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Fracking Is Running For President WTF?


Fracking Is Running For President WTF?

Like your choices weren't pitiable enough before, gas and oil industry pimps in Texas have launched a mock bid for the presidency on behalf of - wait for it - fracking. The stunt is part of FrackFeed.com, a website aimed at millennials and dedicated to the proposition that fracking brings you everything good in life - from gas to A.C. to burgers to Santa Claus - and don't forget it's also good for your water. Their hilarious memes say so. It must be true.


Drill Baby Drill!!


Isn't Starbucks serving frack crude lattes and diesel lattes for the added boost only hydrocarbons provide ?


Pimps Fracking for Dollars! Sounds more like an ad for a whorehouse. Thanks Texas. Did you get my contribution to help with your secession from the union?