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Fracking Cases in Pennsylvania Expose the Human Cost of Drilling



The lies, stupidity, and short-range profit mongering make me want to scream!

How dare THEY cut down another friggin tree with global warming already threatening so many lives and so much of what remains of natural habitat?

Always the bastards frame the matter as cheap energy or national security, yet community after community must fight for NON-TOXIC water!

"The White House boasts that the boom in “cheap” natural gas has put the country’s dependence on foreign oil at a 40-year low and Marcellus Shale that runs beneath most of Pennsylvania is a “key target” for Big Oil and Gas and accounts for nearly 40 percent of U.S. shale gas production."

With a glut of OIL already on the market, the above argument is ridiculous.

"Meanwhile, maple syrup farmers in the Susquehanna county will have their maple grove seized due to the construction of the Constitution Pipeline, RT reported.

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gave notice on Jan. 29 to proceed with tree cutting on the Pennsylvania portion of the pipeline."

From the tainted waters in Brazil (which are the likelier cause of the Microcephaly debacle), to the waters of Flint, Michigan, to those in the Susquehanna County... it's time the Bolivian Initiative became universal law: That the protection of WATER as right to LIFE gain precedence over any for-profit company's "right" to poison water systems.

Truly, there isn't enough time to fight this battle zone by zone.

A universally respected law must come into existence that forces corporations to cease and desist!

This is just insane.

Florida, under a reptilian Republican governor is doing so much forest clear-cutting that I feel like I am living in a war-on-nature zone. And by stripping away the forests, not only do the rain cycles alter, and heat just bake this state in summer... new tornado alleys are formed and that cannot bode well for the future of residents of this state.

Imbeciles, sociopaths, and the criminally insane are determining far too much of foreign and domestic policies.

Beam me up, Scotty!!!!