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Framed In Fantasies: Re-Telling the Vietnam War


Framed In Fantasies: Re-Telling the Vietnam War

This week marks 40 years since the fall of Saigon, that "quintessential bitter end" to a war whose current retelling - through "soft lies, willful amnesia, and rampant revisionism" - increasingly transforms a brutal American imperial misadventure into something more noble and less ghastly than it ever was. With the ghosts of Iraq and Afghanistan all around us, those who endured the Vietnam War are resolved to set the grievous record straight.


" Those who endured the Vietnam War are resolved to get the grievous record straight".

THE WARMONGERING ELITE, do not want the record straight, that is the problem!
To set the record straight:

  1. The Vietnam Wall should not be a anything but a wall of shame for the people that sent the 58,000 misled soldiers to their deaths.

  2. The war criminals, like Kiss of death Henry and too many others to name need to be indicted as war criminals.

  3. The American government needs to apologize for the 58,000 deaths and the 2 million Vietnamese that were slaughtered needlessly for a plethora of egregious mendacities.


I would say talk about every ass who bought into the lie or propagated it, who attacked war protesters, denigrated truth tellers, and still call them names. JFK just another died-in-the-wool capitalist .


should I write about…

the bulldozer plowing dead bodies into the trenches
the villages destroyed in the “Red Zone”
the barren landscapes around the Ho Chi Minh Trail
after the B-52’s, high explosives,
napalm, & agent orange
teenage girls used in prostitution
my four co-pilots killed
war stories about 50 cals., and
B-40 rockets trying to shoot me down
failed missions that cost lives
the VC hospital destroyed
the LRP Team I fired my rockets on
being “fragged” at base-camp
one act of kindness, when a Vietnamese woman put me in a
hotel room after a night of binge drinking in Pleiku
the apparition in the Camp Holloway chapel
who told me to stop killing
my intense animosity for the U.S. — what it/I did in Vietnam
what that did to/in me — and the rage that can’t
do anything about it
the 23 caskets at Fort Knox and their fatherless children
my intense animosity for the pro-war veterans who want to
go back and “win” the war
and for the Americans who’ve been brain-washed
“thank you for your service” (destroying Vietnam)
and why I didn’t listen to the anti-war folks in 1966

…my only conclusion is that,
empires do what empires do… kill millions and millions
of innocent people to feed the appetite of empires…

and some young men think their empire is the good empire…