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Fracking Boom in US and Canada Largely to Blame for 'Massive' Rise of Global Methane Levels: Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/14/fracking-boom-us-and-canada-largely-blame-massive-rise-global-methane-levels-study

Schmucks it’s all an Al Gore hoax. The temperatures are rising because of all those BJs Clinton got in the oval office, it is also Obama’s fault it has been scientifically demonstrated that using tan suits can increase planetary temperatures by .5 degrees. Finally it has been known for over 5oo years that deleting e-mails increases green house gases and contributes to rising temperatures.

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If the Solar and Wind generation industries had been recognized as the safest and most environmentally sustainable alternatives to Oil and Gas, before the cracking boom began, we would all be living in a much different country and world.


OMG. He must have got an awful lot of BJs.


The first impression i had of the photo of this article was giraffes in the serengeti. Shame the content was otherwise.

Hi wingsofadove:

Oh yeah, i’m sure Clinton has had an awful to of Bis, which explains why the Hilary is so angry at the world.
I always wondered if when she said, "We came, we saw, he died, " I always wondered if that was her wishful thinking about the Oval Office BJ King. : )

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This is the price we must pay, to enable the richest industry in the history of money to get richer.
Family values, baby.

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I think the fracking boom is in reality all about worries over the continuation of supply from the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. Why else would you run a non-profitable fossil fuel extraction business ?

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Too bad Bill Clinton didn’t have a peanut butter fetish, and the resulting stain on Monica’s dress had been from a PBJ they were sharing.

“If we can stop pouring methane into the atmosphere, it will dissipate,” he added. “It goes away pretty quickly, compared to carbon dioxide. It’s the low-hanging fruit to slow global warming.”

If we only cared – that is, to the point of cutting through the bullshit enough to stop the madness. Jerry Brown, who jetted off to all the high-falutin’ climate conferences to speak as Mr Green, was actually Mr Frack. After all, where is California going to get its tax-base from, if we shut down Chevron?

Now that the icecap is preparing to say goodbye, you might think humankind would take stopping extraction a little more seriously, more urgently, at last? Currently, fugitive emissions of methane from fracking aren’t even captured and flared off (flaring turns the methane to CO2, essentially, with less warming potential) – believe it or don’t: fugitive emissions aren’t even measured (except that this one guy from Cornell just figured out a sneaky method). That’s how fucked we are.

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I know…I thought of that , too.

I guess we will find out sooner or later!!! Looking forward to the full moon tonight.

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End private ownership of all natural resources.


I count five specific types of methane dumps into Eaarth’s atmosphere:

Dry wells: They’re not dry wells! All of that methane has found a shortcut and has leaked out to the surface. Drilling companies are allowing themselves a certain liberal percentage of dry wells, based on the amount of money they spent drilling versus the amount of money they can get from good wells. We can’t have this kind of methane economics.

Good wells: The ground isn’t methane-proof, and so people report that it’s hard to breathe around good methane wells.

Ground water: People have been lighting their kitchen sinks for years.

Methane storage areas: Southern California had an old oil well into which they pumped more and more methane until the pressurized gas found a new exit to the surface. Again, methane economics caused the problem.

FInally the natural gas pipe system has a million leaks. The big ones can cause your house to explode. Providence, RI had a monster pipe blowout for several hours a couple of years ago, but no spark was lit to set things off so they got it fixed.

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Why does this sound like a disingenuous attempt to distract from the article’s subject, the fracking boom probably causing our grandchildren to starve?

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Because that’s what it is. Some people are here to pollute the thread with sophomoric crudity, as usual. There’s no use reaching out to such that the fate of the Earth is at issue here. Oh well.


I apologize for disturbing your sensitivity to BJs.

I keep forgetting that there are people here that have absolutely no sense of anything other than seriousness.

Their business, not yours.

And you won’t see any of this on our corporate public news.