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Fracking Executive Says Rich Neighborhoods Safe from Drill Sites



The gated-community crowd yet again showing its ignorance.


While it might be true that the rich who oppose drill sites near their homes are ignorant of the science, that can't be an excuse for anyone in the fracking industry or candidates running for president. They may not be scientific geniuses but they know what they are doing. They just don't care about normal people unless they get caught (as in Flint, etc.) or unless it will benefit them (as in temporary support for environmental causes when they need to obtain votes). They care about money and power. Any of the current presidential candidates that support fracking, including Hillary, agree with and support the short-sighted and self-centered vision of the fracking executive discussed in this article and others. Hillary has said, "I don’t support it when any locality or any state is against it..." As you point out, contaminated air and ground water don't observe state and local boundaries.

Bernie is our best choice for a sustainable environment and support for the rights of all people including our health.


Divided we conquered ourselves! America has gotten so used to listening to, to only watching and reading discrete separate viewpoints from the perspectives they want to hear that we are losing cohesion as to what is the objective truth that is acknowledged as the truth by everyone. The article points out that a group of lawyers gasped when they heard the outrageous comment by the speaker. What is the truth? They obviously we're shocked to hear it said or... That they didn't expect it to be the truth. No one had ever told them such things went on? Their sources of what is true never informed them of such an attitude among the executives involved?

America no longer seems to have a shared truth. Young people don't remember a Walter Cronkite who was watched and listened to by everyone because he reported the truth better than anyone else. He kept us honest. They gasped when he reported that we should end the war in Vietnam! Why? Because when he said it they knew it was true. We don't have anything like that now. We have the opposite. Liberals tune in to liberal stuff, reactionaries to reactionary stuff, conservatives to conservatives etc etc.

We do not know anymore what is the truth but get by on what our group sees as the truth and they get by on theirs and nobody gets together to say >>> we all agree that this is the truth!

So people who support fracking were shocked that it is so unfair as well as dangerous? Guess what you get when you only listen to what you want to hear?


Excellent post and spot on!!! Thank you.


You are correct but it's class war all the down to the end.



And you don't see toxic waste incinerators within hundreds of miles of gated/wealthy/uber rich enclaves, either. When a toxic waste incinerator was proposed in a rural agricultural area of Washington state with the main access to the proposed site on interstate highways that ran through two mountain passes, the battle began. Any emergency would have meant a protracted amount of time getting to the accident scenes with the possibility of any of the toxic materials entering major lakes, streams, and rivers that are reservoirs (lakes) for surrounding communities and municipalities including Seattle being poisoned. In addition, the pollution from the incinerators would destroy the agricultural food crops in the state's bread basket. The state department of ecology conducted public information and comment sessions across the East side of the state where the incinerator would be located. I attended one of the sessions and was appalled by the representative of Waste Management, Inc (owner of the proposed incinerator) who pushed for the incinerator's construction with one of the reasons being that it would employ all of 25 employees full time...he attempted to look like a local but his Ralph Lauren polo shirt and Gucci loafers gave him away. I asked where he lived and he said in the Chicago area (on Lake Michigan in a gated community come to find out when I pressed him for exactly where). Also asked if there were any toxic waste incinerators within a hundred miles of his home and he tried to wiggle his way out of commenting. I had a map of all toxic waste incinerators located in the US so he had to tell the truth. In summation, these corporations that extract resources or handle waste pick rural areas far away from any gated communities for two reasons: anonymity and low populations that they think do not have the power to go up against their mighty monuments.

I forgot to add that the incinerator was NOT built thanks to the loud voices of the people in the communities/farms that would be deeply and disastrously affected by its existence. Although I lived over 350 miles away from the site, I drove like a bat out of hell after work during the week to attend the public information forum and voice my opposition and valid concerns.


Thank you. I didn't think you implied anything to the contrary. I completely agree with you. I just wanted to add to your thought. I apologize if it didn't come out that way. I know sometimes companies claim ignorance as an excuse for contaminating; I don't trust them or the politicians that support them and their activities.


I am in 100% agreement with you and your enthusiasm is inspiring. Thanks for pointing out the interview, I hadn't seen it. It was a very good and hopeful interview - Bernie is so consistent. I hope people stay involved and the momentum continues. We can't allow the neoliberals to shift our direction after the election no matter which way the election goes. I want to contribute in any way possible to a desperately needed electoral/political/social revolution and continued movement. Bernie has opened many eyes and given people real hope and energy to know change is possible and that we have the force (working together) to achieve it.



(Not in my manicured back yard)


I actually once heard a guy on NPR who said that they should grow all food for England in Africa so there would be no toxic run off from fertilizers and pesticides in the UK. I guess some people are so ignorant to think that the earth consists of several separate planets and what happens in one location is completely segregated from another.


Damn brilliant! You are a soft light( easy on the mind) amongst many that glare brightly but blind. Keep up your great work, thanks.


Thank you kindly.


And we're a classless society? I rarely see "working class" anymore, just "lower middle class, middle class, and upper middle class". Guess "working class" went the way of sting unions.

The "poor" are lumped into this undesirable designation that doesn't reflect the fact that many of them work harder than the obscenely compensated CEOs and Wall Street criminals. "The poor" are often viewed as outright moochers or somewhat deserving of their fate.

I digress. Not at all surprised by this article. These huge and secret trade agreements under consideration are designed to dismantle any and all ecological policies that stand in the way of profits. The .0001% probably have the resources to survive at least a generation or two after the functional death of the planet, buying up whatever potable water is left. But you can be assured they won't manage that very limited resource well. They'll fill their pools and 100 years later their Great-grandchildren will die of thirst


QUOTE: At a closed-door seminar earlier this month, Range Resources official says drilling companies avoid 'big houses' of wealthy and influential people.UNQUOTE
Now ain't that nice of them?! Who cares about the lowly peasants?