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Fracking with the Happy People


Fracking with the Happy People

Anders Vang Nielsen

We are used to hearing about multinational corporations manipulating political systems in the global South to eke out ever more profits from often damaging activities.


Fracking = “He who ends up with the most toys wins.”


The shill who can’t spell–while calling Naomi Klein a “flake,” now repeats the Industry Talking Point that Fracking has “saved communities” and that there’s no evidence of water contamination… as if the film, “Gas Lands” and filthy flammable water from water tables located near fracking operations are just a myth or the product of peoples’ imaginations.

Like I said: Shill alert! And as is almost always the case, one shill shows up with back-up. That’s Mhunter… by asking the liar for hire a question, he allows the liar’s frame to hold court while granting him more “air time” to make his false pro-industry case. Just disgusting!


Do a search on “fracking water contamination” to get pass this shill’s corporate propaganda.


Concentrated power is a curse, whether in the form of hydrocarbons hidden somewhere in nature, or as a human phenomenon that, regrettably, is socially allowed. We can’t do much about the former, so the focus should be entirely on the latter. Translation: nothing short of abolishing private wealth will do. Start with corporations, since their legal immunity makes them doubly dangerous; then move on with individuals. As a start, here’s a simple rule of thumb for establishing a cap on personal wealth: nobody can accumulate more than they need to finance a median existence for the rest of their life (i.e. a retirement).