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Fracking Not a 'Sustainable Pathway to Prosperity': New Report Shows Clean Energy Would Create More Jobs Than Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/fracking-not-sustainable-pathway-prosperity-new-report-shows-clean-energy-would


Since when has creating more jobs or spending more money been considered to be more profitable to businesses?

US businesses operate under the assumption that the fewer people needed to do anything the better.

they call changes that allow large scale layoffs efficiency gains.

These days government cannot compete with business. Its actually prohibited from doing that, if a business exists in that area, even if its in other countries, it may have to use them. Preferring US firms or even simply having laws that have “effect trade in services” may be prohibited. Its the effect thats prohibited, not the intent.

Some areas like national security or millitary or secret may be exempt. So tax dollars get channeled there.

This is supposed to help the least developed natios by channeling them jobs.

they get a slight edge, like affirmative action .

Companies from Africa are expected to do really well because they have the lowest wages in the world.

Businesses, whichever ones can make the best case for themselves, with cost being near the top of the list, win.

Even healthcare may go global soon, if its subsidized, if its cheaper elsewhere.

Government cant tell firms how to do business because the bidding process is international. they pay the business to get the job done, not to hire anybody in particular or to follow any practices except the most standard and minimal ones. Countries that maintain practices deemed difficult to follow may have to lower standards to the lowest common denominator, maybe even wages and hour laws, five day (or six day weeks?) Nothing is immune from the competitive push. .

Its been becoming more and more pervasive rapidly. this is probably why so much of the infrastructure in the US is falling apart, they would rather not fix anything than show the people to see how much its changed. they want people to think we could have a “New Deal” style make work programs so people vote for them. There are all sorts ofpeople who think we can still do the things we could in nthe last century, when in fact the US has been pushing hard for all sorts of changes that make hiring your own companies preferentially FTA-illegal. Of course private companies can still do whatever they want, these rules only apply to governments.

Trade deals are globalizing jobs, theres a good chance that any jobs created by government activity will be subject to an international tendering process. The poorest countries get a slight edge temporaily, so they are expected to win the jobs, since every little bit counts. It strikes me as highly unlikely that anything invoving government grants or subsidies in any way would be exempt from WTO anti-discrimination rules on services.

All our old antidiscrimination laws seem likely to me to have been quietly turned into what would be framed as discriminatory practices under this new model. We’re likely not allowed to tell foreign companies who to hire or how much to pay them while here. Right now they are supposed to (as of 2017) pay a US legal wage, but they have all sorts of ways around it.

Tell me, do you anticipate these schemes creating jobs for US companies and workers only? Or do the cheapest qualified providers get them? The answer may surprise you.

Also, the idea behind extractive industries is extracting wealth. Wages are a big part of the decision to frack. They might frame wage and safety laws as standing in the way of getting all the oil or gas. We often lead the path on such things so dont be surprised if the US might sue countries that tried to prevent the extraction of their natural resources with restrictive laws, as a matter of principle.

We’re ruled by a cult, you know. Party matters less than Americans realize now.

This Nation article by Jon Nichols gets the idea across.


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I think that banning fracking might be forbidden by existing trade agreements like the WTO. I know that PIIE insists that now we’ve started exporting natural gas we have to allow its export as long as there is any of it.

But the real deal as far as setting up a massive ISDS award where foreign firms get to really take us to the cleaners is likely TTIP.

I am certain that once Biden signs TTIP changing anything (even if it turns out that fracking is not worth it even if we drop our wages to a dollar a day, i.e prison labor is utilized, (Look at how North Korea does that) it will then trigger such a huge ISDS award it would suck away the entire Treasury, as well as all the other natural resources.

Even if our people are literally freezing to death, we cant back out, once it starts, unless we buy out the claim for its most inflated estimate

Matters not the least that its a shale bubble without any actual shale gas in there.

Because its never been about gas! Its about the art of the scam. Its about the Looting Class. The Looting Master Class.

Thats why the stakes are so high that a neoliberal win in November, Either Trump or Biden will do, but I think Biden is the more extreme true believer of the two. .

Thats what they are doing and dont you forget it. As long as there is wealth to steal, they will take it.

Drinking water radioactive? Got cancer? Drink Coca Cola.

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But again,
Every Republican president from Reagan forward has taught us that we can walk away from any agreement. It’s just a piece of paper. The only hurdle is getting the Dinocrats to play hardball and do it.

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That’s the last thing in the world that they would ever do because this is their way, their scheme to take over the world. Literally. The people who are doing this are determined to stay in charge nomatter what the people want. They would rather turn the country and planet into a police state than change. The world is changing and moving beyond their kind of thinking, and they refuse to change. Thats whats happening.

Have you ever had any experience with cults?

Real cults.

Do you realize the scope of what they are doing? Basically, they see the world evolving into the future, a society where unless we step up to the plate, (and adequately fund global education) most people wont work, and most people as far as I can tell will have no incomes, especially in the developed countries like here because of the higher labor costs will mean no jobs here. Under their ideology we all basically will have to leave. They want cheap, disempowered workers.

You think I’m kidding? Think again.

I hope we all understand this!

The person makes almost no no difference, its now all about protecting global investors.

The US is wedded to protecting investors.

Its never going to walk away from its ever worse and more undemocratic FTAs or their core policies like standstill, rollback, etc.

That means that nothing we vote for even if they temporarily changed something, in an emergency, like the ACA did during the Global Financial Crisis, they will always rig the election a few years later to get rid of it, even in emergencies the changes have to be temporary only. Its a core principle that everything is always more dergulated for corporations. So the status quo is supposed to be at the 1998 level, not the 2012 level. So it will go back to that level soon, the hard and fast WTO rule says that.

The long history of those years I recently posted a lonk to on my site, shows how wedded we are to that specific document. (The Understanding o0n Committments in FS’s) ttps://www.g24.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Financial-Services-the-WTO-and.pdf (long its 75 pages, but full of info)

if something is just a matter of people dying because of something - if that was allowed to make permanent changes then the whole system becomes challengeable in the next emergency. Like Coronavirus, or a financial crash where a whole country loses their jobs and homes. Thats a big positive to them, “creative Destruction” and they love it. Out with the old and in with the new, the big churning, and so on. the rich are not like you and I!

Emergencies are once in a lifetime profit opportunities to them. The US, EC/EU is not going to back off its investor and corporate protection/takeover agenda, the huge global web of investment protection schemes we call the multilateral system. Obviously getting all the oligarcs to agree is very different than getting voter approval for somtething Thats whats replaced voters, thats what Biden means by not changing.

We dont matter. We are a nothing compared to this global agenda. Thats why they took it out of politicians hands. people need to stop thinking in terms of countries, because they have moved the goal posts.

we have no standing at the global level, we cant get there from here.

They (politicians) cant fix anything, they can only make it worse. the politicians are not in charge.

In an emergency they temporarily are in charge but can only do the minimally trade restrictive thing, as long as it does not evade their responsibilities under these agreements. So that means dead end.

I know people here are fixated on politicians somehow reversing 180 degrees and not trading and selling the country out from under us but their job is not to be politicians, its to be actors.

If we want to change that we have to figure it out. They are NOT goingto help. We have lost democracy. Isnt it obvious?

they dont want to create jobs here, nor do they want to give up control of energy. Thats why they want more nukes and more fracking, especially if they can use it to beat down wages to much lower than they are now, by claiming wage laws prevent them from getting value out of “their investment” so that means wages must fall to near zero for them to be satisfied… That means eventually using globalized low wage labor and/or prison labor excusively.

Consider that any kind of decentraized system that lets people free themselves from them they dont support.

Regardless, We are not going to get out of this by voting.

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People should try to shed all their debt, and dont depend on them fixing ANYTHING, especially not if you have major health problems.

Go somewhere else while you still can.

because they are not going to all this trouble just to do the usual, they are trying to take over the whole world IN OUR NAMES, when practically not a single person in the country would want what they want.

New Zealand would be where I would go.

Do people not have any critical thinking skills anymore? How exactly are you going to have any of these green energy projects like wind turbines and solar panels without plastics (derived from petrochemicals)? As I see it, the green economy is pretty dependent on gas and oil itself.

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Good point.

Without fracking the Greedy Oppressive Psychopaths wouldn’t be able to destroy enough of the earth to their liking.

NZ wont have you unless you have a ton of $$. Or a super skill. The 99% won’t qualify even if they got the money for a ticket together/

Running away never solves problems

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True. But simply not burning it any longer will go a long long way.
It would be a start

My point was not burning it would help
But you’re correct that I should have pushed back on the Premise - as you have.

I know there are other ways to make plastic. In the late 70’s I was using biodegradable plastic kitchen garbage bags made from potato starch. But the high tensile strengths needed for things like Turbine parts seems to still be on the horizon. If you have anything to the contrary on this I’d love to read it. I"m all for not using oil for much of anything.


I was referring to wind and water turbines

Im all for VAWT like the Darrieus. In the 70’s (when I was building my sail boat) I tinkered a bit, on paper, with trying to hide a retractable one in the Mast. But there is a reason all commercial high GW sites use the HAWT towered version. Bio-plastics are coming along but arent there yet. The sooner the better.