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Fracking-Friendly Ohio Justices Backed by Oil and Gas Industry, Analysis Shows


Fracking-Friendly Ohio Justices Backed by Oil and Gas Industry, Analysis Shows

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Two of the justices behind last week's pro-industry fracking decision in Ohio were the beneficiaries of that same industry's largesse, in the form of sizable campaign contributions, a Columbus Dispatch computer analysis has shown.


For those of us who are ignorant, could somebody explain why judges need to raise campain funds? It just does not happen in the UK or Australia. Clearly such would make it possible to buy justice, would it not.


The judges should have recused themselves, thus the decision should be null and void. To to rally at the court house.


And the people are supposed to follow the law !. What a joke, with these kinds of corrupt decisions it’s now legal to not follow the law and to take action vs the corporations and the state.


The way the very wealthy in amerika have been looking at things for the last forty years or so is that everything and everybody is a commodity which can be bought and sold usually for a profit. (For some unexplained reason though, prostitution and slavery is still against the law, unless of course you are a business person or a politician.) The wealthy and the politicians in amerika have spent the last forty years or so turning our public schools, public water systems, roads, highways and half of our military and intelligence agencies into for profit enterprises. Don’t worry they haven’t forgotten about the rest of our friends and neighbours from around the world though. That’s what the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnerships (TTIP) are all about. If your country is participating in one of these secret so called international trade deals, what they are really doing is negotiating away your country’s sovereignty and self determination to international business conglomerantes. In most countries the term would be TREASON!