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Fracking Titans Bankrolling Right-Wing Indoctrination Effort in Schools: Investigation


Fracking Titans Bankrolling Right-Wing Indoctrination Effort in Schools: Investigation

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Prager University, an online institution founded in 2011 by conservative radio host Dennis Prager to create right-wing educational resources, is directing its religious politics directly at students and teachers, while receiving financial support from two fracking industry titans, a new investigation by RH Reality Check found this week.


Science - as is practiced in universities is not a “progressive mantra”. And in the real world, all “truth” is tentative and subject to refinement and revision per the scientific method.

If there is a problem with scientific research, it is that it is increasingly controlled by powerful billionaire business interests whose power far, far exceeds the power of any activist or scientific organization like the ACLU, 350(dot)org, the American Geophysical Union, or even that great bugaboo, teachers unions.

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There is a difference between secular and religious. That distinction is easy to comprehend. Prager and perhaps your ilk would be quite fine with students being divided between “believers” and “unbelievers”.

If you are encouraging an open minded approach why on Earth would you side with Prager’s push for Christian ideology in our schools?

There are private Christian schools. The public school system is under attack from all sides, and you are supporting one more flank of attack led by Christian ideologues like Dennis Prager?

The point of this article isn’t that his school is “horror of horrors” pushing Christianity among it’s subscribers, but that some of those subscribers are pushing that religious content in PUBLICLY FUNDED SCHOOLS.

Equating progressive cultural influence in Universities to religion is absurd and dishonest.


This country is going down the toilet because of the absence of religion?!? What a joke. How were things better in the supposedly more religious past with slavery, lynchings, enforced segregation, separate and unequal conditions and Jim Crow laws? Many of these supposedly religious people used the bible and religion to justify slavery and white privilege.


Dennis Prager is one of the most vile far right wing propagandists in the US. He’s no better than Limbaugh or Hannity. He’s on the side of the one percent, he’s just a shill for the billionaires.


Lisa Montez said: “The public school system should be under attack, considering how it has declined, and schools particularly in poor neighborhoods have failed those students.” Wrong, wrong and wrong. The public school system has done nothing but improve over the past 150 years. According to the NAEP scores, educational results have gradually improved over the past 40+ years for all racial and ethnic groups. The schools can’t solve all the problems in a society: poverty, crime, unemployment, low wage jobs, homelessness, transiency, etc. Having smaller class sizes, more wrap around services and more counseling would certainly help the urban and the poverty stricken school systems. The wealthy and strongly middle class suburban school districts are doing very well by any measure. The US has the highest child poverty rate amongst the wealthy nations: about 22% compared to about 4% in Finland.


I have no patience with such an ignorant perspective that can’t discern between secular and religious. Right wing conservatism has been in steady ascendance for the last 45 years, and although there are certainly adherents to that “philosophy” who base their political philosophy on their particular take on what it means to be “Christian”, I wouldn’t quantify that movement in the political realm as non-secular UNLESS it crossed the line of separation between church and state.

That you would actually support a further devolution of our political culture by embracing ultimately political power structures serving as religious governance is indicative of a class of citizens who have absolutely no clue about how dangerous such a power structure can become.

Please stay out of political office or activism. Do us all a favor.

By the way, thanks for the amusing and apparently unintended irony…

I am actually not a Christian myself but I see that the decline in
education has happened as our country has become more secular.
Christianity was part of this country’s foundation and worked very well
for keeping people in line.


Gosh, if there had been more religious control of my behavior, perhaps I could be better kept “in line”. Your insults are simply embedded a bit deeper in your arguments, but insults they are. Please spare me the righteous indignation.