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Fracking Fallout: New Analysis Reveals Over 100 Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater Spilled Since 2009



As the story notes, "A big reason why there are so many spills is the sheer volume of wastewater" produced, which according an organization of state groundwater agencies, amounts to roughly 10 barrels for every barrel of oil, or more than 840 billion gallons a year.

Right - because it really takes a rocket scientist to figure out that we might need to drink that water!

Has "common sense" died entirely?


Republicans will poison every stream every lake everything as long as their sponsors make big profits...This is their mantra free enterprise means anything at all costs.


Greed, at least for our corporate friends and their "paid for" politicians and government officials, has overtaken common sense in spades. How despicable that countless children, adults, and creatures will suffer so greatly so that these creeps can further line their overflowing pockets.


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Toxic wastewater. Water that was once pure and drinkable made not so by human industry.

One of the remarkable things about Mother Nature is that little to nothing of what she produces goes to waste. When it comes to efficiency and the ability to create and sustain life and ecosystems she has no better.

The industry of man on the other hand creates more waste then it does goods. It is inefficient and needs to destroy in order to manufacture a good.

Thus we get " toxic wastewater" amounting to what is likely hundreds of billions of gallons a number which grows each day.

Our own bodies are 70 percent water and they too are toxic.

Just musing on those words. Would peoples of 2000 years ago had "toxic wastewater" and where to store it as an issue? Water ,that which scientists claim no life can exist without, is seen as a waste product.

It IS a death culture that is being promoted by this 1 percent.


I can attach it to GOP agendas I live in NC the GOP took over our government completely and they immediately brought in fracking and they made it so they can frack anywhere they want and land owners have no power to stop them...Yes we can attach fracking to corrupt criminal GOP assBags....100%..