that knew that truth…