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Fracking-Affected Families Plead with President Obama: 'We Need Help.'


Fracking-Affected Families Plead with President Obama: 'We Need Help.'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

More than 100 families personally affected by the fracking industry have written to President Barack Obama demanding that he meet with them—as he often does with fossil fuel executives—ahead of the Democratic National Convention later this month.


Can we get Congress and the courts to help?
BTW, Obama appointed this judge.

Here is some more bad news from http://www.isssource.com/judge-overrules-fed-fracking-rules/

A federal judge struck down the Interior Department’s effort to regulate fracking for oil and natural gas.
Judge Scott Skavdahl of the District Court of Wyoming already held
the regulations last year, and in a decision released last Tuesday, he
ruled Congress did not give the Interior Department the power to
regulate hydraulic fracturing, indeed it had expressly withheld that
power with some narrow exceptions.
“Congress has not delegated to the Department of Interior the
authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing,” Judge Skavdahl wrote in
deciding a lawsuit brought by industry groups and a number of Western
states. The “effort to do so through the Fracking Rule is in excess of
its statutory authority and contrary to law.”
The judge dismissed particularly the claim by the Interior Department
and its Bureau of Land Management that it had inherent broad regulatory
authority to pursue the public good on federal and Indian lands, the
only place the regulations would have applied.
“Congress‘ inability or unwillingness to pass a law desired by the
executive branch does not default authority to the executive branch to
act independently, regardless of whether hydraulic fracturing is good or
bad for the environment or the citizens of the United States,” wrote
Judge Skavdahl, whom President Barack Obama appointed to the bench in
The Interior rules would have regulated well construction, the
storage of waste water left over from the process, and required the
public release of the chemical mixes used.


In industry parlance, the water that is returned to the surface after fracking is called "produced water."
That water not only still contains the full panoply of carcinogenic chemicals used to break down rock, but some oil companies are selling that water to some drought-stricken farmers in California's Central Valley. Those farmers are then using that water to irrigate their crops. Some of the other produced water is then pumped back down, where it has poisoned some aquifers. This is not just suicidal, but perfectly legal. And yes, Sanders is the only candidate to voice unequivocal opposition.


Surely they understand that such pleas are falling on deaf ears when direct towards hardcore pro-frackers like Obama.


Obama is too busy promoting TPP to have time to meet with anybody other than his bag men.

He would continue promoting TTIP if brexit had not side tracked it in Europe, at least for the short term.

TPP and TTIP will make any anti-fracking action Obama might take token at best.


Waterboard the Cheney with fracking juice!


No doubt a lot of people have had their home's water supply ruined by leaking fracked gas wells. But I am curious if the person with the power plant going up nearby thinks that a power plant running on fracked gas is different than one running on other sources of gas.

Unfortunately, until we can get rid of the whole philosophy of "private property rights" it is going to be very difficult to stop the impacts of someone wanting to build a noisy disruptive industrial facility, mine, gas well, compressor station (or for that matter, wind turbine) right next to someone's home. For example, my state has a buffer rule for strip mining near residences, but if the homeowner tries to have it enforced, the mine sues the homeowner for the value of the coal in the buffer zone.


Good points. And also goes to the rights of corporations being greater than the rights of the individual.
We created corporations, but we are helpless before them?


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Obama is one of the principles in the current iteration of the Grand Con, and he will do nothing but speak with a forked tongue and continue to serve the global oligarchy and corporate fascism - his pushing the Trojan Horse TPP on America and the world tells that truth!

His Prez campaign was built on a progressive charade that was exposed the day after inauguration - his appointees and Cabinet showing his true colors and who he serves. He can't wait for those payoffs from Goldman-Sachs for "services rendered".........

Asking Obama to do other than serve big-money and exploitation, including fracking, is like a scorpion asking a frog to carry it across the water and not sting the frog to death.......it his nature!


Thanks for explaining that the judge is not at fault here; that he only interpreted the law, which is his job. Even if he would personally like to see fracking stopped, he had to interpret the law as he saw it. The then fault lies with our corrupted congress which has not provided the legal framework for properly regulating this outrageous business.

If you want to blame someone personally, an excellent choice would be Dick Cheney, the string-man directing the puppets in the George W Bush presidency. He made sure the harmful contents of the fracking fluids were kept secret so that they could not sound any warning bells. Called the Halliburton Loophole, also the Cheney Clause.

See: http://www.alternet.org/environment/10-years-later-fracking-and-halliburton-loophole

This business of fracking should be and will eventually be outlawed completely.


Neither Obama nor Clinton truly oppose fracking regardless of their statements in opposition to it - nor will they help these affected families. During the March 6th debate between Sanders and Clinton, Clinton stated:

"I don’t support it when any locality or any state is against it, No. 1. I don’t support it when the release of methane or contamination of water is present. I don’t support it — No. 3 — unless we can require that anybody who fracks has to tell us exactly what chemicals they are using."

Even if she could convince people she, in practice - not theory, opposes fracking, there are so many grey areas/holes in the above statement that those in control of regulators (upper administrators, attorneys, and politicians) will not allow regulators to do their jobs even if it could or can be adequately regulated.

Regardless of whether or not a locality or state approves the practice, contaminated groundwater does not recognize state or local boundaries; additionally, contaminated groundwater (or the extent of it) is often not found until years after it initially occurs.

Fossil fuels should stay in the ground to begin with and given known and unknown issues regarding groundwater location, movement, and contamination, as well as potential and actual releases due to human error and procedures, inferior/damaged equipment during the life of the system and after closure, fracking should be banned.


Barry hasn't given two shits about the poisoning of an entire American city in Flint Michigan. What do you suppose the chances are that a couple of hundred people concerned with fracking water will get any better redress from no drama Obama?
He has but one mission remaining. Sign the TPP when it crosses his desk in December. Then he will lean back and let the corporate speaking fees roll in.
Frank Zappa once said of politicians that all they were looking out for was number one, and you ain't even number two.


It will not be possible to go to renewable, non-fossil fuel energy until the US ends it's MIC dominated economy. Yes, that means ending wars we have started and continue to sustain all over the world. It means closing all our overseas bases and committing our efforts toward starting a world-wide project with the best and brightest to find a new source of renewable energy. I agree with your statement on wind turbines. There is a better solution for many reasons. Our leadership is and has been for far-too-long a dismal, murderous disaster for the world.


Very well put. Why any intelligent person without a selfish agenda would continue to believe the bs spewed by Obama, the Clintons, the Democratic or Republican Party establishment leadership is perplexing.


For people that think Obama going to do something about the health risks posed by Fracking there this news to digest.

Under a Presidential order the EPA is proposing increasing the levels of Radiation allowed in drinking water. This increase not by a small amount.

The EPA proposed Protective Action Guides (PAGs) would allow the general population to drink water hundreds to thousands of times more radioactive than is now legal. For example, radioactive iodine-131 has a current limit of 3 pico-curies per liter (pCi/L), in water but the new guidance would allow 10,350 (pCi/L), 3,450 times higher. For strontium-90, which causes leukemia, the current limit is 8 pCi/L; the new proposed value is 7,400 pCi/L, a 925-fold increase.


has an opportunity to "provide bold leadership"

He has had an 8-year opportunity to provide the bold leadership he promised when he first ran for election. After 8 years one can only "hope" for "change". The USA is rather like a beggar; hoping for small change.


You're spot on here, Carol. Fracking should be banned outright, because of the real dangers that it produces to the public. Fracking is a true-blue public health and a public safety issue!


Thank you, notwistalemon! I sure as hell don't believe in the BS that's regularly spouted by Obama, the Clinton's or the Democratic Party at large, much less the BS spouted off the GOP on a regular, ongoing basis. That's why I switched to the Independent Party (I was a Democrat for a long, long time) 4 years ago, and voted for Jill Stein (of the Green Party) for POTUS. This time, I'll vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, provided she's running this year, or write in Bernie Sanders for POTUS.